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not all are 100% organic.
3 years ago
This year was a 'fruitfully' year. Lots of porcini and other fungi. The only drawback is its illegal in my state too pick fungi.
On your own land, no one knows.
In the rest of Europe it is legal or tolerated.
So all off the 'legally' sold porcini come from other European country's, some times a 1200 miles distance.
So i will not be able too make such a nice market stall as Joseph and make a euro.
4 years ago
I am looking for campines who qualify for the standers for this specie. We want to rebuilt this specie originated in my region.
Any comment is appreciated.
4 years ago
Anyone of you fellow permies ever heard of Campines chickens?
4 years ago
Wonderful. What a result.
On 20190817_101724.jpg I think its Chinese leek. Allium tuberosum.
4 years ago
I grow red currant and jostaberries under my walnuts.  As weeds i have sorrel, stinging-nettle and cow parsnip ( and grasses ) growing under the canopy.
I have not found plants of the lamiaceae family under the trees. I presume the canopy shades too much for the sun loving lamiaceae. I have dead nettle growing between trees but not under.
But i will try the Agastache.

Hi , in juli I'll be visiting Slovenia. Any Slovenian permie who is willing to show me around on his/her Forrest/Land? Just to learn and exchange knowledge.
Just started planning so all suggestions are welcome.
4 years ago
Mirabel ( de Nançy) ( Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca )
Fresh eating, conserve ,dried.
Love it fresh from the tree which is end July, early August.
I have this mirabel which is blessed with runners ( :( )
Not sure if its a true mirabel.
Got it from my father-in-law who had it since 1960.
Might be a under-stock which produces a similar fruit.
Size of fruits differs from plant to plant. Always yellow and sweet when ripe. Larger than the original mirabel. Sometimes equal in size.
In hot summers almost apricot-like.
Short lived ( 15 years ). More a bush than a tree. Max 6 meters high.
Not grafted. Own roots ( runners ). Not seeded.
But easy in maintenance. Ideal for chicken spout.
A very productive prune.
Can send plants if desired. When no fytosanitair certificates are required.

4 years ago
It is middle of  februari and the flower buds are here to meet the insects.

4 years ago