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Hi , in juli I'll be visiting Slovenia. Any Slovenian permie who is willing to show me around on his/her Forrest/Land? Just to learn and exchange knowledge.
Just started planning so all suggestions are welcome.
2 months ago
Mirabel ( de Nançy) ( Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca )
Fresh eating, conserve ,dried.
Love it fresh from the tree which is end July, early August.
I have this mirabel which is blessed with runners ( :( )
Not sure if its a true mirabel.
Got it from my father-in-law who had it since 1960.
Might be a under-stock which produces a similar fruit.
Size of fruits differs from plant to plant. Always yellow and sweet when ripe. Larger than the original mirabel. Sometimes equal in size.
In hot summers almost apricot-like.
Short lived ( 15 years ). More a bush than a tree. Max 6 meters high.
Not grafted. Own roots ( runners ). Not seeded.
But easy in maintenance. Ideal for chicken spout.
A very productive prune.
Can send plants if desired. When no fytosanitair certificates are required.

4 months ago
It is middle of  februari and the flower buds are here to meet the insects.

4 months ago
Indeed Kousa does not tolerate full sun ( and heat ).
Cornus mas does not like droughts. It prefers moist soils and some chalk.
They like heat but need enough water then. Heat gives sweeter fruits that ripens earlier.
So heavy clay holds moist wel but on planting the soil must be loosen.
Can be planted under open canopy ( honey locust would do great ).
Mulching helps to keep a moist soil.
Good luck  Kevin.
5 months ago
The idea behind LPC is that proteine ( meat, fish , soy ) is not always easely available.
Isolating proteine from plant leaves is a reasonable simple way to improve peoples diet.
Practical:  LPC is produced by pulping leaves and pressing the juice out, heating the juice to coagulate the protein, and filtering the protein out and drying it.(Wikipedia)
PLC is also a proteine source for animals reducing puchased foods.
A drawback is its possible strong offtaste.
The most interresting leafplants  i.m.o. are chards, sweet potato leaves and allium spp. leaves.
Purification is not that easy ,or at least too my knowledge.

6 months ago
How stupide of me. A 3-letter word. Leaf Protein Concentrate. Some comments?
7 months ago
I used the acorns as  Alder sugests. And it works, very good.
7 days leaching of halved acorns ( Quercus robur in my case ) and than boiling for 20 minutes.
8 chickens ate 250 grams of acorns in 5 minutes. It takes them more time too eat the food then when i give them the same weight corn or wheat (2 minutes ).
Certainly a very good alternative winterfeed and even for free.
No adverse effects noticed. No idea if the acorns give of a taste to the eggs, the chikcens are in there egg laying autumrest.
7 months ago
New flowers in august. Normaly in warm winter spells. Maybe because it started to rain 3 weeks ago.
9 months ago
What a dry summer can do to haskaps
9 months ago