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Hi Satamax, Cindy

It looks like I won't be using the ceramic glass

I am forbidden, for now, from messing around with the flue/chimney, so any alteration in that regard won't be happening in this first round! But maybe in the next, once I've got things proofed.

Sooooo, that probably also means I'll be using the J-tube rather than the batch box, for now.

Other things, far as I can see right now, remain the same. I might play around with the fireplace front, maybe try out extending the bell out over the hearth, once we get the J-tube working; that would give a bit more ISA for the batch bell.

Next week I might try to get a cast-iron reducer plate that can fit over the flue and reduce it down to the system size (probably being 6" or 7") to attach the plunger tube. I might need to have that reducer plate fabricated.


6 years ago

Satamax Antone wrote:You have about 3 cubic metre of stone, that's about 8 metric tons (well counting like massonry, if it was pure granite, it would be heavier) So, that's plenty enough.

Now, you have to decide how you want it to look, and if it is possible to keep the chimney as is, and have enough ISA (internal surface area.) for it to skip the front bell as i have drawn it. Can you calculate the ISA of the fireplace and chimney?

Allen had a point about insulating the stonework on the outside. I would go strawbales and cob. But i'm sure there's other options.

Hi Satamax

I prefer to do without the outside bell, if possible. But if it works better with, so be it. Maybe we can test it first without.

ISA of the firebox:

23”Dx30”H = 690” x 3 sides = 2,070”
+ firebox ceiling:
23”D x 35”W = 805”
23”D x 11”W = 253”
Equals = 552"

Total ISA = 2,070" + 552" = 2,622”

(not including the floor; that would be another.... 552", total ISA 3,174")
6 years ago
Hi All

Anybody familiar with ceramic glass? It looks expensive

'Might be a good investment to preserve the look of the fireplace, covering the fireplace opening, and still be able to see the flame, maybe even the burn tunnel if it were also made of ceramic glass. The glass is stable up to 1400d F. (stable to 1400d F) (stable to 1300d F)


6 years ago
Might be a good solution to a built-in problem if the problem cannot be fixed otherwise!

Tjernlund Auto-Draft for Stove Draft Problems, Model# AD-1
6 years ago
Hi Max

Wholly mole wow that's a mouthful of stuff! And I don't know what any of it means!

Anywho, as for the volumetric mass of the fireplace.... I drew it up in Open Office (similar to MS Office PowerPoint); Open Office let me add the "Wall" stone print on the facades of the shapes These are the measurements that I find on the fireplace as it is INSIDE and OUTSIDE the house, including the depth of the stone from the outer edge in the room to the surface of the wall, as well as the depth from the outside wall to the outside edge of the stone.

We are looking at volumetric mass of 183,986 cubic inches, though we probably need to also account for the missing volume of the flue. In any case, that cannot be too significant. I've already accounted for the firebox carve-out, so I believe that whatever might account for the flue is de minimus. Also, though I did account for the firebox carve-out, I MIGHT have put back some of it in the measurement of the outside wall, since I cannot see for sure how much of that exterior mass the back of the firebox might be taking up. But in any case, it should still be insignificant.

I think I've got it right. Can anyone confirm if I calculated the volumetric mass correctly?

I could also load more stone into the firebox, around the chimney pipe and against the walls, maybe a little more on the floor too.

See picture.
6 years ago
That's a beautiful design! I Like it!
6 years ago
A little more information --

The house is 1,800 square feet, two-story, full basement, with 2-1/2 bedrooms, 1 bath. The roofline at the peak is 35 feet high. The house is 30 feet wide (I think) and 30 or 40 feet deep.
6 years ago
PS Satamax did not say it was a batch box, but that's what the drawing looks like.

I think I can work on the outside insulation, even if it's just a seasonal installation.
6 years ago
Yep you guessed it!

That window in the back of the dining room used to be a built-in China cabinet. It probably made the place way too dark, assuming they used 12-volt lighting and they probably had good reason to minimize windows to keep the heat in. I think when they switched to nat. gas and filled-in the coal chute, they also knocked out the China cabinet in favor of this window.
6 years ago
A little more here on Satamax's drawing. I've done this in PowerPoint.

In the foreground, not shown in this picture, might be a mass of some shape also blocking the opening of the firebox, keeping the heat inside. I have it exposed for purposes of a view into the box to see the riser and the pipe up to the flue opening.

Presuming this might heat the house, what should the system size be? I'm guessing... 8" or 10"?

I'm having fun with this!
6 years ago