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I am in cheyenne. THE BEE WHISPERER

i have course all the time.
had Nick Ferguson from Permaculture class room come and talk about wind. he showed us what we can do to plant more here and how to use the wind. he went back to PermaEthos and has class there for plant propagation.

If I can help let me know

4 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:MJ, do you have a page that gives a summary of your bee philosophies?

Here is mine compressed into a single playing card:

Paul, here is a link to a pod cast I did with Permaculture Voices..Some of my BEE Philosophies.
Paul I have had a chance to see the videos. I have your cards.
I will video my class for the University of Wyomings Bee College and send it to you. I go over the 4.7mm to the 5.9mm honey bees, stingless bees, mason bees, use honey spray and powdered honey NOT smoke or corn feed. the 4 types of beekeeping, and the hives you can use for them. good videos.
Bee Whisperer
I am very sorry to say that I have not. I am very new to the site. I was just introduced to every thing over the last year.
I never knew there a name for what I was teaching for the last 10 years. my love for beekeeping is like your love for I pie I guess. (video I watch and am fascinated about. you did at a Permaculture wanted to get done for pie.)

You and Jack are a lot a like. He respects the work you do and talks about your work. I am sure you do the same. ( one of the rules in permaculture...we harm none....may bash each other from time to time, take an idea or two, but we all have the same goal. love the earth)

I will do some home work now and look at your bee stuff.

if you ever get a hive....I would love to come see it.

I am sorry for the mix up>

I will apologize for every thing on my end. Jack is a good Friend, believes in his people, and the community he has put together. I enjoy being part of it.

I feel it was all my fault......I was aww struck that you would know who I EGO got the best of me.

When the next call I got was how I was getting bashed I started to reach out to see what I did that would make you so up set with me. I enjoy the work you do and show some of your videos to my prepper group here in Wyoming.

Paul I AM Sorry for what ever has happen. I hope that we can become friends do to our location to each other. Lets all move on to teaching the good word.

Michael Jordan (not The Basketball Player but Bee Advocate)

Cory Collins wrote:Whew! i made that connection with you too Michael. I've heard about you thru Survival Podcast and was surprised to imagine that this was the same Bee Whisperer. I hope that didn't bring you any bad press. I'm glad it's not you.

Moj Jordan wrote:WOW Paul I hope you are not talking about my beekeeping teaching, I try to get people to down size bees to 4.9mm from 5mm, and not to feed with corn sugars. I would be really sad if that was true.

Hey Cory, LOL
Well I got up at 5 am to have full emails and three phone calls. To tell you, and being honest, when I got the first phone call about Paul Wheaton talking about the bee whisperer......hell I did not care if he was out side with a torch........PAUL WHEATON KNOWS WHO I AM >>>>>> LOL

Well JACK called me and asked how I know Paul....I said I don't......he told me will don't let your ego get to big.....he has know Idea who you are. LOL
I mades some phone calls and my prepper group started putting out fires... It was not me.

I would like to talk to Paul some time on some of my teaching with NON AGGRESIVE BEEKEEPING. I liked when he talked aboout husp fire....I have been saying for a long time NO to little somke with bees...use sugar water...then on his HUSP thing....go better...not sugar water but honey mixed with fruit juice. bees will clean it off, checking for mites, and getting feed same time... no smoke.

Thanks for checking in on me.
All good now.


Moj Jordan wrote:WOW Paul I hope you are not talking about my beekeeping teaching, I try to get people to down size bees to 4.9mm from 5mm, and not to feed with corn sugars. I would be really sad if that was true.

My site

I was called The Bee Whisperer by the Discovory Channel on teaching bees to kids.

I just hope it was not me you were talking about. 1:14:20 in the podcast
WOW Paul I hope you are not talking about my beekeeping teaching, I try to get people to down size bees to 4.9mm from 5mm, and not to feed with corn sugars. I would be really sad if that was true.
You should come see us In Cheyenne

Permaculture and Survival Event in Cheyenne Wyoming. June 21st, 2014

What is in the course?

7:00 am Coffee & coffee cake, meet and greet

7:30 am Nick on the art of permaculture, what it does, how it works

10:15 am 15 min break- talk to Nick- talk to others

10:30 am Amy Elben on companion planting for Wyoming

12:00 pm LUNCH: BLT greenery wraps
Sandwich meats and cheeses, Rolls
Stir fry chicken and vegetables
Lemon aid, Tea, and water
Slice of pie

1:30 pm Michael Jordan on water catchment

2:30 pm Nick Ferguson/Jim Jordan: Hands on earth works;
Swells & cover cropping

4:00 pm Snacks, Q & A with instructors & consultations (be nice and give everyone a chance with them), walk the 10 year plans for the URBAN HOMESTEAD that we will be at, and visit the products table.

6:00 pm “I don’t know where you’re going but you can’t stay here.”
END of the class and we hope you keep in touch for more events.

Drive Home Safely!

Maps and Driving instructions will be provided to course participants. For more information:

Email Or call 307-638-8440 to sign up

*** NOTES: Bring a shovel, gloves, & proper foot ware. We are going to make a swell so you can actually see how it works. There will be a small piece of equipment on site so think safety, bring vest if you have one.

* If you want more to eat or drink, bring it ( Example: an adult beverage AFTER the earthworks) but I am sure you will not leave my table hungry! NUMBER ONE THING, have a good Time! If you feel that you cannot contain yourself and behave in a respectful manner, don’t come. I think you know some of the people that will be here and I am sure they will help you leave.

Our Other Instructors and Presenters:

Amy Elben: A native Wyomingite, Amy is an herbalist here in Wyoming. She uses the art of permaculture to grow food and medicine on a small homestead here. She is one of the only people I know that is growing wolfberries (Goji berries), and aronia berries in this climate and altitude. She makes her own medicines, teaches alternative Medicines & Herbs, and works her land. Owner of The Farmacy she teaches people to "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Amy will be giving a class on Companion Planting in Wyoming.

Christopher Di Cicco: Owner of Sol Survivor and Cross Fit Training facility ( in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Christopher has been rigorously and professionally instructing throughout the Combat Operators of the Department of Defense (DoD) for over 30 years. His Instructors have a cumulative 51 years of Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (S.E.R.E) and Rescue techniques under their belts. They instruct in Defensive Driving, High Risk of Isolation, and High Risk Environmental Survival.

Rob Twyford: This born and bred Wyoming Cowboy is a Hobby gold prospector. He owns one of the largest gold dredging systems that one can have before being considered a professional prospector. Rob, a member of GPAA (Gold Prospectors Association of America), is a Wyoming Mountain Man. He instructs on Panning for gold, camping for months, and living off the land with what is only in your pocket at the time.

Maija Smith: Owner of AllWays Granola ( Maija has a gluten free, sugar free base granola product! Using local raw honey and canola oil is a great fit for specific diets or lifestyles, ie. Vegan, paleo or gluten free. Each of her blends is made to order as well, so if you have any nut or fruit allergies, likes or dislikes, she will add or omit so you can still enjoy this wonderful granola to the fullest! Great for Preppers, survivalists, specific diets, or camping out, it is Allways Granola.

Michael Jordan: Owner of A BEE Friendly Company, Inc. founded I.P.U.G. His growing interest in self-preservation and the love of the earth has made him more than a beekeeper. One of the few called “Bee Activist”; his teaching on beekeeping has been heard all over the world. He has worked with Worlds of Wonder Discovery Channel, Bee’s Without Boarders, The Pearl Foundation, Boys & Girl scouts, various 4-H groups, The Rotary Club, and many youth programs ...teaching the lost art of beekeeping. His travels and stories of how biodynamic beekeeping and growing your own food can change the world will make you smile and cry. With his new type of bee hive, Michael hopes to put a bee hives everywhere. “When people tell me about green technology jobs and products, I laugh, because there is nothing greener then what I am. A beekeeper.”


Make your reservations for this valuable and fun filled day of learning NOW,,,before the classes are completely filled. See the world, and your place in a whole new light! We look forward to seeing you in Cheyenne on June 21st.
5 years ago