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Martin Miljkovic

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hi, which beekeeping videos do you have?
Also oddly enough
Beekeeping for dummies is really good as it goes over basics while other books may skip them. The ammount of medium or advanced stuff is also nice.
7 years ago
First of all there are 3 different type of feeding during the year, THey have different function and they have different sugar:water ratio.
You are here interested in spring feeding. The rule of thumb is to feed when the temperature during the night is over 0C. Doing otherwise may cause illness.

(Also the bees need to have honey protecting them from winter months both physically from the strong winter/ cold spring and to have food. Do not neglect this part and do not move brood outside of the protection of warmth that honey frames provides during spring months.) -had to add this part.

Now to move on the topic of WHY do you need to feed them?
You may need to feed them in order to boost brood production or for simple survival of the hive. If you want to boost the brood you use 1:1 sugar and water.
For all other ingredients see other beekeepers from your area. As for me I use some combination that may strengthen the resistances that were not mentioned above. For more info send me p.m.

If they do not have enough food you use 1.5:1 sugar: water. Enough food is 1 frame of pollen for each 1.5 frame of brood and border frames filled with honey at
almost all time. Boil the water, place sugar in it stir. Wait for it to cool and then add what you need. Serve only when it has less than 25C as it can also cause problems otherwise. Add all the other things once it has cooled down. Honey is not necessary and if you do not have your own DO NOT BUY it and give it to your bees. It may contain spores or bacteria that can kill your own bees!

Moving on, when you boost the numbers you need to know for what crops do you boost them. What can they gather. From what I understood you only have wild
grass. Bees do not need boosting for those crops. They gather them over time and in slow pace. Do not overdo it because then you will have a lot of bees that eat more than they can gather. Also on unrelated note having sheeps helps a lot. It is a healthy thing as they leave natural fertilizer behind them. Fertilizer = more flowers.

Next, if I remembered correctly you were thinking about some crops for your bees. The best I would recommend you is buckwheat. It gives nice amount of honey
and of course more seed. The advantage is that it grows on high altitudes VERY well. Focus on it. You may need a bit stronger hives for them. So you may feed your bees some 20-25 days before it flourishes. How much do you feed? 1dl/day for 7 days is enough to stimulate them to boost their numbers. That way they can gather 100% of the yield.

Hope this helps. I touched many subjects that are of great importance so feel free to ask on any of them if you need to. I will come back to forums this week some more.
7 years ago
That is short trees not wort
8 years ago
forgive me for asking but what is the price of land there? I got no clue and here it is 500-1500e for Ha.
8 years ago
If you have a nice piece with whort trees near your house they will go there when they swarm so you will not need to climb. Once they find a spot "to go" they will use it every time.
8 years ago
I watched/listened about this group of beekeepers located around LA. From what I've heard they have bees that require no varoa treatments at all. The swarms are there so easy to catch since there are bees everywhere so they don't treat the weak colonies, they just replace them.

Anybody had any experience with the bees from that area?
8 years ago
I can't really asses the size of your hive. My assumption is that you will do some management of swarming and in that way get some honey. If you do it that way you will have amount of the bees that is much higher than in those feral colonies. That means more bodies = more heat. You can solve the overheating by adding a net on a frame on to of the hive during the next summer. That way you may not need the wider entrance. It may not be the best idea to redo the enterance once you already have them inside.
8 years ago
Love that you are filming. Song was nice pick. Film them as often as you can. People had by pure chance filmed wonderful things without knowing it. Only after the shots they saw it al in it's true glory.
Anyways I love this guy and I wanted to share it with all of you this video. Enjoy
8 years ago
Hi, you may wish to add a wider entrance so that you may protect them from summer heat better. Also a cone on it so that you stop mice from entering during winter.
8 years ago