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I also would like to know if lump or payments for the lease. And I do have my own Mini home to reside in. I'm simply hoping for stability, community, off grid, and neighbor helping neighbor. I'd like to get other single or couples who are interested in the "tiny houses" that is rising out of the economically fractured America.
My only issue is I don't have $25k at this time, but I am hoping my long awaited settlement comes thru. I'd be willing to work off the charges by keeping grounds cleaned, watching for vandals, looters, druggies and thieves. As well as kind of working as a type of "management" or general organizer until or even after I'm able to pay the $25k.
I moved from Az to Wa and am regretting that idiotic decision. I'm freezing and haven't felt my toes in a year.
Ill send you an email with my general story. And I hope to get a yay or nay from you soon.
If you've already found someone or few, I do play well with others.
Thanks for your time.
5 years ago
I am new here myself. As of an hour ago I've read various intros and replies to a lot of the eco/ permie/ off grid style of living. I'm a 46 (in March) yr old woman who was laid off after umpteen years and replaced by someone half my age for half my pay. (God love the so called UNITED States, Land of the brave, but not so free...)
I'm a NOOB in every sense of the word where off grid/ eco living is concerned. But the last 9 months I was fairly shoved out of my norm and had to improvise for my literal survival. I've learned how to recycle, repair, live without the items id just 2 years ago, took for granted and more. (Trying to not make this so wordy)
I realize your not "asking" for help, tho I am hoping your wanting some.
I had to leave Az after the lay off and other various "implosions" and relocated to Wa on the invite of a childhood bestie, then located my birth family after years of looking, and found the experience should have remained a dream. A lot more has happened, but that's the gist.
I am hating it here in Washington/ Oregon, and really would like to go back to warmer climates and lose the trepidation of running into one of those "blood relations" and having them know my current living situation. Call it pride, but I prefer embarrassment.
I'm willing to learn, help, do whatever I'm physically and mentally able to do, to help you reach your goals and dreams.
I just want stability, food, a home for myself and my 9 year old Red Heeler, and the constitutional right to "pursue" some happiness.

Anyway if you (or another reader in a warmer climate than the Pacific NW) might need or want help, in exchange for a small area I can live on, (not asking to own) then PLEASE contact me.
Thank you.
I'm more serious than you know.

5 years ago