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Recent posts by Simon Brown

Dont have time to give such a thoughtful post justice...but shooting from the hip....

I love the idea of freezing a huge block of ice..all the shenanigans of a bonfire fueled freezer set up...just once in a while to freeze a new block of ice. Yes salt water etc.

Could use a bimetalic strip to automatically open/close access to ice. Loads and loads of insulation..or maybe underground where temperature is more stable.

Thermo electricity VICTORIAN style is way forward otherwise. Google Clamond Thermopile. Tech minded only. TEGS are useless imo.
6 years ago
I agree ! its not a solution for you..maybe i shouldnt have introduced the idea. I think it is technically possible to do it and control it..but would require a major amount of work and experimenting.
6 years ago

Valerie Dawnstar wrote: people who have no contact with mental illness really don't know how devastating it is. I think it is one of the cruelest illnesses

Just wanted to say well said. Anybody who has not suffered severe depression.."cant even go there". Tempted to say if you havent had it you probably couldnt treat it..but I wont. Only thing that ever gave me relief was acupuncture..just saying.
6 years ago
Please forgive me if already mentioned..I believe you can make a firewood powered fridge..happy to chip in if someone wants to start a thread. After all..gas fridges are simply using heat..gas !!
6 years ago
Oh Tyler I do feel for you..Iam in similar position.

I'am on peroxatine and I would say its slowly turning me into a zombie. It SEEMS to VERY slightly take the edge off bad feelings but ALSO ..for me..stops completely my ability to feel joyful. ANY of this familiar ?

What scares me to death is that discontinuation can be VERY painful. Did it abrubtly once..omg !! Appears to be nobody who can even help with discontinuation..road back prgramme..doubt it. None seem to be what to do ?

Diet et al..maybe...but look at the massive complexity and possible contradictions in all the above fantastic advice. Again..what to do eh ?

My research has concluded its highly least in my case...childhood "trauma"..although i cant remember any !!! Ioboga (Ibogaine) seems only way forward.

Big love to ya..from London
6 years ago
I think the ops general thrust is perfectly doable. A few thoughts..

Sack of nano Iron
Sack of nano nickel
Alkaline electrolyte as in old NiFe cells

Issue I have not solved yet is reducing the internal resistance ? ie a long path for "irons" to tavel between sacks.

Think a 50 gallon barrel would give 10,000 amps at 2v if I remember my fag paper calculations/guestimate

sack = membrane..about which i know little of available polymers available ?

Nife cells last pretty much forever.
Nano = monumental surface area = monumental current
6 years ago

Marcos Buenijo wrote: the blades interact with the air molecules in two important ways. (1) some air molecules transfer their momentum to the blades causing them to generate a torque on the turbine shaft, and (2) some air molecules do not. Of those that do (1), these air molecules slow down and see their paths diverted. Of those that do (2), these air molecules do not slow down, but they do see their paths diverted. The goal is to maximize the number of air molecules that do (1), and while minimizing the number of air molecules that do (2). .

Thank you Marcos !!

I cant disagree !

Maybe Iam clutching at straws but I had this hunch that both air molecules (1) and (2) have also been converted from a lamina flow to a vortex flow..albeit an imperfect one. Under such circumstances the energy lost from air molecule (1) might be less than thought and secondly both air molecules..(1) and (2)..albeit now traveling at different velocities are now more inline with air (and waters) natural tendency....cyclonic.... that of a vortex..thus picking UP velocity and hence energy. As I said earlier..many MORE Vectors are thus introduced..that is to say rotational..translation, centripetal, centrifugal and transverse. (I made that lot up).

Reminding ourselves of some original statements I have now found out that Nasa has a glider..The falco..capable of 13,000 mph. IF that was to deploy a tiny wind turbine of say 0.5m dia....power output would be 46234244187 Watts = 46234 mega watts or 46 Terra watts. Would love somebody to check that. Wouldnt it be a bummer if I was a fact of 100 out and its only 0.46 Terra not bad for suitcase sided wind turbine..just need the glider eh ? No doubt 46 Terra Watts would be enough to re launch the glider ? Just saying.

Just thinking aloud eh ! and again Thank you everyone

ps. the stubby wings of bees and other insects lift far more weight than can be explained using conventional steady-state aerodynamics principles.Weis-Fogh, a Danish zoologist at the University of Cambridge, used high-speed photography to analyze the exact wing motions of hovering insects and compare them to the insects’ morphological features. From this, he formulated a general theory of insect flight, which included what he called the “clap-and-fling effect.” When insect wings clap together and then peel apart between the up and down strokes, the motion flings air away and creates a low-pressure pocket. Air then rushes back into the pocket, forming a swirling vortex. This vortex creates the force necessary to lift the insect between wing flaps. Similar vortices might be generated by the angle and rotation of the wings, Weis-Fogh posited, providing additional lift.
6 years ago

Charles Tarnard wrote:I'm pretty certain that the prop is attached to a chain that's turning the axle. Wind turns the prop, prop turns the wheels. At the end of the video you hear the guy shout, 'chain's broke!' I think this is what he's talking about.

If this is what everyone is saying and I'm grossly misunderstanding you, my apologies.

Yes correct..chain etc.. Some charge batteries instead. But the point seems to be a lot of people thought it impossible..... and even though it is possible there is much confusion over how it is possible. In this thread we are looking at alternative views.
6 years ago
Good to agree.

Since we started with a wind turbine powered car that travels into a head wind at twice the speed of that wind.....I would now like to suggest that to create in our case a low pressure MAY only have to just change the winds "architecture" for want of a better word. ie from a laminar flow to something else....and in doing so create a low pressure in fron of the turbine. In the same way an aeroplane wing depletes (or not) the laminar air flow
6 years ago

Peter Mckinlay wrote:Air current to blades causing vacuum by loss of wind current see the wind current seek to fill from behind pushing the wing/tear drop forward in dog chasing its tail.

Like it. Are you saying that if the wind LEAVES the wing tips at a faster speed than it enters the tips...a low pressure area is created in FRONT of the blades and SUCKS the car forward ? I would agree.

BUT is the energy taken from the wind or a result of redirecting the wind and thus introducing new Vectors. Before you laugh...many of the boffs best explanation of the wind car is that its the road that turns the wheels..not the wind...didnt quite get that myself.
6 years ago