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Well... A lot of struggle with snails. But yields compensates for all. Especially cool are your own herbs.


Ekofarming is difficult!
Snails ate all my new plants. Wind ran away leaves and "weeds" have taken over patch.
Time to learn from mistakes.
I planted garlic and onions, snails do not like them. I added a decent this year mulch.
Then will plant cherry tomatoes that have already germinate in the greenhouse.
A really beautiful place! I'm a little jealous
6 years ago

Can someone tell me if this is comfrey?
It grows near my pond ...
6 years ago
Nursery reactivation!

All shrubs and helping plants will grow from seeds. Can`t find the seeds of Comfrey, but I`m still looking.

I like to take pictures of progress in work, so expect more of this
6 years ago
Zone 6
Country: Poland
Region: Subcarpathia

Area indicated on the plan for now looks like this (photos made from left to right):

6 years ago
Here I will put plans for land development...

For now the preliminary plan:
6 years ago
Read a lot, saw a lot, and thought a lot. I figured: why wait?
I moved permanently from the city to the countryside and start my first big project.
One hectare, one man - could there be a better way to learn?

I'm starting!

PS. Counting on Your good advice

[1 Hectar = 2,47 Acre]
6 years ago