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Hey guys,

Is there anyone here with experience with keeping rabbits all year round in a pen made of electric net fencing? Especially when it is dry or snowy? Im thinking about something like the picture, but then 1.12 meter high. Thnx for the input:)
2 years ago
I think your idea of covering with plastic is a good one, as in changing your tactic. I started this year on a abandoned allotment and did a real thin version of sheetmulching. (http://www.permies.com/forums/posts/list/160/21211#250961) Result: less chaos, but still chaos. For me, it was just a test and my conclusion is that mulching works good on existing garden soil, but not to turn wild weeds into garden soil. The weeds are just too strong. Remember that Ruth Stout did conventional gardening for many years before she started mulching with hay. There was much less weed to supress with the hay...
4 years ago
Hi there, this is my first post at this nice website.
I got this allotment garden for only this year. As you can see, it was overgrown, wild and not maintained for the last years. I dont like tilling and weeding and it it only for one year, so I am going to try a few strategies for no-till gardening.
One raised bed is covered with biodegradable foil. Tilled and with a layer of manure. Im curious how long and how well it does its job preventing weeds.
The other raised bed is coverd with ordinary plastic woven ground cover. Beneath is tilled soil with a little manure.
The rest will be a very cheap version of sheet mulch, because I dont have any soil to use. First layer is paper. Because the printing company that prints my newspaper strongly advised not to use my old newspapers, I tried to find a alternative. I went to a local printing company and asked them for left overs of rolls with unprinted paper. I got a few and used that as first layer. On top of that I put some half composted stable manure based on sawdust pellets. I got it for free from a local riding club. On top of that goes straw. Bought two old bales that the farmer couldt sell anymore as feed. Im really exited and curious what will give the best result with the least amount of work...
5 years ago