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A guy recently told me about a local tree trimmer in town.  He said that he has so many trimmings (logs, big branches, etc) piling up with no one to consistently take them - that he just has to dump them into the landfill!

Imagine just taking some of your local tree trimmer branches and logs to stack/dovetail/bolt together like asymmetrical Lincoln logs to create unique, organically-curved playgrounds!
11 months ago
Just a postscript to this...  You should also check to see what kind of termites are in your area?

If there are only subterranean termites, then they would also need soil and moist wood in your house to build a colony there.  Which usually means there would have to be a crack in your slab foundation, plumbing hole, or enough soil right by it.  (Although I'm not sure if the dreaded Formosan subterranean termites could still be more of a problem?)

If you have drywood termites, then those are at least harder to treat (usually requiring fumigation) since they need neither of those - just plain wood.
1 year ago
Uh, one of the goals of permaculture is to help natural forest succession establish a food forest of mature, perennial fruit/nut trees - LIKE persimmon trees!  Generally, you don't deforest and cut down perennial crop trees to help annual veggie crops grow!  That's backwards and knocking your system back decades in time!

You'd be much better off just spacing and layering down to your veggie garden a few more feet away from the forest edge, instead of cutting down good trees that took at least 7 years to grow and bear fruit.  And if they're male trees, I'd say they're still useful as pollinators and just high-quality, native trees with very hard wood.  That also produce a lot of leaves, which create the best topsoil.
2 years ago

Janet Reid wrote:I collect coffee grounds from coffee shops as mulch, worm food, compost ingredient.
would termites dislike the smell or like the sawdustiness of it?

Well, coffee grounds definitely do not repel termites...

Just today, I discovered some in a pile of coffee grounds by some old deadwood.  They were hiding under some used coffee filters that were helping to block out sunlight.

So, I'm no expert, but I think Philip Hyndman has some sound advice.  It's definitely a risk that goes with the territory to consider...  

If you're going to have any Hugelkultur beds in your yard, I would stick to the smaller sticks.  And huge logs could maybe be chopped up or kept as far away as possible from your house.  Keeping them aboveground and uncovered would probably also make them easier to inspect and monitor.  

BTW, termites swarm looking to establish new colonies once a year - so they can obviously easily cover some distance when flying.  Thus, simply keeping wood a few feet away from your house is not much more than making a speed bump for them.

Of course, ecologically in a forest, termites are great for composting deadwood!  The real problem is just that we humans happen to build our houses out of deadwood!
3 years ago