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North Georgia USA
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John Weiland wrote:@D.Alpenstock:  
I wish a 'family tree' of the distros was available.  Starting with Linus Torvalds original creation, how did the subsequent distros come into being?

Something like this?

As huge as it is, it appears incomplete and ignores mergers such as when Mandrake merged with Conectiva creating Mandriva.
2 days ago
Long time Linux user, Mandrake - Mandriva - Mageia.

While Wine is free and often works.  For software that you absolutely must use and no native Linux version exists check out Codeweavers Crossover Office. Not free but much more user friendly and what runs usually runs better and more consistent than under Wine. Great folks to deal with. (They contribute code to Wine) Recently logged in and can re-download and recover the license key to my last purchase which was seven years ago.

Regarding photo editing. Check out Gwenview. No where near Gimp in features, it does have Batch Processing which is extremely handy if you want to do something simple to multiple images. Use its Resize function frequently, even for just one picture.
6 days ago

Mart Hale wrote:

I was watching a youtube video of a guy who collected BBS data  ( bulletin board dialup days )     he even sold the data.      Yes the info does not go away, look at the wayback machine you can visit sites back in time and look at old data.    

Back in 2010 saw a link to download the "Full Gopher Archive from 2007" Yup, all 14.7 GB (compressed!) has been on my hard drive ever since. No idea how large it will be if I ever get bored enough to unzip it.

Another handy site few know about is Tineye. It's like a search engine for pictures. I mostly use it to find larger, higher resolution versions of pictures. Occasionally to find the original un-captioned version of memes. Lots of other uses...
At least one to Logan Labs, possibly more depending on the price deferential. Local extension office still shows they do soil testing just no price listed. Need to call or drive by there on the way to work this week. Also confirm just what it includes.

Now fighting a wet weather spring in our driveway! Shortly after we bought our land in 1989 a spring popped up and ran about a year. This was before we built and moved here in 93. Dried up and we forgot about it. Wife's parents moved out in 2000 when her dad retired. Subdivided the 16 acres and built a new driveway and bridge on the line... Out there yesterday hand digging a drain pipe. Last 50 feet just before it splits to the two housed is still a muddy mess. Needs way more gravel than the thin layer we got by with all these years.
1 year ago
Giving up on a home test kit for now. $449 is better than $600 but still shocking at the huge jump from basic PH-NPK kits to one that adds Calcium & magnesium. Well and humus which is nice to know. The ~$600 kits add 7 more tests for 14 total.

Rain has finally let up so can hopefully start getting some samples up next week. Will post back when I get some results back.
1 year ago
Minimal training and no lab so outdoors for stuff like this. Place I worked at long ago did in house anodizing of aluminum and electroforming (not plating) copper. So have worked with moderately strong acids / caustics in the past.

Work day so please give me a day or two to explore links and fully digest your post.

Funny the tiny ad that showed up after you were summoned like Batman is, "Die Fledermaus does not fear such a tiny ad" Coincidence?
1 year ago
If we strike out on a home test kit perhaps at least a couple of samples
to Logan Labs and use a cheaper local lab to watch the calcium to magnesium
ratios in more areas. As for getting the calcium into the soil, plan to plow
it in to the gardens. Pasture will have to wait until  the ground is not
saturated and 4 inches of rain are predicted.

Interesting you mention selenium. Supposedly in a deficient area here though
a neighbor claims it showed up as a trace in his well water. Used to have
llamas which require more selenium than most other critters. Always tried
to make sure that either their feed or trace minerals had selenium. Not both
at the same time since there was controversy about just how much they did
need... Bet the areas that used to be their pasture still have much more
selenium than other parts of our land.

The Sea-90 looks good. Less actual salt so more micro-nutrients than Redmond.
No real close dealer, but two at least in north Georgia.

CEC Homework: Looks like there are two ways of measuring this. Determined and
effective, so will need to know which method is used.
1 year ago
Thank you! And yes, your first sentence sums it up nicely. Need to do my homework on CEC's and get back to you... Far from an expert (obviously!) but do know enough to not lime to PH alone. Want to "micro manage" calcium to magnesium ratios as much as possible since this is a relatively large amount of calcitic lime all at once. Likely a one time deal then back to a few bags per year of dolomite lime since that is what is sold locally. Also we know very little of what soil amendments were used prior to 1989. Do know it was all in corn in 87 or 88 and that at least some fertilizer was used since the empty bags were still here. Still remember all the dead corn stalks covered in millions of morning glory's.

Your other thread is interesting and I intend to read the rest. Do wonder why you picked Logan Labs? More thorough? Doubt they are cheaper than a local county extension agent.

Oh, mostly silt here. Some sand near the creek and some clay at the edges of the woods, but silt percentages are going to be very high based on jar tests.
1 year ago
Need a decent calcium magnesium soil test kit. Wife and I have been searching all morning and there seems to be nothing in between basic PH-NPK test kits and $600+ 'professional' kits.

Aware that lab tests are better but we have eight acres that have been divided into four different gardens, three orchards, various flower beds, lawn and a large pasture. Other than a bit in the vegetable gardens none have been limed since we bought it in 1989.

Long story, but just got three tons of calcitic lime. Possibly exactly what the gardens needs since the little they have had was dolomite lime. Possibly not what the pasture needs. No clue yet about the orchards...

Searching for "calcium magnesium soil test kit" finds idiots on Amazon selling just the color chart (no test kit!) companies with no pricing listed and tons of basic NPK kits telling you to use a lab for the calcium and magnesium.

Any help appreciated! Even a better search term, or a strategy to minimize lab tests to as few as possible.
1 year ago