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Read full PDF >>> ... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-HH0b6RDKBCVnFEZkY5cGdtQ1U/view

I realize this system may not be exactly what some are looking for but I felt it was worth mentioning for the brain storming process.
4 years ago

Passive Solar Composting Toilet

An alternative onĀ­site waste recycling system that reduces pollution and creates safe and nutrient-
rich fertilizer for gardens and farms.

This Passive Solar Composting Toilet design has been utilized in North Carolina, Georgia,

Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Maine, and New York. Plans have been sent

to several other states here in this country in addition to Peru, Indonesia, the Philippines, Haiti, the

Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Australia. The state Departments of Health of North Carolina,

Georgia, and Kentucky approve this design, and the state of New York is currently reviewing the

plans for approval. Read full PDF >>> ... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-HH0b6RDKBCVnFEZkY5cGdtQ1U/view

Their Website is here : http://longbrancheec.org/home/Home.aspx

4 years ago
A roll of plastic wrap, stored so it will stay clean, it is used to cover burns & keep them clean until you get to medical attention, because it is manufactured with heat, as long as it is not contaminated, it is considered sanitary.
5 years ago
I'm concerned about you R Ranson,

as others have said lung infections can be very serious even life threatening & leave you with permanent lung damage. Please be careful with your health & seek professional help when needed. If your vomiting fails to go away please let your health care professional know.

Some people can not tolerate the strong oral antibiotics & if you can not keep them down your care giver needs to know that, because it means you are not getting the meds into your blood stream. When this happened to me they changed my treatment.

As for helping your digestive issues, ask them about taking pro-biotic supplements & once you stop vomiting perhaps even an enzyme supplement just until you are back to normal, these are what helped me.
5 years ago
May old herbalism books swear by garlic for the lungs,3 cloves crushed & swallowed with a large glass of water 3x a day & for the fever, if there is one, elderflower & mint tea every hour.
You can swallow the garlic, but if you can not tolerate that you may also crush a larger amount of it & sleep with this wrapped to the sloes of your feet with gauze & covered with socks, it will be absorbed into you body through the soles of your feet.
5 years ago
I like to sprinkle the top with lemon pepper & salt or fill the center of a whole wheat bread with Swiss cheese & then press an Italian herb blend into the top.
5 years ago
Do you think its too late in the season to harvest it for tea?
I have some that came up in my planters but I thought the leaves might be too bitter this late in the season.
5 years ago
Natural Adhesives, Glues & Waterproof Sealants - Tree Sap & Wood Ash

I was wondering if anyone had experience with Tree Sap & Wood Ash Glue or waterproofing?

I know Native Americans have used this successfully to create very strong cements to glue tools & seal things to make them waterproof.
Even after almost 100 yrs I seen items with this mixture still hold together.

MY QUESTION IS does anyone have experience with this? Do you know what kind of tree sap to use & what kind of wood ash? or a recipe of required proportions?
5 years ago
I'm a night person, but if I slept in a green house that might change, though I doubt it; 25yrs of night shift is a long time.
But I was thinking the sleeping room would be like a module inside the greenhouse, so perhaps it would have its own window, looking out into the greenhouse & could have a drape.
5 years ago
Great thoughts about this, thank you for your replies.
5 years ago