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Recent posts by Tim Flood

Josh -

I live in Colleyville, also on 1/2 acre. I am in the process of completing my swale system and start planting.

How's your system going? Your last post on this thread was in 2014. It should be starting to look pretty good this spring, no?

Do you have any pictures to post? Is your place open for tours?

3 years ago
Today, I harvested a bunch of daikon radish. I want to ferment them. I've looked on the web, and I find a bunch of recipes for pickled radish that include vinegar, but I don't think that's what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for something in the style of sandor katz.

Can anybody provide me with a simple recipe for fermenting daikon radish?

Do I need some kind of special starter?

3 years ago
My chooks are coming into full maturity, laying about one big, beautiful egg per day. I bought them in two sets of six, in 2015, in January and March, more-or-less. Thus, spring 2016, they'll be a year old. I have ten. Well, actually nine hens and Big Roo.

I;m thinking about getting six more chicks in the spring, to keep the flock in rotation.

When do my chooks reach full maturity? Is my strategy to add six chicks per year a good idea to always keep my laying productivity to its' max, over the years?

I want to keep my small flock fresh with young blood.

What do you think?
3 years ago
I wasn't sure exactly which forum to post this on: Critters, Growies, Permaculture, or something else. It's a crossover to me.

Anyway, here's the question:

I just finished installing my swales in my backyard. I live on 1/2 acre. (Well, that's 1/2 acre, total, so the backyard is some fraction thereof.) The chickens are free ranging. We put them in the bullet proof coop at night, and during the day, they have the run of the entire back yard.

I'm going to put some winter rye seed down, and some winter cover crop I bought from Grow Organic. I'll mulch the barren swales with wood chips or straw or something.

The question is: The chickens are going to go around and scratch and pick at the seeds I throw down. Can I out-seed what they can pick? Will the seeds still be viable when they make their way through the chickens digestive tracks?

Should I just fence the chickens in until spring until the seeds get a chance to get going?

What are your thoughts on free-range chickens and planting cover crops from seeds?

Thanks for your input.
3 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. All eggs today looked strong & normal. I'm going to chalk it up to "one of those things" but I'm going to make sure I've got shells and oyster shells out for them. I need to make sure to improve on their care in that area.

Sadly, I didn't eat the jelly egg. I was kind of weirded out about it, so I threw it in the compost before I read your response. I didn't even think about eating it.

Thanks again for your replies.
3 years ago
So, it's Christmas Eve, and we just got home from church. The pizzas are in the oven and I just cracked open a coldie. Kids have a Christmas show from Netflix on the TV. Good times!!

Oh, yeah, gotta go check the chickens and shut the door on the coop. It's dark out, but I reach my hand around in the straw and start collecting eggs. The girls have come into full maturity this month, and we're getting good quality, consistent large eggs. We're averaging about 1 egg per day x 9 hens. I feel something cold and wet and a little slimy in the dark. Shit! I just put my hand in chicken shit and I'm still in my church clothes. Gather more eggs. Dammit! There's that pile of chicken shit again. No, wait. It's not chicken shit. It feels like something else! What is it?

Well, come to find out. It's an egg. A jelly egg. I mean it has a shell, but it's about like a soft shell crab, if any of you have eaten a soft shell. It's in an egg shape. The container holds the egg-stuff inside, but it's not an egg. It's a jelly egg.

I don't even know how to begin researching this one.

Has anyone ever had a chicken lay a jelly egg? What's it called? What do I do?
3 years ago
You've done a very extensive job of researching, so I doubt I have anything to add to your list that you haven't thought of already.

I used to live in El Paso, and I still travel to Big Bend once per year, in the fall, for a guy's weekend. I'm very familiar with the climate and environment there.

I had a friend once who purchased some land out there, and his strategy was unique, I thought. Research other climate zones around the world that are similar to the Chihuahuan desert. In this case, there was a certain zone in Africa that was very similar. Then, look for seeds for the zone in Africa.

How did he get all the seeds sent via US Mail and clear customs?

He bought the seeds from E-Bay as "decorations" "beads" "rattles" etc.

Very clever, I thought.
3 years ago
We use a continuous brew system for kombucha. It seems to work very well. We didn't study or read or watch videos on how to do it. That just seemed like the easiest way to kombucha around the house.

I haven't had much luck with bottling kombucha, as it gets too fizzy, and when I open a bottle of it, I end up with kombucha foam everywhere. So, we keep it in the glass jar and let it go.

It gets a little too tart for some people's tastes. My kids like it when it's still pretty sweet, but my wife and I like it when it's tart.

Occasionally, I will clean out the jar, and any excess SCOBY goes to the chickens. They LOVE it!
3 years ago
We don't live in the same climate, but this topic was apropos to me. I just ordered my plug spawn from fungi perfecti and inoculated my oak logs today. (2 of 4 species compete today)

I live in North Texas, and we've had a shitload of rain in the last 4 days!

I ordered shiitake, pearl oyster, blue oyster, and I wanted to try lion's mane. FP had a special discount ~ 34% off order if I ordered 3 or more bags. 100 count.

I've never grown food mushrooms before, although I may have experience growing another species of mushrooms.

I chose to inoculate now, because: 1) I was excited about getting it done. 2) I had a little extra $$ to go ahead and place my order now. 3) The nice lady at FP said I could inoculate now, so long as I give the spawn at least 30 days before a hard freeze. In North Texas, that's no problem this time of year. Unless a freak storm blows through, we probably won't have a hard freeze until Jan/Feb.

Now that I've received the plugs, and read the instructions thoroughly, I may not have been as rigorous about sanitation as I should have been. I got the cut oak logs from my dad's place in Muskogee, OK and the logs have been piled up in my yard for a long time now. I didn't realize I needed to keep them up off the ground. I did see some native mycelial growth, but not too deep. At least, that's my hope. Also, I didn't have food grade wax. I just used some candles that I bought from Wal-Mart. Paraffin wax, no doubt, but it was all I had, and I couldn't justify spending the extra money on beeswax. Also, the instructions, as I read later, indicated that I needed to wax the end cap of the logs. I didn't do that.

It's a pretty labor intensive process; I ran out of time today. By the time I got two species of plugs done (200 plugs; 4 logs) I ran out of time.

I'm hopeful that the spawn will inoculate the logs and overcome any deficiencies in my processes.

I'll keep you posted.
3 years ago
I just bought my copy of it, as well. I am about half-way through the video. I'm waiting for my package in the mail to arrive. In the meantime, watching the digital download.

So far, so good. I agree with the great production values of this movie. It's a professional quality production.

Enjoying it so far. Hoping to see more about the rotational grazing for chickens to get some ideas for my small flock.
3 years ago