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Just put the straw bale on water insulation, you got the rebar to keep it secure! And on top of it will come the roof that will compress ''solidify''(with the adobe) the walls.

Here we use asphalt or bitumen between the house foundation and walls.
6 years ago
Mine are free around the house! When we got snow first time, they were playing like little kids in snow! Jumping and running around, they also made tunnels!

No problem with cold for an older than ~2 monts rabbit, even in -40f temps.

They need a bit more, and better food, a dry place with hey or straw, and no wind. Water will freeze, so it's necessary fresh water every day. They may start eating snow, like mine do, but fresh liquid water is better.
6 years ago
Hello from Romania!
Nice being here! I've been looking at the forum for more than 3 years, same with RMH.

So.. we have here a type of stove that works with sawdust from woodfactorys.
It's usually done on a 55gallon drum like in picture 111.jpg and 222 jpg. It's a 1 time only load up, burn it, when it's fire over then you can reload.

Inside the stove it's used another smaller drum for charges, loads(its handle in 111.jpg, top right side, for taking it out for recharge). When loading up the small drum, through the middle, vertically is used a pipe ~4inches diameter for air(this forms the inner tube, the chimney, the heat riser of the roket!). Sawdust is compacted inside the small drum, between the walls and the pipe. Take the small drum back to the inside of the 55gallon put the lid(last ''picture'' at the top, first picture at the right side leaning on the wall). At the bottom there is a ash tray(last picture at the bottom:D) and air is coming inside between the ashtray and the 55gallon drum underside. Small fire is made in the ash tray and then the inside walls, created by the pipe, will start to burn... hope you understand:)
It can also be used without the inner drum, just load up!

My ''tune-up'' ideea(last picture)is to lower the exit as much as possible to burn at a higher temperature by insulating the load with itself actually. This way is becoming a truly rocket stove.
It's a J or L style but only with only the I part, the up it goes, vertical part!

What do you think?

I post it here, in this section, because for me this is an ''equivalent'' to roket stove. Looking at the clips on youtube i find the same rocketry sound that my ''standard'' sawdust stove does!

This kind of rocket can be filled up with sawdust, wood chips, twigs, sticks, any burnable, solid matter that can pe compacted inside the small drum between its walls and the pipe!

Thank you!

PS: I found it on google as sawdust burneror stove, here is a clip:

Old thread: Sorry! i should have posted in here!

The question transforms more in: Did anyone move the exit of steam and gases mix at the bottom? Is there enought pump action from the heat riser, specially in the second to end part of the burn of a charge, when the pile is getting smaller?
6 years ago