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Recent posts by John Goode

I went off to India and have practiced transpersonal energy workings for decades. Odd phenomena have occurred. One was the day that I climbed up a steep hill next to my property and looked down. There was a significant strange oval, greener than the rest of the neighborhood. Keep in mind that this is a desert landscape. I had been meditating and giving at least weekly energetic communication (think focused good vibes) to that space for the last few years.
When I send the energy (some call it chi, prana) toward a tree, I usually receive much more coming back toward me. Trees are anchors and parental figures in ecosystems physically as life around them develops, that is apparent. They are much more than that, as the subtle energetic fields that they support.
Plants respond to this energy and it is an interaction (communication).
To many of us, this is as clear as watching a brilliant sunset and having a blind man sit down next to us and tell us that it is only imagination. I did my masters thesis on transpersonal therapies. There is a full budding of science in support. Science is just ignorant at this point, but is catching on.
Imagination is often the key to unlocking existing phenomena.
11 months ago
I never have been able to figure out what an actual hippie was, or is. Maybe an "old Hippie" is something many might agree on, but it is still nebuous. So. back in the day, we called ourselves FREAKS man. Always been a FREAK. Lost out on some things because of that, but I never regretted not adhering to mainstream, not conforming, or doing it my way.
1 year ago
Sauna is great for the skin. I notice dramatic differences on my girl Breeze. It also detoxes in amazing ways. When done with others, in song, drums (old plastic water bottles) and unity, it makes a wonderful smile and spirit with those endorphins to the brain.
1 year ago
It is knee length. I walked into a cool air-conditioned fast food place and sat down on the plastic bench chair. Man, what a shock! They can also be dangerous when sitting down on a metal trailer hitch, on a hot day. You’ll learn quickly.
1 year ago
I wore custom cowboy boots for over 30 years. The elevated heel gave me Morten’s Neuroma eventually.
I watched a Steven Sinatra video, and asked masseuse friends, who told me “You can’t mess up feet.” I spent months getting them corrected, rather than let a doctor cut me up, mess up my chi, and awareness, to take the feeling away. I spent months an hour or two a night massaging my feet and getting back in touch with them. My feet of course loved the attention. I experimented with barefoot during this time.

Most people’s feet. I hear, spread out some when they switch to barefoot. Mine did. The front of my feet went to something like quadruple E, but the heel stayed the same. With feet now shaped like a duck’s, regular shoes don’t fit. Chuck’s, which I had been using for hiking, are narrow. They squeezed me and I’d pop out the sides in no time.

Meanwhile, I live in a desert. Within a couple of years of cautious walking, I got a toxic cholla needle between my toes mainlined to the nerve. I was laid up for a couple of months. No more barefoot running up and down my desert driveway.

Being barefoot all over takes some getting used to. It takes some awareness.

Yea, I read “Born to Run.” I took off running on an asphalt roadway and shredded my feet like a second degree burn within a block. There is a trick to it, more than that toe heel gait. It’s complex.

So, I stand taller, most of my spine shape issues have been corrected. I have a greater mindful awareness from going barefoot for about ten, or more, years now.

I am barefoot whenever possible. I have moved back into town and have made my yard barefoot friendly.  I’ll put on a pair of cupped heel Tivas to leave home usually. The concrete, asphalt, even dry soil and rock will burn feet here in the summer. I had a 94 year old friend, who couldn’t feel with his feet, over do it barefoot and he was on home healthcare from the 1st degree burns.

I find that walking on flat urban surfaces is hard on feet and the entire walking, standing system. People naturally walk on uneven surfaces.
So, when it is freezing, I’ll wear my gillies. Some scrap leather and shoe string makes these brilliantly designed shoes that have been around for thousands of years now. I add socks. I gets me into formal affairs, teenagers “dig” them. I have a lifetime supply in my garage. The leather soles are great out on a dance floor.

I make my own Huaraches from leather, also.  They take too long to get on and off, so I’ll be naked, or in flipflops most of the time.

I wear the Vibram toe shoes, the old style before those idiotic shoe laces. These are my hiking backpacking shoes. I can’t afford injury out in the isolated wild. Now, living city life, my feet are just not used to those surfaces and I prefer the comfort. They are a minimalist sole.

I love to come home and throw everything off of my body. I move more fluid and naturally healthy, now. My body doesn’t breathe and I feel stifled. I’m barefoot in spite of the above difficulties I have had to deal with. So I’m jus’ sayin’, “ It ain’t always easy; I think that it’s worth it.
1 year ago
Desert Palo Verde Trees produce yellow flowers in grand abundance. They are small, but delightfully sweet. We just pick them off of the tree and put them in our mouths.
Homer and Jethro "All I want for Christmas is my upper plate."

Heard it the other day on the radio, pulled to a stop, stunned!

JB Goode
2 years ago
A little dog, tells a thief that the human may be home. A manequin works really well sitting on the porch.
2 years ago
My son has his laundry off of the hallway where all the bedrooms are.

My washer is in the bathroom, which is in between the bedroom and the dressing room/closet, just a few feet away. We're naturists, so we use more sitting towels than clothes. The towels are stored out where they're used. The bedroom sheets are right there, too. There is a door across from the washer to solar lines, or I just hang stuff on any chair back, etc.
2 years ago