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Recent posts by Susan Doyon

great subject    we have bought a house with 2 graywater systems both just leading to dry wells  interested in how to improve  
one handles the washer the other the sump pump and fiber wash and dye room

1 year ago
I got interested at first because I am learning to make Konjac Glucomannan flour noodles , ( I am on a weight loss journey 18 lbs lost  and still 88 lbs from where I want to end up )  and I do not care for the texture plain so I have ordered oat bran to mix in  . I started thinking what else could I add to make soups and noodles more nutrient and fiber dense while staying low calorie  . kale powder is pricey but I have acres with loads of wild grape and there are things I do not care for as a pot herb that I would be fine with dried and ground as part of a noodle flour
  grape leaves have a bit much chew to use like spinach   but high fiber , vitamin A vitamin K and potassium

then I also have 44 acers of woodlands and meadow and a garden that was fallow last year that is full of purslane , lambs quarters chickweed  and nettles  I do not really care for these as a pot herb but I thought in a powdered mix I could use in cooking .
The green onions I have 2 rows of  and I already freeze lots but I do not want to add a second freezer

1 year ago
I am interested in making my own  , vegetable powders for noodle makeing breads  and soups . powdered kale and spinach are pricey
I have vast amounts of grape leaf and egyption onion and have planted Kale and chard

would love input  

1 year ago
Charlotte Anthony
I would love to understand more how the microbes stop the quack grass and if it affected negatively any other plants
I am having trouble keeping up with grasses and hedge bindweed in my vegetable and strawberry areas
2 years ago
thank you I will try to find them later
3 years ago
Ross Thank you for posting the Tudor video . loved it .
It is a great subject and thread , as so many of us have more need for fence than funds to build them .

Up here in Massachusetts we have loads of invasive wild rose and autumn olive I wonder if they could be moved and pruned into a proper hedge

3 years ago
we will have some warm weather this week I am going to dig some and try adding to a slaw . I like the flowers more than the tuber so far
3 years ago
mine looks like the edible but I tasted it last year and it is horridly bitter
3 years ago
I would not cover closely with plastic the pile needs air for the proper bacteria , turn more often if you need it to break down quicker , you can also layer with branches to help provide air spaces and pull the branches free to help aerate
if you have a loader just flip the pile more often pallet forks also aerate the pile great ( Iused to do this by hand , bad back makes this some thing I can no longer do by hand )
3 years ago
lots of opinions I see the original post is from 4 years ago I am sure the OP has made her mind up by now

I shoot , I carry . my recommendations .
if you are going to have a gun use it join a gun club or set up a set of berms so you can practice on your own land and practice .
a gun is only useful if you are comfortable with its use .
get a good front open gun safe ( one for your ammo one for your gun ) and replace the key lock with a push button real estate lock practice your combination in the light and the dark if you need your weapon time is crucial , also practice loading and unloading
a hand gun is much easier to carry and you will not be prepared if the weapon is not something you can carry comfortably
a laser is a valuable addition , I added an aftermarket one my pistol that goes on as soon as I grab the grip . at night or when some one is charging you you do not have to use the sights
I may never draw my weapon on any thing other than a target , I am fine with that I know if I have to I can .
3 years ago