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since Apr 28, 2014
Hello. I am a truck driver who is currently devoting his spare time to studying Permaculture. I went to college for Dairy at SUNY Morrisville and Cornell University. I gained an interest in Organics in 2005 and I heard a keyline design talk from Darren Doherty in 2009 which started me on this path to studying permaculture... I took an Online PDC with Geoff Lawton. I can be found on facebook.
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Recent posts by Michael Gurecki

Bumping this up because I am still searching for the right one to settle down and farm with... This year has been fun... I have attended classes at Mark Shepard's in WI, Versaland in Iowa City, Vermont, New Hampshire, Upstate NY... its been fun... what is next on my agenda: I am going to ACRES USA in December... I also signed up for a Ranching For Profit class in May...
so who wants someone like me to farm with

6 years ago
Any Upstate NYers on here?

I am from Rome, NY.

6 years ago
Looking for a nice lady to settle down and start a permaculture enterprise with...

33 M from Upstate NY

I drive all over the country... mostly in the northeast. I also make my way down to NC from time to time to visit my brother and his family...

I worked on farms for years... went to SUNY Morrisville and Cornell University for Dairy Cattle Science.
Big farms (800 cows or more), Small farms... Organic and conventional.

Amongst my skills : building Hi Tensile Fence, Milking Cows, operating all sorts of machinery... reading landscapes, grazing.

This summer I am attending a workshop at Mark Shepards in WI.

my vision:

To develop a farm model that would create opportunites for people to learn permaculture and actually get a farm to run that they could use to get started and make money...
Develop the framework to do that...
oh its fun to dream... but it would be more fun to do it!

Anyway thats a little bit about me...
any single ladies on this site?

6 years ago
Hi Kate,
You sound interesting... what sort of farm are you looking to have/ did you have?

I'm a big fan of Devon and Jersey cattle, Icelandic Sheep, Tamworth Pigs chickens, turkeys... all the little critters

Driving a truck, I've been all over this country!

have a great day!

6 years ago
Hi Everyone!

I am new to this site. I took the online PDC offered by Geoff Lawton this past year.. but that was not my first exposure to Permaculture. I took a Keyline design class with Darren Doherty back in 2009. I had been working on farms exclusively but I got a little sick of the closed minded nature of most farmers and the lack of interest to let me pursue my own ideas... so I made a career change... I am now an over the road truck driver... I get to see behind the curtain of all of those big food companies we all would love to see disappear... but in the mean time I guess I want to see what I can glean from them... I also like that my job provides the freedom and flexibility to take time off whenever and where ever I want... so I am using this time to visit farms, attend conferences.... I have 2 jobs... drive, and wait! and I have the ability to listen to a podcast while I drive on my bluetooth headset... Lately I got caught up on the permaculture voices podcast... Excellent stuff!
I am endeavoring to find a balance between the ethics of Permaculture, and Free Market Economics (aka Austrian economics)

My favorite Authors include: Joel Salatin, Gerald Fry, Charles Walters, Thomas Woods, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Mark Shepard... lots of books from Acres USA!

It is my short term goal to pay off my truck and buy a piece of land so I can start digging swales, keyline plowing, grazing (cattle sheep pigs poultry etc), planting trees etc... I am hoping if I am successful to design a business that can create opportunities for others to come in... this could turn in to something very big if all goes well... I should be in a position to do "something" in 2017

I am from Rome, NY, but like I said I drive all over the country...
Upstate NY is the area I know the best so if I were to settle down... thats probably where I will do it!
I am eager to make new friends to bounce ideas off of, potentially partner with... (because what I want to do is so much more than 1 person can accomplish) and perhaps find someone to marry... (hey a guy can dream can't he?!)

Ok thats the short story about me!

6 years ago