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Recent posts by Jack Edmondson

I am not a bed maker.  It was not part of my childhood training; and other than the time I was required to I have never like the practice.  As an adult I still don't.  However after encountering this speech it made sense to me for the first time.  It is an interesting perspective and I can see why it made sense to others.

2 weeks ago
Anyone who knows me knows I love my dogs.  They are spoiled and have been trained to be entitiled.  However, I don't cook eggs for myself in the morning.  Here is something I picked up a long time ago.  Two whole eggs cracked into a coffee mug.  beat with a fork for 15 seconds.  Microwave up to 30 seconds (less time =more runny.)  Dump over their dry food.  Done.  Happy dogs.  Plenty of protien to counter the mostly starch based kibble.  Clear eyes and nice coat.  Less than a minute of prep time for doggo breakfast, which is about a minute more effort than I put into my own.  

If your dogs are more spoiled rotten than mine I think you could add a bit of milk or cream to the eggs as you wisk to 'fluff' them a bit like the gourmets do.  

It would give one something to do while the coffee perks.
2 weeks ago
Modern castings don't seem to be a 'finished' as they once were, but it won't effect the quality of product.  Don't be reluctant to sand the finish to the smoothness you desire before you begin seasoning the pan.  
3 weeks ago
Hey Moses,

Welcome!  From a fella whose has been on this site for about 11 years, I can tell you with confidence this site is not the place you are going to find a lot of Conservative or Christian folks.  That is not a judgement.  Great people here.  Lots of fantastic information.  It is just not the orientation of most here.  I am not sure what gave you this impression; but I think you may be disappointed if that is your expectation, especially here in the singles section.

Cheers, my friend and take this place for what is has to offer.  There is much to be gained.  A partner may not be in the cards.
3 weeks ago

A lot to unpack in your thread.  So I am going to hit what stood out to me.  Live edge slabs is a seller's market.  Very hard to find and much sought after.  Your best bet is to have a good internet catalog that documents each piece with dimensions, species and LOTs of photos.  Welcome questions by having each piece hold an inventory number of stock number, so specifics can be clear for that particular piece.  I don't think your going to find a formula, because they are not really a commodity.  They are all unique one off pieces, unlike traditional dimensional lumber.  There are hardwood lumber retailers in Houston and I believe Dallas that you might want to introduce yourself and project to.  They are going to have customers inquiring about one of a kind projects; and may be able to sell for you if the arrangement is mutually beneficial.

Another outlet you might have luck with is custom builders.  Most live slab demand comes from high end homes wanting a 'rustic' look for a mantle shelf, or beam.  Custom contractors and builders need to know you are a source for them.  The same is true with custom furniture makers.  Get to know ones in your region and show them how easy it is for their clients to pick their own slab online for the creation of their one of a kind dining table, etc...  They are craftsmen and want the convenience of not spending valuable time searching for materials rather than producing works.

Lastly, find the Rocker, woodcraft, high end wood working shops.  They have bulletin boards to advertise businesses in their stores.  Have fliers and cards.  Again, this is a niche market.  You have to find your customers where they traffic.  

As far as replants, do some research on Paulowina.  Here is a link:  Paulowina Association

It is a lightweight hardwood that grows very quickly.  Harvest at 10 years and have regrowth ready in another 5 years.  Was once highly prized in Asia, but seems to be waning, as they want slower growth/higher density pieces for their heirloom projects.  However, if one had a supply of domestic lumber; one could  get into the high strength composite movement that is developing.  Carbon fiber and Basalt fiber are growing in use as people discover the applications over more traditional aluminum structures.  

It is also reported to be a high carbon sequestering tree.  Makes great tasting honey and grows back from pollard faster than most pine and pulp species.  If you have 25 years or so to wait for harvest then black cherry and black walnut will be better choices, as they are always in high demand.

3 weeks ago
If you don't have any luck, try online for CNC machining supply.  Those cables are similar to the ones used in that industry.  The end piece/connector might be proprietary to the auto maker, but something similar may be found.  
3 weeks ago
The first sign one is in a 'real' mexican food place is the option of Charro Beans; and yes, sometimes you have to ask.  Mexican bean soup done well is sublime.  If they have a great recipe for Charro Beans, the rest of the menu won't likely disappoint.  
3 weeks ago
Welcome to Permies, Ann!

Stick around a while and I think you will find some fine people.  However, Faith has many meanings in the world; and I think you find a wide variety of personal definitions here.  What does Faith mean to you?

True friendship is a rare pearl in this world, especially in the digital space.  Are you looking for a kindred soul to converse, a helping hand, or something else?  I will invite you to pull up a log to the fire and tell us more about yourself.  
3 weeks ago
Very hard to find in the US, but may be able to import into Mexico.  Velvet Bean   aka Mucuna pruriens

velvet bean

find a variety from India they use as forage that is "low itch"  may have to test a few potted pants to see how bad they are when germinated.  This plant in its worst form is what itching powder is made from, the stuff sold to kids as a gag gift.  There are varieties that have little of the compound and cows graze it.  No personal experience, since we cannot get it in the US.  Would love to try some someday to see if how livestock tolerate it.

There are etsy shops and other vendor whom sell the bean as a "diet suppliment" as it is supposed to have beneficial properties.  Researchers also claim it to be mildly toxic to humans.  Do your own research if you want to try it yourself.  But due to these two things it is regulated.  

It can be 'invasive' in areas where there is no frost to kill it before going to seed.  In your situation, I don't think you have to worry about it actually getting established.  It is reported that once established it can survive on an inch of rainfall.  Very robust root system to add organic matter and break up compaction.  It does better when grown with a milpa type garden as it does better if it can climb.  

1 month ago