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Part Nakota, part Irish. The Nakota took over long ago but still lives in two worlds, the European world and the first people's world. He lives on a small (15 + acres) piece of mother earth deep in the woods. Was trained in the cooper's arts as a child, since the family owned a cooperage. He has been a carpenter, and timber wright but love all aspects of farming.He holds a BS in Chemistry and Biology and a MS in Horticulture. Worked for the USDA for 16 years. Then PHD in Microbiology defended. Redhawk and his wife Wolf are setting up to be fully self sustaining, growing all their own foods and collecting rain water. "Soon we will be self sustaining and closer to being off the grid" he said when asked about future plans. They continue their own research both in Agriculture and soils with the hope to make the world more like it used to be, before mankind began screwing up the Earth Mother. This is the only way humankind will survive, we must fix what we have broken.
Arkansas - Zone 7B/8A stoney, sandy loam soil pH 6.5
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Recent posts by Bryant RedHawk

hau Jodie, to break down woodchips you need fungi. In your post you mention speed for planting this year, for best success mixing in manure and bloodmeal provides foods for bacteria, which benefit vegetable plants, so for the best of all worlds mix the chips, manure and bloodmeal before spreading over the new growing area, then spray or pour mushroom slurry over the thick "mulch" layer along with some compost tea (if you have any finished compost). Then when you come back to plant, open holes to plant in and water in with compost ttea and/or mushroom slury diluted 10:1.  

4 days ago
hau kola john, very good info.

5 days ago
You will need petri dishes, agar agar food for the growing medium, an incubator (fridge or a true cabinet temp should be 72 - 78 f. Moisture is 85 percent.  Check twice a day for colony density.

5 days ago
hau Kat, I like to use items like compost tea, fish emulssion, thin layers of composted manure as fertilizers for both container and in ground plantings. When making up a potting soill I start with a shovel of dirt this may get additions of granite powder or green sand, I always add a cup of Sea-90 seasalt. From that base I add; 2 shovels of finished compost, 1 shovel composted manure and 3 shovels of sand ,play sand works fine for everything except root vegetables which do best with "sharp" or 4 to 6 mesh masons sand.

Worm castings are great both as a mulch layer or amendment when making up a batch of soil. You are making addditions bacteria and fungi by their use either way.

1 week ago
hau Mike, perhaps the reasons for not just scraps would be nutrition, egg production and meat flavor.

2 weeks ago
Worms are good at moving to ideal conditions in the "wild". Problems come from our desire for their product causing us to create artificial living quarters and enviroment. With "worm farms" we must monitor moisture level, temperature and food supply. Records are needed to know how you are doing and success over the long term. Castings quality is mostly from a variety of food offerings instead of a limited diet.

(Bacteria are the real gold of the castings)
2 weeks ago
My personal preference is lucerne (alfalfa) over any plant that is toxic. If you add comfrey you can have even better mineral content in mulch or compost.

Branches with leaves will be cllose to 3:1 carbon to N. If you chip them you could also use them for mulching directly.

3 weeks ago
hau Jay,  I'm happy to help.
1) I use PVC pipe the 3/4 is the ID.
2) the end was heated with a heat gun to soften then pressed flat (1/4" opening (easier with a clamp while it cools)).
3) that causes too little volume and jetting holes to form.
4) 40 psi, the blower nozzel is 6" long, inserted all the way into pipe.
5) mine is 6gal. Pancake with 9cfm at 90 psi
6) 6" in 5 sec.
7) I start aireation when internal temp reduces 10 deg. f. Then every 3 weeks till heap reduces by 1/2 volume.
8) 5 cubed, or 6x4x6 (depends on contents), no further additions are made once the heap is to finished size, then a new heap is started. I can build a 5cubed heap in 3 weeks of clean up of the farm.
Hope that covers those questions.

1 month ago
Yes, the water should not touch the bags.  The grain also needs to be mostly dried.
1 month ago