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Part Nakota, part Irish. The Nakota took over long ago but still lives in two worlds, the European world and the first people's world. He lives on a small (15 + acres) piece of mother earth deep in the woods. Was trained in the cooper's arts as a child, since the family owned a cooperage. He has been a carpenter, and timber wright but love all aspects of farming.He holds a BS in Chemistry and Biology and a MS in Horticulture. Worked for the USDA for 16 years. Then PHD in Microbiology defended. Redhawk and his wife Wolf are setting up to be fully self sustaining, growing all their own foods and collecting rain water. "Soon we will be self sustaining and closer to being off the grid" he said when asked about future plans. They continue their own research both in Agriculture and soils with the hope to make the world more like it used to be, before mankind began screwing up the Earth Mother. This is the only way humankind will survive, we must fix what we have broken.
Arkansas - Zone 7B/8A stoney, sandy loam soil pH 6.5
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Recent posts by Bryant RedHawk

I am sorry but I don't have a way to show what I'm talking about.
1 month ago
It looks like there is to much space between the water line and the siphon tube inlet.
1 month ago
Where in the water flow the siphon located? It should be below the water inlet so the water flow suction pulls the fluid into the water stream.
1 month ago

cynda williams wrote:

I did NOT know that coffee grounds will repel termites!!! Since I also have a termite issue (they are living in the garden soil and (I'm sure) the untreated sides of the raised beds) and they eat the stems of my plants and entire radishes, I guess I will increase the amount of coffee I drink!!!

Can you tell me if the flying termites are white? I know the ones who I find chewing my garden plants are white. But the flying insects I discovered several seasons ago (in May) had black bodies. I thought they were ants but maybe they were termites?

Do you have any idea how much coffee grounds I need to apply? A rough estimate would be helpful!

I do drench the soil with Neem oil and water mixed. It's a job to do it, but I think it has helped with the ants & termites. But the termites come back.

I do love the information I find on this site!

Flying termites are black bodied, ants are brown. I too use untreated boards for beds, I use a 3" wide x 2.5" deep ring against the inside of the beds boards to keep termites from getting into the garden as much as possible.

1 month ago
hau Cynda, SCG also work on termites too. Termites also spread by winged ones. Leaving their colony to start new colonies.

1 month ago
Did you Flux and use silver solder, with Mapp gas or acetylene.  The most common error is not enough heat or too much heat.
1 month ago
Sorry but I don't have that information.
1 month ago
I believe the orchardist put in the poles at the time of tree planting. In your situation I would use the cage you mentioned  since that would allow removal of the cage once frost danger has passed.
1 month ago
The fruit farmers I know use posts at the row corners and at each tree. They then have lines. Not only down. The side posts but also connect from side to side. This supports the frost cloth so it doesn't last on the trees. Hope that helps you.

1 month ago
Apparently, because he took away the ones I had bought at HD and the ones he got from his truck box looked more like the rigid tubing. He did not teach me any plumbing except water fall rates.
1 month ago