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not efficient

Means a old regular wood stove is what 50 or 60? percent efficient , based on how you run it.

a newer secondary burn, 70 percent range?
a down draft, gets into 80 percent range?

So, when you cut it back, and don't burn the smoke, you just droped your 70 percent to 50 percent.

Now, a old stove, running it more wide open , you bank it down, you drop from your 60 to 50, or a little less.

NUMBERS are just hear say, for sake of example. should be close.

So, you might burn a little more by loading it, and it being hot.

Try running it a little hotter, can you run it semi banked down? check your smoke output at chimney, to see where your spot is to not smoke neighbors out.

I run a downdraft , hot coals, I cut it back, and they wash smoke out, But I don't choke it off, It took me a few nights to figure my sweet spot,

I also have it in the basement, so even if that room gets hot, it takes a day to overheat the first floor.
5 years ago

no insulation, Kiln brick.

Sent you a pm Jimmy,

Double door, helps, but still needs upper smoke bypass. Water tank getting added soon, to transfer to radiators in house.
5 years ago
I sent you a purple moosage. check it out.
5 years ago
A batch stove, is what you might desire.

I've built 2 downdraft style or batch style stoves. Both where the hopper, main chamber gets 500 ish.

1 big issue, is seems to be the middle of the burn, where you are compelled to add more fuel, and the smoke either comes out, or likes to light up too much.
By lighting up, I mean secondary burn in your face. I had to add a bypass to my second stove to vent first, then open door.
This is the big safety issue with a large feed area, translates into large gas pocket. You will have to train her to not rush opening door.

Both resemble the low exit at coals level. Both were a huge reduction in wood being used.
I have a 10 foot run of stainless chimney liner, that is exposed before ducking up into chimney itself. so, minimal loss out top.

I'm doing a new design. wont' be done till end of jan.

5 years ago
2 registers work better, one atop the general area of stove, then a return , so cold does not have to fight warm In the same area. mine is other side of house.

Fans in ducts are neat, and bring up heat faster. mine only lasted 3 months, burnt up.

easier to fan the return duct, cold air, heat will rise on it's own. then it wont get burnt up from heat.
5 years ago
In a short,

Wood stoves work, its' down to the percent of efficiency that is any debate
just like a bungle bee, it's not supposed to fly.

5 years ago
Accually, coals, was said in video. meaning hot wood coals.
Not coal, singular.

6 years ago
My basement, is similar, 3 foot exposed most of way around, with the garage doors at ground level. easy to get wood in.

How mine heats, is downdraft stove, No insulation in the ceiling of basement,garage the exhaust rises up through chimney, and new pipe cuts right through were fireplace used to be. Hole is opened up to let some draft action.

Floors will radiant heat , they get nice and toasty, to walk with bare feet.
1st floor, house (not base ment) will get 68 degrees. we like it there.

2cd floor, chilly. we just use elect space heaters if we need to go up there.

One day i'll get ichy and water tank next to my heater, and pipe a tank were the fireplace was, to transfer heat to water and let it rise.

hopefully you follow my jibberish.
6 years ago
Let me try and explan without pics.

Build your burn tube with firebrick, wrap it in steel on outside, with the riser .

then cut your square hole in the bottom of the stove, and add it to the outside , poking up threw the stove, getting within the needed ceiling clearance.

6 years ago
Go with the basement, its only a backup?

Pros of a basement,
Dumping wood down outside entrance. try making a mess in your kitchen
Stacking 2 cords early in a basement, try this in your living room.
Heat will rise, heating floor boards, or old school, cut a large register right into floor.

Skip the mass rocket, and go downdraft, or cat wood stove.

I love making a mess in the basement, and sweeping it up without the other half blowing a cork about the dirt in the house.
6 years ago