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I got the onions canned. Normally, these onions need no preservation. Just pick them when you need some.

If i can get them established outside my garden i will have it made from a real estate point of view.
6 hours ago
I got it. I'll get it shipped out by monday.
19 hours ago
Thanks stacy. I do have a pressure canner. The recipe link is not working though.
1 day ago
I am overwhelmed with multiplying onions and need to store/preserve them. I used vinegar canning but didnt care for the vinegar taste , i do see a tip here that they can be rinsed. I will try that.

Is vinegar needed? Can it be canned in water, no vinegar? I am fairly new to canning and unsure if vinegar is needed for a reason unknown to me.

If it helps, i hope to can a lot of salsa, but i need the onion space to grow the tomatoes.  Its crazy though. One onion turns into 100. I'd pull a clump,  harvest a  couple for a burger, then replant the rest individually. I have hundreds if not thousands of them. I even spread them outside my garden to see if they'd spread on their own.
1 day ago
I want to expand on why i used a groundfos pump ($400+) vs a tradition shallow well/jet pump (-$200).

Its the auto shut off feature. If there's no water it will turn off and try to restart (maybe once every 5 minutes), preventing bearing failure.  I have had this happen, where the pump was running dry for several hours and the pump was destroyed. In that case, buying a second pump almost equalled the price of a groundfos.

The other issue is ickyness. I used a harbor freight cast iron pump that had a self contained pressure tank and switch, so the only thing missing was a check valve.. It was probably close to $100 on sale. The pressure was good for what i used it for. The problem was the ick. If it sat for a bit, i would get a surge of rusty water. I still had an issue of overheating if water ran out of the tank.

I am not sure if groundfos is the only pump or if there are cheaper alternatives with ick free auto (dry) shutoffs. If there are, i'd love to hear about them.

The grow network is way too slow. I've tried for a couple of days now. On the verge of giving up.

Any input from others to confirm its not just me. I can get to this forum easy, post quickly.  So i assume its not my internet.

Marjorie has a great speaking voice. Her demeanor is pleasant. But i gotta be able to reach it.
1 day ago
Trying to keep the bricks level as you're building may be more of a chore than the footing, since it gives a solid/level starting point.

12" deep footing may be excessive. In my area 4" is adequate.
1 day ago
Cool. I did a quick search. The issue seems to be getting enough fat in an immature cow? Its hard to find anything.  All the searches are about humane/inhumane slaughtering. Wierd.

Ive slaughtered 2 cows and have a small herd that just birthed. But i have no personal input that would be helpfull. I am interested in hearing peoples comments.

What i did find is normal feedlot the cow is 12 to 13 months, grass fed is 18 to 24 months.
1 day ago
Weaning is my first thought. How old is the calf? Is taking it from mommas milk a good thing right now?
1 day ago
Pm me a shipping address. I'll send you a solar shocker. I had bought it thinking it was for cows, but after installing it realized it was for chickens.

Its been in a drawer for a year. Not sure what that does to battery. But the price is right. Id be happy to give it yo you.
1 day ago