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Recent posts by wayne fajkus

If you don't have beavers, you have to be the beaver.

I like this and look forward to updates. The small size of the creek, the flow, the acreage makes a perfect site for this. I see no cautions or concerns given the layout. Giddyup!
7 hours ago
They should arrive Thursday.  I hope they work for you. Trees are small.
1 day ago
Thats all that i know of. I havent viewed the atc yet.
6 days ago
I found the other one.

Day 10 session 4 .student designs

Its about humane killing of rabbits
6 days ago
Its showing now.  May have been slow to load. Not sure.

Day 10 session 3. Humane killing. The video is about bees.

6 days ago
There were some that were labeled wrong. I made comment about it in the forum thread for the particular one. I think it was the rabbit butchering. The link was labeled something different. I think i found 2.

Funny thing. I went into "my stuff" to find my comment and give firm info.  I can't find a way into the pdf. Nothing is there, just a ledger. Did something change?

From phone i go to desktop view. From there i click on "my stuff". This is what i get:
6 days ago

D. Logan wrote:

Several times when I looked at the wordings, I realized there was some odd way someone could interpret it to change the meaning entirely of a passage. Heh.

Lol. Sounds like what we have now. Make sure you have a supreme court.
1 week ago
I agree with travis. They can be completely different in color/blotching than you thought and planned. Same with the finished surface. The more you sand/polish the more air bubbles that are exposed.

Thats not a bad thing depending on expectations. If you expect a super smooth top like you would get with marble you will be disappointed.
1 week ago
Watch "Zach Weiss   Water Retention Landscapes   LSSM" on YouTube

1 week ago
A half water cycle is when water doesnt get absorbed into the ground. It runs off carrying contaminants, erosion, evaporating, flooding, etc etc

Full cycle goes into the ground.  It is cleaned, recharges aquifers, hydrates the soil, creates springs, etc

Zach Weiss had a great explanation. Ill post a youtube. Probably the most influential video i have watched.
1 week ago