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Recent posts by wayne fajkus

Thats hard to quantify. When i filled my bin with yucca leaves it easily fell by your number or more. Think about all the air with 500 yucca plants in a pile.

Shrinkage is shrinkage. It's gonna happpen whether a person agrees thats its happening or not. Is there a part 2? Do THIS (bury it?) and the shrinkage is less?
1 hour ago
Thanks for the cupcakes! That was sweet of yall
I assumed that the dreaded smell of certain goods was from the pesticides used to fumigate the loaded containers prior to shipping. It's awful.
2 days ago
Dual breed (meat and chicken)
Broody (will hatch their own eggs)

I havent found the best one for my wants. Mainly because the cornish chicken we have been fed our entire lives is different from any other bird from taste, tenderness, and shape. I had to retrain myself that my chickens are the real ones. I hope that makes sense.

My goal is 2 coops. Each coop is harvested/slaughtered every 2 years (for peak egg quality), then start new with chicks bred from the other coop. Roosters are harvested sooner to keep only 1 rooster per coop. My quantities are not high per coop. Maybe 6-7 birds.

3 days ago
This is from Nebraska in the last couple of days
3 days ago
Type "slammer hammer" into Amazon.  I couldnt get a link to post it here
3 days ago
I have seen vice grips with a slide hammer. Both as a DIY welded project and for sale. The for sale ones were spotlighted on one of those car restoration shows on tv. I have no idea of the brand.
3 days ago
Thanks for pointing that out Judith.

I was doing a lousy attempt at trying to correlate the difference between war time suffering from those that havent experienced it. I had the generation wrong. Those that havent experienced it might be considered pampered by those that have. I hope that makes sense. I am not a proponent of war and suffering, but i wonder if these current decades of war that dont effect you (fought by volunteer army with no rationing by civilians) has an influence. They are not hardened by the suffering.  Would a hardened person be looking for an apology from an entire generation? Would a hardened person be looking for an apology by the the relatives of a previous generation? Its like our core needs to gripe about something. The better our life is, the deeper we have to look for something to gripe about.

4 days ago
That generation was the first in recent decades to have a fairly pampered life. Im not talking about money and economy. Their parents, grandparents, great grand parents experienced ww1, ww2, and vietnam. The boomers missed all that. They and future generations were not hardened by simply surviving. After these wars it was a volunteer army and the population didnt have to participate , nor did they have to do without because of the needs of the army (rationing).

Its like the war is over, let's party. The party hasn't stopped.

4 days ago