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You getting rain? Ive got almost 7 inches last few days.
17 hours ago
Blueberries need acidic soil. If you don't have that you will be in trouble. Every suggestion i have seen suggested  (using stuff like pine needles to acidify the soil) seems to have been debunked.

I have them in large containers with peat moss. But if i run out of rainwater and have to use my alkaline well water, they die. I finally have enough rainwater storage to be successful.  I hope...
2 days ago
A foodsaver vac sealer has an optional attachment to suck air out of mason jars.

You put the lid on the jar (no band,) put the vac attachment over the lid, plug the lid into the foodsaver and hit the vac/seal button.

Remove the attachment and screw your band on.
2 days ago
Something i did recently because of hurricane harvey. I am canning dry goods-rice, cream of wheat, grits, oatmeal in serving size Mason jars and vacuum sealing them. I keep them at my beach shack at the coast.

They are premeasured to how we eat them (1 cup rice, 3/4 cup cream of wheat, etc). It really helps with coastal moisture.

Along with that i can finally unplug the refrigerator there, which is wasteful. Canned deer chili. Chunked canned lamb. New stuff added as i harvest. One meal may be combining cooked rice with canned lamb and canned carrots. Instant homemade stew. Works well.
2 days ago
My concern is not the hole, its the post bending. The full weight of the gate is gonna try to bend the post toward the gate until the end of the gate is setting on the ground.

Here's another option. A header over the 2 posts.
2 days ago
I doubt i will fully see the bounty of my project due to my age. I may never see a pecan from my trees. But i keep going in hopes that the bounty i create will stop a housing subdivision from going into my small acreage.

Even at that, i can still take a step back and look at year to year rather than day to day. This patience has probably saved some mistakes.

Keep it going! 
2 days ago
2 posts per gate. The second post stabilizes the first

3 days ago
I see trees in very bad conditions that are still growing. Like a road that splits away to keep from cutting a tree. Or trees planted in a circle that is surrounded by concrete sidewalks in a downtown setting. Or fanatic homeowners that rake up all the leaves yearly from their trees.

These are the observations i have made to determine that moderate harvest of the forest floor is not a problem. Moderation being the key word. 

3 days ago
Its gonna be a separate stamp, so a separate file.
I can burn it under the logo or to right of logo depending on size of leather.

So just RANCH spelled out. Total width should be same width as logo or slightly longer. Same font as W and D

Did mooseage come thru? It didnt seem to go through from my end.
3 days ago
Looks good. Make another that just says RANCH that is same width as card, in same font as W and D and call it done. Thanks. Ill pm about payment.
3 days ago