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I ordered from hancock seed.
1 week ago
It seemed to be a flop but i jumped the gun. Zach Weiss had said spend a year getting plants established before adding fish, etc. When i called to inquire about crawdads and found out that was the last week they were shipping, i went for it.

I ordered 10 pounds of rice seed. Its coming tomorrow. If i can get it established i will try it again
1 week ago
I had a pleasant trip to a picked over grocery store. Picture our ancestors going to the store to find out peaches are now in season. What joy!

The only difference is finding those treasures in stock vs in season. Coming out with a nice surprise you didn't walk in to get.

I got fresh strawberries to put in my homemade yogurt. The most exciting was 2 cans of maraschino cherries in a glass jar. Something i haven't eaten in a long time because we focus on eating what we produce. I splurged and brought them home. How exciting!
2 weeks ago
Zach, owner of Elemental Ecosystems  released the trailer for his documentary titled Elemental Change.

Wow. Can't wait. Seems to be professionally made.

Jennifer, i think your idea on the first post of adding 4" of compost every year and nothing else is an excellent idea. If you havent watched charlea dowding on youtube, you might enjoy it. I watched one today where he built a new bed by adding 4" of compost, then covered it for 3 months with a wool rug. No tilling, no carboard, no nothing. He flipped over the carpet and it was full of worms.

As stated, once that organic matter is added, worm castings will happen on their own. Everything will happen. Its good stuff.

James mentioned SEA-90. I can see a benefit from that and it is a worthwhile purchase every couple of years. It has every mineral known to man. I am able to get seawater from the coast so i dont have to purchase it.
2 weeks ago
I ordered 10 pounds of rice seed to throw into the ponds. May try crawdads again if i can get the rice to grow. Last attempt was last minute, crazy,  gotta hurry kind of thing.

Pond is full and slowly overflowing.

Iris I planted around pond is starting to bloom. Tyler, does the flower color look right for yours? I had 2 different batches that were planted. I think these are yours.

2 weeks ago
Bravo! What are you doing with the acreage.
2 weeks ago
In general it looks like i beat the rain and things are thriving. I went to tie tomato plants to their stakes and i have actual tomatos on the vine. I've never had them on the vine while i am harvesting asparagus. That is super super early. Potatos are up 4 to 6 inches.
2 weeks ago
I think this is awesome. I am doing this on a much smaller scale. One thing that came to my mind is longevity of trees and their growth rate. In my climate, pecans are the main nut tree. Their slow growth allows me to grow peaches between them. At the point they get shaded out they will probably be past prime but is a good smoking wood. Also, the peaches will give me a harvest as i wait a decade for pecans.

Besides the trees, i am blitzing the "in betweens" with every shrub, herb, perrenial, nitrogen fixer i can get my hands on. Where the soil is thin and rocky i am planting lavender and native persimmons. I will know what wants to be there and what doesn't. The evolution of what it will become is exciting as it may be different than my vision.
2 weeks ago
I have a wicking bed with lava rock. I have seen no adverse effects. In fact, it grew the biggest yellow squash and zuchini i have ever grown. Easily twice as big as ones i planted in the ground. It was my first use of a wicking bed and i am a believer
2 weeks ago