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I tried to clear the extra votes on asparagus. Each time i tried it said an error occured.
1 day ago
Lots of good info. I'd like to address your mack sized brush mounds. Not sure if you have a tractor.  My place had several mounds of cedar(juniper). The stuff that don't rot, that people burn, yada yada.

I found it to be a great source of mulch. I did this by pushing the mound with a tractor about 10ft. A year later,  do it again. Everytime you move it, considering you gave time for the stuff at ground level to start decomposing , it will leave mulch layer behind.

I also did this with a hugelbed i started but abandoned. I was putting whatever i had in front of it (deer or chicken carcasses, fish guts, etc). I would then push the whole hugel mound over it to bury it. Evertime i had something new to bury i would repeat it. I was careful to leave about 4" of old hugel material behind when i pushed it. Once again, it started this trail of good soil everytime i pushed it over.
1 day ago
That was confusing. It asked how many votes i wanted to cast, i said 4 for 4 different veggies, all 4 went to asparagus. I'll know better next time.

Asparagus for the plant once and you're done for 50 years. Thats permies 101.

Cabbage for saurkraut, something that can be stored.

Tomatos.  Been taking excess tomatos and making tomato soup for the wife. No reason to let excess spoil. So many ways to use it.

Potatos cuz they can feed a lot of people.

Last was sweet potato. Because its a tradition at the Thanksgiving table and i can grow them for that.
2 days ago

A gardener can make that resource flourish by tending to it. This may or may not be the case in big picture improvements. Seedlings trees can die when noone waters them. Seedballs may not sprout when noone waters them. The gardener has the advantage of being there 2 weeks, a month, and a year later. This might be climate based. My climate dictates the above happening.

Using it is better than not using it as the other option may be the landfill. A permie gardener will not only use it but make it thrive. A bounty will ensue that will provide herbicide, pesticide, chemical free food for himself, his friends, and others. Its hard to find fault in that.

2 days ago
A buddy just bought some acreage. The Finance company's inspection dictated the trash be removed before closing. It was so little that it seemed pointless. He had to send pics from similar angles showing it's gone. If it's a condition of finance, and most potential buyers would need to finance, I'd put the burden on the seller. Unless its a super super deal.

Tires are not so simple. At least not in texas. Easiest disposal is to a tire company and pay their disposal fee of $2 to $4 a tire. Dumps won't allow them unless they are quartered.
3 days ago
Here's the latest batch showing progress,  they were all full. I'll start condensing them soon. The ones that look gold is rusty muck on botton outside of the glass jars. I'll clean them off when i condense.
3 days ago
Update. I had 2 gallons of the original batch left. As it evaporated i kept pouring from one to keep the other one full. The smaller quantity popped its crystals to slightly more than 1/4 cup. One more to collect for the full batch to get done. So far its 1_1/3 cup plus 1/4 cup.

I have another batch going. 50 quarts.  Id say water levels are about half gone with that batch. This one is in all glass. No stainless. Should be very clean.

Not sure if i mentioned it, but i did add black granite slab to bottom. 19" x 48" x 3/4" thick. It covers the entire bottom except a few inches where the drain is.

I still have dreams of converting this to collect distilled water but other projects are priority right now.
5 days ago

Thanks.  Its amazing how many "new to me" fruit trees there are. Every year i think I've planted the last type, then something new comes along. I'll give it a try. This past year was jujube and paw paw. Thought i was done. Lol
5 days ago
Anyone have growing info for this tree? As well as uses for the fruit. I read what i could from the internet and found little/no info on where it grows.

I was intrigued by the november fruit. It reminds me of persimmons. Except for the rotting nature of medlars.

I am debating on whether to plant some trees in 8a Central Tx or add more persimmons instead.

Any real life comparisons would be appreciated.
5 days ago