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many thanks for the explanation, now you've given me some new things to study!
2 years ago
Steam engines were a superb technological advance at the time, but with what we know today the combustion was not very efficient. How about designing a steam engine with a rocket stove replacing the coal fire?
2 years ago
Tour of 12 RMH and the sugar free recipes
2 years ago

Burra Maluca wrote:

John Copinger wrote:I tired to buy one of these and they say they can't deliver to Portugal, how did you do it?

He made a special exception for me. Be warned, I ended up doing battle with customs and the police for nearly three months and paying nearly €40 in fees. It might not be so bad now they know that it's really a garden tool though. I had a problem because none of the photos I could find showed the concavity of the blade. I made sure to take one with potting compost in the 'scoop' to show that it really is for digging and shoveling stuff.

If you do get one sent, be sure to have proof of purchase and value, photo ID, fiscal number, and a great long form to fill in about why you need it. And fill it all in promptly because after thirty days they start charging you for storage. It was such a farce it was actually funny. In hindsight, I don't regret a moment, or a cent, but I think it only fair to warn you in advance what's likely to happen.

Many thanks Burra for the info. I allready have difficulty receiving things ordered on the the internet, they can.t find my quinta!
4 years ago

Burra Maluca wrote:Finally, after an epic battle with the Portuguese customs and weapon controls, it's here!

Beautiful piece of kit, really solid and sturdy, I think even I couldn't break this one. I'm off to put it though its paces. I may be some time...

I tired to buy one of these and they say they can't deliver to Portugal, how did you do it?
4 years ago
Adrien, it works! Many thanks.
John I've just discovered that it's putting them in the trash! How can I stop that?
I didn't receive Part two! and I don't receive the dailyish any more.

Patrick Freeburger wrote:Fellow Permies,

I am looking for 50 Permies to help me promote my Hori Hori Garden Knife. The Hori Hori Garden Knife is perfect for any Master Gardener, Permaculturist, or Horticulturist. Great for planting, digging, weeding, harvesting and looks great too! It's also a great gift for any gardener in your life. Besides being a great tool, I removed all but a sliver of recyclable plastic in the packaging and the handle is made out FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified hardwood that is verified at sustainably harvested. I am taking Paul's advice and instead of getting mad at the bad guys, I hope to force my competitors to emulate my product. If my Amazon business takes off, I'll be able to spend a lot more time working my homestead.

In exchange for this huge discount, I am asking that you write a (fair & honest) review of the product on the Amazon website. That's it. As a bonus, when I get 50 permie reviews I will send Paul 8 Hori Hori Knives FREE - one for each Ant.

Here is how it works:
- Email me at Patrick AT (Please don't PM or post on thread - too confusing for me)
- I will email you back a unique one-time code
- You go to to buy the knife and enter the code at checkout (If you have Prime - shipping if free otherwise it's ~$5 for US shipping, still a great deal)
- After you get the knife, please post a review on your thoughts quickly - within 1-2 days (you can always go back and edit your review later)
- Please tell me you've posted the review
- Note: I will (politely) pester you until you tell me you have posted the review
- I ask that you don't resell the knife on the internet - Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.
- Only one 50% off coupon per person (I can give you another discount if you want to buy more)
- If you have a blog, I would love if you post a link to the product.

You can check out the tool here:

Also, Burra Maluca will be posting about it here:

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, fellow Permies!


I would love to have one of these knives, I tried to buy one direct from and they told me that they can't deliver it to Portugal!Any one got any suggestions how I can buy one?
4 years ago
Thanks Peter, I well remember Bernoulli and his theorem; so would it not be a good idea to put a venturi at the beggining of the burn tunnel to give a good combustion mix?
Tim, I,ve got a very good book (in French) on mass heaters generally and they recommend exactly what you say, the venturi acting as in a simple carburettor will draw air in to the burning area, and with what Peter has said that should give better combustion. I wish I could cross the puddle and come and play with you guys!!
6 years ago