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Recent posts by Corina Graves

This book looks super exciting! Ive got 5 to 6 acres of my 20 commented to woodland, this looks like a great to to get some more productivity from it... as a young and not well fundded permaculturalist I and all of our farm animals would greatly appreciate book!
4 years ago
Ive had my farm for 20 years, 10 of which it has had horses on it... The number has varied from 5 to 2 on 13-15ish of my 20 acres which is located around atlanta ga. My property when purchased was covered in large granite slabs 'some large enough for substantial house foundations' MANY pine trees, Few varied oaks, box wood, clay and sand. Im proud to say after ten years of horsing here my farm has gained tremendous amounts of topsoil.
better grass
less sand
larger variety of plants around whole farm
i havent mowed a lawn in 5 years

Im also a huge proprietor of horses having a purpose. EVERYONE is happier with something to do and take pride in...
I DONT KNOW WHAT I would do with out my boys, they are like my left leg and my right hand!
Even my 35+ horse still enjoys taking me around the fence line several time a week, a task that would have to be done a foot other wise.
As for my young buck hes my right hand man that is called on for lots of things aka
dragging fence panels
Chasing loose goats
quick farm rounds
*farm marketing
many years of income from with riding lessons

I could never see my life without at least one horse in it...

wheaton talked about this idea in the beacon food forest podcast... I for one LOVE the idea and have been planing out where my next several hugle bed will be... biggest problem im having is talking my boyfriend into 12ft hugle beds!
4 years ago

Ronaldo Montoya wrote:I found mushrroms growing in the roots of a tree near a river, Do anybody know which kind of mushrooms are these?

are they hallucinogen?

Thats going to be a big ol NO, Im going to use the rule to be nice and just say dont eat em
4 years ago
As an artist as well as a permie I really love the idea of natural steps! Lots in lots of room to stack purposes and beauty... so on a small scale Im going to steal your idea!
Im wondering however if there will be a problem with staking too high in this manner, might be unstable?
Thanks for the ideas!
4 years ago

Mike Cornwell wrote:We went with Kencove's net fencing ourselves and a solar setup. It really wasn't expensive, except for the battery. I bought like a 250+ amp hour battery, which is probably way overkill for our fence, but I tell you what it could run it for like a month with no sun.

I put our baby kids out in the fenced area at 1-2 weeks old. The fence wasn't screaming hot, probably around 5k, and when the little guys would come over to nibble on the fence, they got it. I'll never have issues again. My mama goats could careless. But I'll state up front that I have boer goats rather than dairy goats like Nigerians. From what I've seen, read and heard, they seem QUITE a bit more of a pain in the ass to fence and are much more energetic. I seem to imagine them being like my 3 week - 5 week old kids, except always. The two mama goats just lay in the sun all day.

The big thing regarding electric fencing is definitely the grounding. We had a period or two in the last 6 months where we didn't get any rain for a month, and you could REALLY tell the difference in the amount of conductiveness in the soil, not to mention the ground (we have clay) was so unbelievably difficult to get the stakes in the ground, i had to jump up and down as hard as I could (as a 160 pound male).

Thanks for the advice everyone!I ended up going with the kencove bc of their spheal on pos/neg net for shitty terrain. Boxes arrived last night, setting up in a min! Heres to my goating success!
thanks alot yall
I think Im follow this wall on instagram? Wonderful structure dear!
4 years ago
I'm planing on using my horse and I as a walking farm billboard for fresh produce once Ive got boat loads coming in I have ridden my horse through many of our local fast food drive throughs and once was able to hitch next to our grocery store Many years back... BUT sadly it is actually illegal in most us states to ride your on the road or to hitch... Total bull shit if you ask me! as a horse trainer and a equine sports massage therapist I can't even begin to explain how happy it would make me for people to go back to old ways of the noble horse.
4 years ago
Hey y'all it's my first permies post! I have embarked on the wonderful journey of turning my family (horse) farm into a closed loop perm farm. Things are going great! Happy horses plants chickens n goats... Well maybe my goats are a little TOO spry thus my dilemma.
I was really trying to stay away from electric fence, but I just don't see another viable option anymore since my goats seem to wait until I'm out to run errands to go exploring, not giving a damn what my border collie has to say about it. SO what to use what to use? Lemme give you what I'm working with.
*20 acres
*3 in boxwood
3 in mature woods
2 goats now- hoping to get up to 4ish
30 chickens

My other half and I have been busting our asses stinging runs for the goats put of field wire every 4 days or so and it's just not viable, I'm worried about the coveted ecletronet fencing since as I mentioned I'm dealing with HEAVY ground and brush cover. I'd really prefer a solar charger.... And alive to a long time farm girl but first to electric fence owner would be SO appreciated
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