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Recent posts by Rj Howell

From what I've been reading 'Code Blue' Oyster mushroom will fruit as low as 35F.  I can maintain 45F easy.. Are there ay other choices?

From that, If I maintain 45F.. Will they survive all the way the growth process?

I'm thinking bag and timer light to simulate daylight.
2 years ago

Tannim Kyraxx wrote:

Annah Isenberg wrote:I don't know much about mushrooms, but I read this article recently: http://www.treehugger.com/corporate-responsibility/growing-oyster-mushrooms-in-coffee-grounds.html

I want to do this, but I would have to put them in my sun room or outside so they would get enough light since my house is sort of dark. Would it be too cold for them, or does it not matter?

they really don't need much light at all they just use the light to tell em which way is up

How do they taste? Comparatively...  Never had them.
2 years ago

Anne Miller wrote:This is something I did years ago, maybe before the name hydroponic was familiar.  If it was hydroponic I did not know that was what I was doing.  I have been wanting to try it again ... sometime.

The Kratky Method is a hydroponic growing technique developed by B.A. Kratky at the University of Hawaii. This method is unlike other hydroponic techniques

This might be of interest:


The Krakty is a start of what I'm thinking of moving towards. A passive system that needs little attention and produces. To be honest, I'm thinking hybrid. I'll post more as I proceed if there's interest.
Is there a hydroponic thread here? I've yet to find it..

For nutrients, do you folks have a site you work with?

I can work with a 'cut-down', yet need a base to work from.
I read about this Krakty Method of hydroponics that's just too simple not to try.

My biggest question to date is where to find the 'correct' nutrient levels by plant (i.e. Herb or veggie)?

I found a site that gives ppm level by 'N' (nitrogen I figure),but not for any other...

You folks have one you can recommend to me?

Bryant RedHawk wrote:It looks like you nailed the problem, too much nitrogen for hydro growing of garlic.

So, my though is to remove 2/3rd's the solution and fill back with water. Assuming I'm not to late to do so..
Here's a pic of the soil experiment. All were started at the same time.

I have two indoor experiments happening with my garlic. This one is hydroponic (kratky method) and the there in soil.

Soil version is going great!
The hydroponic started off nicely, yet this is happening now. Nutrients started as 10-10-10 in the hydro test, 30-8-6 in the soil (just learned the mix).
I did up the Nitrogen to match the soil experiment and may have over done it..

I know this has been spoken of several times, and I've read several posts.. But...

I've decided if I do, this is what. Now is the choice good?

I live in New Hampshire and deal with weather. Have 3 acres of land, so space to work in something.
We do have Fox around, so have to be penned.

Reality time please!

Not a newbie to raising live stock, just not going to deal with 'Free-range'.

Best of the best ideas of pens, food, dealing with climate and predators.
3 years ago