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Thank you both for your replies! Our sheep are fine so perhaps there was something they were needing even if the plant is in fact toxic.
Each year we've been working on identifying more of the plants on our property and this year we decided to figure out what one was that we thought was possibly a different type of milkweed. We've figured out that it is one of the Apocynums. Not sure yet if it's Apocynum cannabinum or Apocynum androsaemifolium (Spreading Dogbane). Everything I've found online so far mentions toxicity to livestock but without any real detail or explanation. We noticed our sheep love it, and will go for it first when we move them to a new paddock with a variety of plants in it. Can anyone shed some light on the toxicity issue? We generally trust our animals to eat what they should and avoid the rest since we move them at least once a week and have large paddocks and few animals. I'm wondering if it's possible the sheep have it wrong this time? Thanks for any insight!
What has worked for us is a perimeter fence that keeps our LGDs in, and they keep the deer out. It is about 4' woven wire with an electrified high tensile strand on top and near the bottom inside. We have neighbors that encourage deer to hang around and we have seen groups as big as 40-50 deer.
1 month ago
I'm sorry I don't have time to read all the replies right this moment (outside is calling us to come back quickly) but this post really spoke to me when I saw it on the daily-ish! I didn't know that I dreamed of farming until we started down the path. My husband and I lived in NYC and grew herbs in a skylight and composted with worms in our 40 sq ft kitchen, then moved to an urban lot just outside the city when our oldest child was a toddler. We turned 50x100 foot lot with basically nothing but lawn to a nearly year-round food forest. We sold our house and bought an old RV and 8 acres. My husband didn't quit his job but started telecommuting and has reduced his hours as he has become more open to the farm and more involved each year. It has been hard but I wouldn't go back for anything! I'd be happy to talk to you if you'd like to.
4 months ago
The mulberry tree put out a new set of leaves and seems to be doing okay. We found more tent caterpillars on a quince and caught it earlier this time...
11 months ago
We watched more and talked to a neighbor who is a botanist and nature observer and he agreed they are/were tent caterpillars. We had seen the mature moths last year in area parks but I had read that they start their tents at the branch crotches and these all started on the tips. Our neighbor said he had only ever seen them on redbuds in the area before but we also noticed them on a very large mulberry tree in town. We knocked them all down to the ground and will keep checking the area. They were trying to move to our nearby bee balm and our rose that makes the best hips. Seems like they would eat anything they can reach! Yikes!
1 year ago
My son has interacted with them more than I have and he thinks they are as strong as a hair. I will follow your link and try to learn more. Thank you!
1 year ago

r ranson wrote:Do you know what type of silkworms these are?

I don’t know. This is the first time we’ve seen them. Here’s a couple closer photos if that helps?
1 year ago
Thank you. That makes a lot of sense. Any idea if we can move them from our cultivar to one of the "wild" mulberry trees in the area? There are a lot around us...
1 year ago
We’ve been watching silkworms developing with fascination but today my thoughts turned to concern for our small tree as the worms are taking over more and more branches and eating every leaf until it’s gone. Will it continue until there’s none left? Will the tree survive?
1 year ago