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since Jun 26, 2014
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We watched more and talked to a neighbor who is a botanist and nature observer and he agreed they are/were tent caterpillars. We had seen the mature moths last year in area parks but I had read that they start their tents at the branch crotches and these all started on the tips. Our neighbor said he had only ever seen them on redbuds in the area before but we also noticed them on a very large mulberry tree in town. We knocked them all down to the ground and will keep checking the area. They were trying to move to our nearby bee balm and our rose that makes the best hips. Seems like they would eat anything they can reach! Yikes!
1 week ago
My son has interacted with them more than I have and he thinks they are as strong as a hair. I will follow your link and try to learn more. Thank you!
2 weeks ago

r ranson wrote:Do you know what type of silkworms these are?

I don’t know. This is the first time we’ve seen them. Here’s a couple closer photos if that helps?
2 weeks ago
Thank you. That makes a lot of sense. Any idea if we can move them from our cultivar to one of the "wild" mulberry trees in the area? There are a lot around us...
2 weeks ago
We’ve been watching silkworms developing with fascination but today my thoughts turned to concern for our small tree as the worms are taking over more and more branches and eating every leaf until it’s gone. Will it continue until there’s none left? Will the tree survive?
2 weeks ago
When my oldest child was a baby I read Peter Gray’s book “Free to Learn” which exposed me to the idea that babies and children naturally gravitate toward the tools they think are important in their culture and that hunter gatherer type cultures allow children access to all tools and supervise rather than teach. I may not be quoting him quite right since it’s been many years but this is the appproach we take with our kids and the older two knew how to use a knife with skill by age 2. Our 7 year old built us a deck for outside our RV stairs after watching carpenters building our house and collecting scraps from the house. He’s also built signs, a shed and repaired pallets etc. No teaching necessary! We just give them role models, access to the tools and supervise early on but don’t teach. I love it because they are figuring out so much on their own and coming up with ideas I may not have.
3 months ago
I’ve found plenty of online reading regarding introducing a new LGD but what about introducing a new cow? We have two adult LGDs that have thus far only protected chickens and ducks. We will be getting a cow soon. Any advice on smooth introductions? Thanks!
4 months ago
We started out with all organic cotton and wool fabrics, wood toys etc. 7 years and three little ones later, the plastic has definitely crept in. We try to make sure things are second hand whenever possible and I have asked grandparents to give gifts that they can do with the kids rather than stuff for them to play with. The kids mostly would rather be outside playing with mud and rocks and the animals anyway.

I often layer wool pads under the baby (for eg in a car seat) and we use wool diaper covers instead of PUL. They aren't waterproof but we use elimination communication so if there's a wet diaper it is on long enough to soak through.

I was really down about this myself for a while, since it seems like everyone wants to gift colorful plastic things at every birth(day), holiday etc. I've tried to let go a little bit and look at the positives. For eg, my 7 year old makes amazing Lego creations from his imagination. And we make frequent trips to Goodwill.
11 months ago
Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to share. I hope it's okay. We've been transitioning from our home in the NYC area to our farm in WV and we're ready to sell our house in NY. It comes with a somewhat mature food forest. If you know anyone who might be interested, would you please share?

The website for the house is

I also listed it on Zillow. The address is 348 Eighth Ave, Pelham, NY 10803.

I also have a slideshow of our garden here on the forums at
11 months ago
Wow, there are a lot of channels on here that I have not yet seen. Lots to explore!

Our favorites are Art and Bri and Weed 'em and Reap.

My family just started a channel too. Better with Thyme We had a small permaculture garden in the NYC area and bought 8 acres in WV. We have been raising chickens and ducks on the land and have 2 LGD puppies. We finally got a building permit about a week ago and so we're starting to get more things going. We're really looking forward to capturing how we implement our permaculture ideas on our land.