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Tim Cooke

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since Jun 30, 2014
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Northern Ireland
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Recent posts by Tim Cooke

Oh I don't think this warrants deletion. There's nothing wrong with asking the question and someone else may benefit from the answer at a later date.

Glad to be of help.
Posts you started yourself do not show up in the 'Zero Replies' list.

If you were to logout then you'd see it there.
Hi Paul and Jocelyn, I just wanted to drop by and wish you well. I hope you have a speedy recovery Paul.

All the best,
3 years ago

allen lumley wrote:Were you aware of the new Forum that put Ireland and England together !

I was not, but now I am. Thanks.
3 years ago
It was dear enough at ~£90 (about £15 of that was postage) but I'm positive you can get it cheaper.
3 years ago
"Coooooooooool" it certainly is.

I got mine from Amazon marketplace from a company in Germany. I struggled to find many options here in the UK, hence Germany. I've seen them listed as a 'wood splitter' and a 'kindling splitter'.
3 years ago
Another permies member has one of these and demonstrated it to me last summer, it's brilliant. I bought myself one shortly after and love it still.

3 years ago
When you log in here did you remember to tick the "Log me on automatically each visit" checkbox?
Thanks for the info. Appreciated.

3 years ago
Palm. That's good to know, thanks Dale. I'll keep an eye out for some of those.

From my limited research I have determined that paraffin wax is the big baddie of the candle world. In my local stores I've seen some candles made from Soy Wax and Beeswax, are they any better?
3 years ago