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Sorry for the delay in replies. Been working some long days lately (I'm a machinist at a VERY busy aerospace shop).
The intent of my layout is 99% for self reliance. There is always that 1% that thinks it would be cool to have an income in selling fresh, natural, veggies and fruit, but it's not the motivation for wanting to do what I am. Long and short? Hobby, cool factor to eat fruits and veggies grown on my own land, can/freeze/dehydrate whatever will accept that treatment, etc.

Sorry, I don't have a map with contour lines
4 years ago
Yes, they are. On the left side of my property, my land actually goes back about 75-100 feet and those trees are a mix of pines, locust, and assorted softwoods. On the back side of the property, I've got about 50 feet to my neighbors land and it's all oak and pine, some very old pine and some young oak (10-15 y/o). The right side of my property abuts a road and that is MOSTLY junk softwood trees, one or 2 conifers and a whole load of wild grape, which I am trying to slowly knockback

As you can see, my driveway goes through someone else land (the property used to be 10+ acres, realtor bought it and subdivided it)
Very back of the property is very sandy (5-6 sandpits within a couple miles of me), grass grows VERY slowly and there is a dirtbike track that runs the perimeter of the property (my kids have a KLX110).

Also on the property, in the SW side (inline with the house) is a 8' x 8' chicken coop with a 50'x50 electro-net run which we move around a bit as needed to provide the egg layers with fresh greens as available.
4 years ago
I am quite familiar with Ben Falk and his work. I actually got to listen to him speak at the Common Ground Fair that is held in Maine every year. Quite a remarkable source of information.

While I would be ecstatic to have someone of his caliber design my land, I have a suspicion he would be well outside of my budget. Kinda like getting the guy who designed the Empire State building to draw you up plans for a chicken coop....

I could be wrong and if someone could correct me, I'd be more than happy
4 years ago
Hey all,
I am looking for a somewhat experienced permaculture designer in the New England area to assist me in in designing my property. I live in Central/Southern Maine on 2.7 acres. Budget for the project is limited to reasonable amounts over a long period of time, rather than all at once. I understand a site design takes time and will cost some, and I will gladly pay what is needed. I'd rather have the design done properly then later on down the road regret where I planted such and such a tree.

I've attached a couple photos of my backyard. These were taken at 11:30 in the morning to give you an indication of what I have to work with. We are on public water, even though there is a well on the property. According to the town, the water is not safe to drink, there was some illegal dumping that contaminated the water table many decades ago. I've not had it tested.

The front yard is largely shaded with (1) 100 y/o maple tree, several conifers, couple younger maples. Most, if not all, of the family recreation takes place there (above ground pool, swing set, frisbee, etc)

Looking to plant many fruit trees, hazelnuts, blueberry bushes, standard perennial food production. Currently, smack dab in the middle of the yard are several raised beds for my annuals, which some can be moved if needed (granted, it's a bit of work, but whatever)
There are also (2) 4 y/o apple trees in the back corner.

Hit me up with a PM and we can take it from there.
Thanks for looking!

4 years ago was on my computer. No idea where I picked it up, as I'm rather careful about where I go. Our IT guy just did a bunch of stuff, deleted caches reset a bunch of stuff and now it looks like it should
I am on my work laptop And NO, I DO NOT frequent any NSFW content, at home, or at work. Period.
Format is screwy, screen cap from an ISIS video everywhere.........
We moved into our home in Central Maine about 3 years ago and it serves us well. We have plenty of room, with the front yard having nice shade due to some 150 y/o Maple Trees (the house was built in 1852, so I'm pretty certain about the age of the trees) and the backyard having full sun. Anyways.....

In my front yard, there is this nice berry/fruit true. Every spring, it flowers out like this:

Right now, it has small fruit/berries that look like this:

Here is the tree currently:

Any ideas what it could be? It's in pretty much the only spot in the front yard that sees a large amount of sun, and I'm hoping it's something that is edible/benificial.

Not really looking to chop it down and replace it at the moment, but if it's an edible than I will start taking care of it; pruning, spraying, etc

Thanks for looking!
5 years ago