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Recent posts by Nikki Roche

My family has had various sprains, pulled muscles, aches and pains this past month. I made rosemary oil to massage on some of these areas. I used fractionated coconut oil and dried rosemary from my garden.
Last of the "incorporate 3 homegrown gentle, medicinal herbs into food that aren't normally used as food." I made elderflower syrup with equal parts sugar and water, part of a vanilla pod, and a few handfuls of fresh elderflowers. We used the syrup as the sweetener in muffins and drizzled over waffles. The flavor is mildly floral, and I can't say the flavor was noticed in the muffins. However, it was delicious over the waffles.
There is a Natural Medicine BB about helping with a sprain. However, I hurt my own ankle, and Quinn BB's cannot be submitted for yourself. So I'm trying herbs on myself to see what helps before I use them on someone else. And honestly, I don't know the difference between a sprain and other injuries, so I may be incorrectly calling this a sprain. I just know it hurt, and now it doesn't.

I hurt my ankle while avoiding an aggressive dog. My concern was about the dog, not in how I was stepping, so I stepped wrong. My ankle throbbed, and pain shot down my foot and up my calf if I tried to bend my ankle. It quickly swelled. I elevated my foot and covered it with a cold compress of apple cider vinegar, alternated with a warm comfrey leaf poultice. I walked/hobbled short distances occasionally to prevent stiffness. The swelling was still there on the second day, but I was able to hobble around and put some weight on it as long as I walked flat-footed. I continued to elevate and use the apple cider vinegar compress. I also used a bit of infused rosemary oil above my ankle, as other areas were hurting from walking differently.

By day 3, swelling had begun to decrease but not quite disappear, and I could bend my ankle with only mild discomfort. No over-the-counter pain meds nor anti-inflammatories needed through it all.
That's a quick turnaround! I think it took about 3 YEARS before my first drop arrived. Good luck with pacing yourself!

Nikki Roche wrote:
A lot of spring growth are at their peak in my area, so my April goal is to make use of them. Chickweed, plantain leaves, dandelions, usnea, pine pollen, etc. As long as I remember to take photos, I'll upload some for PEP Natural Medicine.

I didn't realize we were nearly at the end of April until this post popped up again. I missed most of chickweed season, but plantain looks great and I'm still using it. I harvested a small amount of pine pollen and made dandelion flower sugar cookies. I got one Natural Medicine BB uploaded and am waiting for a couple of things to finish infusing so I can get photos. Considering my household had the flu for nearly all of April, I'm happy with my progress.
4 weeks ago
I air-dried my lavender flowers by laying them in a single layer under a ceiling fan.
1 month ago
Hi, Tamara!
Lemon balm is one of my favorite herbs in my garden. I hope it grows well for you!
I dabble with herbs and food as medicine, continually learning what I need to for my family. I do very little with essential oils, but those reasonings can be a controversial topic. Herbs as tinctures, teas, oils, vinegars, and food is more my style.
1 month ago
Ha, I need a salad dressing for idiots thread. I grew up eating salads with no dressing, but company is not impressed when being served a naked salad!

I'll try to remember to come back and look for it if no one beats me to it, but if I recall correctly, there are a number of creative salads on the PEP forage badge. The BB about eating a dish with at least a cup of foraged foods.
Ha, good points, Rachel. A long-term permaculture goal is what I'm working toward with my land, but it's overwhelmed me in the short-term. Too many things that I *could* do right now.

The weather has been warming up recently, weeds are sprouting, and I'm taking a hard look at what I think I can actually do this year. I've decided my priority is food that grows with neglect. Even if it's not food that we'll eat or preserve this year, if it requires little effort from me, it grows. The garden won't have to look nice and neat, much to my husband's dismay. I have lots of seeds that I've saved for "special spots" or when I improve the soil in different areas. It's time for me to throw some seeds on the ground and see what flourishes rather than waiting for the "right" time.
I have a couple of rain barrels to catch runoff from the roof. I use it for irrigating the garden, growing seedlings, and providing water for my daughter's outdoor mud kitchen.
1 month ago
"Air you can wear" made me laugh! It's an apt description of the humidity.

We have:
Spring, even though the calendar claims it's winter
False summer
The rest of spring
The real summer

A post has been circulating social media that says, "If it gets cold one more time, I'm putting my Christmas tree back up." Yet the weather does it to us every year. It gets to 80F degrees  for a bit in February and then temps get below freezing again n March.
1 month ago