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Others sources have told me that this is Spiraea. I believe my pic is Spiraea japonica, of some type.
2 years ago
Taken in May in Central US.
2 years ago
Wow! Thank you all so much for your awesomeness. A few things to consider…

#1 This one has been a total pain in my butt! I am pretty sure it is not prickly lettuce as the leaves are smaller and flowers are not yellow and have 9 petals. The flowers are very similar to False Garlic, but with 3 more petals. I will check out the seeds and gather more info.

#6. We have Ipomea pandurate in the bottom of the property and these flowers are much smaller,. There are only maybe ½” across. Certainly the same family, but I’m pretty sure what is pictured is not Ipomea pandurate. I’ll attach a picture for comparison.

#7 is, in fact, a close up of one flower on a spike. I think it may be Solidago petiolaris. Woodland Goldenrod, but I am not positive.

#9 Mitch, my first thought was also Ironweed, but the leaves look different. Both Ironweed and Joe Pye Weed have thinner leaves from my experience. The calyx also seems to be different. I will check the stem to see if it is hollow or not next time I go out there. More info seems to be in order.

#10 I am not sure that the leaves have the coarse teeth along the leaf margins like Late Boneset does. Maybe could be Tall Boneset, Eupatorium altissimum? I need to get another pic to see how many prominent veins there are along the length of the blades. 3 would be tall, while 1 would be late.

I think we've got the others licked. 
5 years ago
here ya go Leila!

5 years ago

Rose Pinder wrote:#3 looks like willow weed, whatever your local Persicaria spp is.

Thank you Rose! According to my field guide we have 18 species of that genus in the Ozarks. Some type of "smartweed." Thanks for your help!
5 years ago

Joylynn Hardesty wrote:#10
Eupatorium serotinum Late Boneset

I thought it might be Boneset of some sort. Thanks Joylynn!
5 years ago

leila hamaya wrote:ooo i think i found it ======>>>

Abutilon theophrasti

or at least much closer, maybe??

or other related plant :

Abutilon indicum

Whammo! Nice Leila! It cracks me up when an article lists a plant as both "invasive/damaging" AND Edible. lol Apparently the leaves can be eaten. I find this is the case with many so called weeds.
5 years ago

leila hamaya wrote:wowie that is an extravaganza...

actually i am stumped or unsure on many, but this is what i got for you -

#1 looks a lot like wild lettuce in the foilage, but not in the flower. some rare type of wild lettuce is my guess

#2 reminds me of a hibiscus, particularly the seed pod photos. so some kind of hibiscus or malva family.

#3 i dont know the name, but i recognize it by having weeded it out.

#4 i think it is sedum, that seems to be one of the more common types? pic of sedum

#6 is bindweed ish, morning glory, bindweed.

# 9 is it monarda ? some kind of bee balm, or bergamont?

Thanks Leila! #1 is definitely something in the Aster family. I think you nailed #4. My first thought on #6 was bindweed, but I couldn't find any flowers in pictures that matched exactly. Definitely Morning Glory family at least, I'd say. While #9 is similar to bee balm/bergamot, I am familiar with those. It may be related, but is something different, I think. Thanks for your help!
5 years ago