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steve eisenstein

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since Aug 03, 2014
7 acres west of west Asheville to build soil on...
Asheville, NC
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fantastic organic farm food fruit forest full of tropical exotic fruits including cacao, araza, jackfruit and dozens more.
rental cabins and lodge house
water everywhere, all services including wifi
awesome soil, delicious air, wonderful water.
waterfall, creeks, springs, rainwater collection, pools.
need partner or buyer to operate farm, food forest, chocolate tour, cabins for rent, birding expeditions, bamboo building, organic farming, product development.

lots already done, producing farm, awesome infrastructure, fantastic opportunity.
contact me for more info
1 year ago
Thanks guys! I love building with bamboo, have done 2 other structires in Colombia using Guadua Agustifolia, this is Dendrocalamus Asper.
We began harvesting monthly for about a year before beginning construction. We dug out a 9 meter pool and dipped them for a a week at a time in mix of borax and boric acid.
We drill through and join with threaded rod.
The experior is cob on top of a layer of opened bamboo sheets (esterilla) and chicken wire stapled to that, then the cob. Mixed in a fiber I found near farm in Ecuador called ABACA, a banana type plant that is used to make fabric, canvas, and is a big export. In Colombia the typical fibre used is an agave plant called FIQUE, used for coffee sacks.
1 year ago
Bamboo is the best! This house already withstood a big earthquake and only cosmetic blemish.
1 year ago

we're looking for someone to volunteer some daily work (4+ hours) in exchange for basic accommodations and food. Wwoofer style but cooler...
we're on 7 acres very close to Asheville center, lots to do here including, but not limited to growing food, landscaping, permaculture practices, experience is a good thing...

Please call or write. Let us know what are your passions.

2 years ago
We're a family living on an old farm (35 acres mostly forest) we're trying to get going again.
Has various structures to clean out and reactivate.
Work to do: restore old apple orchard, prune, fertilize organically.
Some landscaping, planting. Fixing up barn to make more habitable. General help, maintenance work. Mow field with mower tractor.
Preferably someone with experience in farming/building/working on farm. a couple would be ideal.
You can stay in camper + 2 meals in exchange for 6 hours flexible work 5 days for remainder of warm season or beyond.
3 years ago
This place is wonderful and perfect for events and outdoor retreats. My wife Sarah and I, Steve moved to Ecuador about 3 years ago, bought this land and have been working to live off the land sustainably.
We've made chocolate from the cacao, made fruit pulps and dehydrated fruit strips from the fruit, rented cabins and had some people over. We're looking for people who do events in different places around the world to come and do an event with us on our farm.
Farm is 40 hectares (98 acres) and has 2 creeks. many spots to camp and build campsites.
There is giant bamboo ready for harvest (only during waning moon) all throughout the farm.
One of our ideas it to do a survival type retreat where the group builds campsites out of this bamboo. There is plenty of drinkable water and firewood.
Huge spaces perfect for building large campsites near river, waterfalls, pools.

Perfect place for:

Bamboo and Cob House Building Workshops
Camping Retreats far enough from civilization, very private yet accessible.
Glamorous Survival Shelter Building Workshops
Wild Food Hikes
Nude Walks and Retreats
Yoga Retreats
Natural and Organic Food and Juice Cleanse Retreats
Tantric Dance Retreats

There is large lodge house where people can come and shower, cook, get online, etc. There are a few cabins and we are finishing building a large bamboo cob house which is coming out great and is also perfect for retreats and events.

We are open to ideas of uses for the farm as we are looking to be sustainable without touching the forests or hurting any animals. We are a bird sanctuary full of beautiful birds and most of the farm is primary and secondary forest. The front of this organic farm has cacao and many other fruit trees, sugarcane, coffee, bananas, plantain, yuca, food!

you can see what we've done in the last three years here Fincalegre

Beautiful farm in Ecuador for sale or partnership. Full of Cacao, exotic fruit, Giant Bamboo, waterfalls and pools.
We've been working for 3 years rehabing the farm and planting more everything. Built a bamboo processing plant and a rack to store it. Then, built a beautiful bamboo house, all from the farm. Have been making chocolate and added value products from all the fruit here. Need help getting the products out, finding niche markets for them outside Ecuador.
check out for more info on finca.
We have also projected building an ecovillage from all the bamboo throughout the property. There are many great spots within the farm for building bamboo cabins and developing the tourism part of it.

Much love.
Steve and Sarah
Timber Timbre

5 years ago