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since Aug 09, 2014
My husband and I live as close to the land as renters can. We are getting dairy goats in the Spring. We already have chickens. Every plant we put in the ground is drought tolerant and multipurpose. They attract pollinators and are edible or medicinal. I want to raise the goats as naturally as possible and will plant accordingly. We take advantage of the wild plants for forage and deep litter.
Ellisforde, WA
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I was thinking about air layering the vines, but air layering is started in the spring. I had never thought about it for a tree! Also, this tree is several miles from here, so maybe it's feasible. I'll ask.
20 hours ago
The birch trees will be coppiced to feed goats. I was thinking about pollarding them, but I'll look into coppice as well, since they will have no taproot. This is something to think about in the future.
The apricot tree gets NO care, this is the best way I know of at the present to get a start of the parent. It might be best to start seeds from the same tree and see which performs better in the same location. I'm thinking 10 years for a good trial.
1 day ago
I was basically thinking in general. We found out we're moving, and so far I have taken 6 cuttings of birch trees. A friend has an apricot tree that I would like to take cuttings from to grow an apricot tree. The apricot tree was loaded, and the apricots have a good flavor. The tree is not watered.
2 days ago
Can someone tell me the pros and cons of grafting vs. rooted cuttings? Is the root structure weaker on a cutting? Harder to propagate?
3 days ago
Look at the way that bar is sagging in the middle. I'd be removing cast iron a piece at a time until it stopped sagging. Multiples are a good idea and rebar might look good.
1 week ago
Would anybody on here like a breeding pair of geese? I was told they were an Italian breed, but I don't know. I DO know that they are gray, and gentle. I have their parents, and these just hatched last year. They haven't been vent sexed, but I have seen them breed.

I need to find homes for them soon, as the girls will destroy each others nests if they're too close together. We don't have the space. They live with the goats year round, and eat hay in the winter, graze in the summer. PM me for more information.
5 months ago
Have you decided on a breed yet? I think it's the Jacob Sheep that browses more than most sheep. I don't know how well sheep in general eat kudzu. The extension agent might know.
5 months ago
People used to put some goats on kudzu covered ground in the spring and put them in the freezer in the Fall. You could pick up a goat and kid cheap (or 2), have a bar-b-q this fall with the kid, breed the mom, and clear some more land in the Spring.
5 months ago
See if the goat herder would like to rest them in a certain area during the heat of the day. If you offer them shade (could be from a building), and water, they'll happily rest, chew their cud, and make your terraces all at the same time.
Good idea about the pigs.
7 months ago