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since Aug 15, 2014
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Living on land for decades. At times a carpenter, retail clerk, freelance writer & editor, business-association manager. I'm a local environmental activist.
Western Canadian mtn valley, zone 6b, 750mm (30") precip
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Recent posts by Joel Bercardin

thomas rubino wrote:You got me curious Joel;   1829 ! first patented spring tape!   1868 it was improved to modern standards!   Way older than I would have guessed!  

Real interesting to learn, Tom.  So why were the wooden ones still popular for so long?  I'm thinking it could be that the early steel tapes (even into the 20th century) might have been made with some type of steel that wasn't as durable as later ones, and that the thin tapes could kink and be prone to metal fatigue and breakage.  What's desirable is a tape that has a certain stiffness for extension, but can recover from the inevitable flexing that happens occasionally in actual work situations. As we know, the development of various forms of steel for varied purposes has continued to the present time.
1 week ago
Great to find one that pristine, Dan.  Can't beat that price!  My grandfather had one that I saw.  Ahh, the nostalgia!

This thread makes me wonder when the modern, spring-loaded/retractable steel tape measure came on the market.
1 week ago
There’s already a thread concerning examples of obscure tools & equipment… but that’s pretty much devoted to items people have come into possession of.  The actual mystery item.

This is a Youtube vid, but I found it really interesting.  Decided to share…

1 week ago
Dan, I just hit the "Like" button for one of your posts, above.  I really admire your grit & spirit.

I hope you've got some kind of reasonably comfortable shop work situation at this point.

I still mildly (& silently) curse my own inconvenient situation... but I'm getting by.
2 weeks ago
Thanks for posting, Jeff.  I like how you were teaching your girl.  The vid is fun, too.

I make stuff from steel, too.  I think I'd make my broadfork a little lighter.  Any reason why you used materials that thick?  Just the stock you had laying around?
2 weeks ago

Kai Walker wrote:Had to burnish commutators too.
Undercut Mica, etc

And a mega-ohmmeter is a must in most cases.

Edit: and slip rings as well.

Used a stroboscope to check rpm's to ensure they run at the proper speed too.

A real motor-generator setup is probably the best for smooth power vs a DC generator running a static inverter.

Generally, most DIY learning & doing seems to start with the easiest stuff first.  That's what the guy was explaining in his vid.
2 weeks ago
Good points you've made, Kai.  Yeah, DIY initiative & experience are good, but there are always those things that can be next to impossible to do, given the actual extent of a person's knowledge & tools.
3 weeks ago
"Reduce, Re-use, Recycle."  Here’s something that relates to the “Re-use” aspect. It's obvious that very many tools — and pieces of equipment useful in the home, yard, or homestead — rely on electric motors.  A lot of this electric equipment gets junked needlessly.  Very often you can repair the motor.

This instructive video addresses the three most common problem points with AC and DC electric motors — the capacitor, the brushes, and bearings.  This is pretty cool stuff, and I learned things from this vid.  As the guy mentions, some of his other videos focus on related matters and certain details

3 weeks ago
Not a complaint, just an inquiry... I'm a little unaware.  And staffers, please move this post if I've posted in the wrong thread or forum.

I seem to remember that originally I was allowed to select six bumper stickers as part of my profile.  At this point (a few hundred posts & quite a few "Likes" later, and with 52 apples), I get a message that I'm still limited to six bumper stickers.  Possibly you've had to answer this sort of question to the point of true fatigue (sorry).  But WHY?  Thanks.