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Travis Johnson wrote:For those that do not know, I have cancer that is confirmed to be spreading. How far, is yet to be determined but what is debilitating now is shear fatigue. I mean debilitating! This has not always been evident in my life, but I strive for integrity...doing what i say I will, but today I let a friend down. he is in desperate need of help and wanted me to work fo him, and it seemed perfect; part time work, whatever hours I wanted, and take off for Dr appointments as needed. The pay even was not to bad. But this morning I told him no and went home.

Some days I nap 3 times a day. Today I slept half the afternoon. Its been an hour and I am ready for bed. When I do manage to do work, I get out of breath and tired after 10 minutes of "work". That is considered a good day, most days I do not even get started as any job seems overwhelming even if it is a small task. And finally, I find myself just staring off into space, not even in thought, just staring blankly...

What is wrong with me? My team of Doctors are NOT helping me get to the root problem.

Hi Travis,
I'd be one of those 'cbd proponents'  pain and depression are exhausting. the guilt that comes with so much need for sleep is also exhausting.

I had been anti-weed forever then my dr suggested it for the chronic pain and fibromyalgia.
I'd been on percoset for 20 something years, pain of 9 crushed disks. fibro after a fall down metal stairs.
CBD is extracted from buds of marijuana and takes away a huge amount with out making you high..they are now growing more strains with higher concentrations of cbd.

2nd bit of advice is to go as sugar free and reduce carbs as much as possible. cancer loves sugar.
I've been doing quasi keto for a year and it's helped lower a lot of things including inflammation and it has
let me skip afternoon naps.  

Hugs and prayers for positive changes
7 months ago
Hi Neil,

I giggle as I read through most of this with an eye to the intelligence and the honesty. I was married to an Aspie for 20 years until he found someone else while I was in university and was told I was no longer the person he wanted. sigh. Oh and I'm currently in Toronto, Ontario, Canada..need to change the location tag. lol.
Having been married that long I have some learned responses that may help. I love permaculture, he did not.
Hugs sweetie, you have this.
2 years ago