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Recent posts by Joe Oblenis a person that has lived all over Canada, and have been living from a home based woodworking shop for a decade now, this is the type of place/ community I'd love to be a part of! And  British of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Jenn Stennett wrote:I stumbled on this forum and my jaws are slathering!  Thankyou all posters for re-affirming my faith in humanity!  *laughing*  The content here is huge, so I started off by reading the mindless drivel.  

But seriously,  I am greatful to be able to post here.  Thanks moderators and maintainers.  

I have no money, I have no land, and no resources.  But I have a dream.  Live off the land.  Keep bees.  Grow mushrooms for the community and hemp for the hurd and barley for malting.  On this parcel I will have an inn.  There will be three things on the menu and micro brews, and wine aged in maple barrels I coopered myself after traveling to france and learning from some masters.  There will be cheese from the goats and cows. A bard every friday night.

On this parcel there will also be a thriving artisan collective.  Outdoor, covered workshops filled with craftsman, artisans and the like, learning and practicing their trades, like glass blowing, blacksmithing, basket weaving, glass making, clay making, baking, throwing, pounding, moulding.  There will be a vintners and brewers, and coopers.  Lace makers, weavers, wool spinners and dyers.  I'm slathering.

There will be limestone on the land and nearby we will have experimental archaeology - a castle building in medieval time.  Oh I dunno, maybe not a castle, but something of ashlar and rubble!  With stone masons and carvers teaching their trade...

I could go on... I want to go on...passive house, sashimono, hempcrete, clay, underground garden...steam meditation jungle gym replete with climing wall and giant tire geodome. Absolutely out-of-this-world playground for the kids...tree houses...sigh.  I better stop.  Tomatoes, potatoes, and NOPE.  Im stopping.

I will look to this forum to fuel my fire.  Have a great day permies!

5 years ago
Myself, I sell a variety of woodworking items from my small home-based hop in Northwestern Ontario.
Mainly kayak and canoe paddles but also hand carded spoons, hardwood cutting boards, cheese boards, wine racks etc.
6 years ago
Following this thread as I am interested in this and I lived in Kamloops for several years before heading to northwestern Ontario 7 years ago.
7 years ago

Ross Raven wrote:Thank you very much. We are jumping on this. There is still 4 ft of snow so perhaps we are not jumping to it. Maybe snowshoeing to it

Yes...snowshoes are your friend. Hmmm... I like rice
8 years ago

Ross Raven wrote:Umn! Someone said I should be here. This is a new site so it might take a while to navigate. Please forgive. Im a bit of a trouble maker. Some people like that. These are my credentials.
Quick question. Do I actually belong here? Before I immerse myself, best to talk to the local smart guys in charge. Its not the usual way people usually introduce themselves... But it sounds like a good idea to the moment. Your comment?

Yeah Ross...I think this is the right place for you!! I am fairly new here as well and it was a bit overwhelming at first. There are just so many good resources on these forums. I'm glad ythat I found it when i did and I'm glad you are in here too!

Cheers... Joe O'Blenis
8 years ago
Hey Jordo,
I am originally from Nova Scotia myself. Likely heading back in a few months.
Check this thread in relation to what you are looking for.

Cheers... Joe OBlenis
8 years ago
Hey Ross,
Good to see you posting on Permies now, I think that this a better place to help build the communtiy you are in search of as opposed to the other forums where we have chatted before.
I am looking forward to meeting you and the group this summer when I make my way back to Nova Scotia from here in northwestern Ontario. It was nice to see the post about the fellow with the metal working shop down in the Valley, that is a good thing to have access to as well.

Cheers.. Joe
8 years ago

Laura Jean Wilde wrote:Almost unlimited potential. We have just under 13 acresof developing permaculture and have a (possibly seasonal) opening for WOOFr single,couple or small family. You would be welcome even encouraged to develop market garden as well as learning hands on all of what we are doing here.
Contact us at

Hi there...just wondering if you are still looking for people as we head into 2015?

8 years ago
What an interesting thread this is. I am originally from Nova Scotia myself, Amherst. Been in northwestern Ontario nearly 7 years now and out in BC for roughly 7 years before that.
Getting more and more interested in off grid living/ permaculture all the time.
Been working from home the last several years doing some woodworking items from a two car garage and am dreaming of ways to transition into something more off grid. Moving east is certainly an option for early 2015!

Cheers... Joe O'
8 years ago

Kirk Hockin wrote:The entire island of Lasqueti is off-grid.

I recall reading about that Kirk, And I do love the islands out there. It is a very special area for me. I have twice set the record for fastest time to paddle around Vancouver Island by sea kayak by the way.
8 years ago