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For those looking at the economics of renewables vs fossil fuels on the electrical grid, Lazard does an detailed analysis every year. It's worth taking a look at to see how renewables and energy storage economics are changing and now out-competing a lot of fossil fuels.
Here's a link to the most recent reports:
1 month ago
My wife has severe allergies to grasses and trees (especially pine) and takes Zyrtec everyday but that only partially helps. Recently a specialist recommended rinsing out her sinuses when she's taking a shower. That has a helped a LOT. She typically takes a shower in the morning but if her sinuses are giving her extra trouble she takes a shower in the evening as well (using the nasal rinse both times) and that really helps her sleep better. Just look up the neti pot if you haven't heard of sinus rinses.

Hope your husband finds some relief.
3 months ago
If you're thinking of transporting the heat from an outbuilding, then you should consider using water as the transport medium. If the outbuilding is well insulated, then you could even put a storage tank out there to hold onto the heat from each firing until the house needs it.
4 months ago
Be sure you're not using ultra-pastuerized (aka ultra-heat treated UHT) milk. And the temp makes huge difference in both the texture and the time it takes to ferment. We've gotten used to the kefir changing in texture slowly over the different seasons and just always ferment for 24 hours as it's really convenient to use and restock at the same time every day.
7 months ago
I recommend taking a look at, which has a ton of content about walls, air and water vapor, insulation, etc. involved in home building. And there's a Q&A section where you can ask specific questions and usually get a lot of feedback.
11 months ago
I used a cork pad that I cut from an old wall corkboard (for pinning paper to). The cork mouse pad worked fine but it crumbled with daily use and only lasted about a year.
1 year ago
If you're looking for DIY ideas, then has TONS of ideas, plans, and monitoring data for some of the systems that were built.
1 year ago
You could theoretically do that, but you'd need to match voltage and impedance between the each power source connected to the bus bar. That's essentially what pika energy does with their DC bus.
1 year ago
I'd be concerned about the copper being corroded by direct exposure to the exhaust gases. Here's a link with resistances of copper to various chemicals: corrosion resistance doc

In particular, copper is not resistant to carbonic acid, which is formed when carbon dioxide dissolves in water (think about the condensation when starting up/shutting down the burn).
1 year ago
If there's sufficient flow, a spiral pump (aka Wirtz pump) may work:
1 year ago