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Hi Travis
I am sorry to hear about your struggle. I do have good news though that there are many things coming out about healing from even the most catastrophic cancers. I have watched numerous Teli-seminars in the last year all about healing from all forms of Metabolic syndrome I have just started to watch this one and I already know it will be packed with fabulous information just on what I have watched so far. It is free to watch each days episode and the first one is up now until 9 eastern standard time tonight when they air the second one.

It will start you on a path to not only regaining your energy but could very well save your life.

There are several other sites that I have listened to all the information that they have to offer and loved so much of them that I bought the programs. Worth every penny. I am no longer afraid of cancer in any way. I know what to do.

and https://functionalforum.com/ which has doctors teaching doctors about healing without drugs or deadly chemicals. They have videos and podcasts that let you take back your health.

I wish you the best of focus and study. May you empower yourself with information and not let the mainstream medical community tell you that changing your lifestyle and nutrition drastically won't help. (The truth is It won't help them as you won't need their very expensive poisonous  protocols)

Major thing to note. Stop ingesting ALL forms of sugar and those things that turn to sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. Go organic, investigate raw and grain free, high quality fats.  I have personal experience with turning my health around on the Ketogenic diet
Heather Hemphill
2 years ago
I read an article years ago about how Vitamin C infused cream helped skin reduce wrinkles. So I took a base cream that I had been using and added Vitamin C powder to it. I found my skin reacted if I added too much so I ended up with a ratio of 1/8th teaspoon of powdered Vitamin C to 1 tablespoon of base cream.

To my surprise when I had this cream on where ever I had applied it, I didn't burn as quickly. In fact one application could last me for hours and hours. I still wear long sleeves and a hat when I am out in the sun but now I don't worry about it as much. I am very fair and previous to learning about the Vitamin C cream I burned within 15 minutes of being out in the sun.

I have experimented with numerous types of base cream with varying success as the Vitamin C makes some creams totally watery. I have settled on a combination of goat milk cream, coconut oil and bees wax cream that I get from the farmers market. You also need to only mix up small amounts because the Vitamin C degrades and the cream will turn very yellow. I think it looses its effectiveness when that happens. I keep mine in the fridge and it lasts a couple of weeks.

I have since read that the more vitamin C that you have in your system from what you have ingested the less sun sensitive your skin will be. I also learned that the more balanced your gut flora the more the microbes in your gut will produce Vitamin C for your body to use.

All very interesting and fun to know.
4 years ago
I saw in this forum the brewing of Pine Needles as a great tea and it was said it would be a good source of Vitamin C. It should be noted that if you are wanting Vitamin C from anything you can't heat it. Vitamin C is a very delicate nutrient and is destroyed with too much heat, age or oxygen. If you are wishing to up your Vitamin C then it would be advised that you use a cold steep method and drink it cold.

I love to brew lovely teas from all kinds of different plant leaves, roots and bark. Leaves often only need hot water poured over them and steeped for a bit but roots and certain barks, though fabulous for making teas, actually need to be boiled to get the full nutrient values from them. i.e. Dandelion root is a liver support but needs to be boiled for a bit for it to release all its goodness.

I make a Decoction every day in my mini Crock Pot that sits beside me at my desk at work. Decoction involves mashing and then boiling your plant material if it is fresh (or using the dried equivalent) in water to extract the maximum amount of the healing oils, volatile organic compounds and other chemical substances.

It is well worth researching each and every plant that you would like to use for tea to understand what it has to offer and if there could be anything that you might not want as an effect. For instance. Stevia which is a great sweetner, has a side effect of reducing fertility. So it is great for those who are happy with their family size but not so good for someone eager to have a baby.
4 years ago
This is a great question. I have two super powers - one is tenacity. I never give up. Where there is a will there is a way and that leads to my second super power an absolute on fire passion to learn all I can about what I want to know and do. This includes following many threads of investigation until I am satisfied I have gotten what I wanted from it.

I spend a huge number of hours Googling and searching for information. I have signed up to so many newsletters from sites that I have an interest in that I sometimes have hundreds of emails come in a day just from those. And every direction interests me. My passionate investigations cover everything from permaculture and self sustainablity, health and healing, vortex math and quantum physics, alternative energy, ormus, and so much more.

One of my favorite quotes is "Chance favors a prepared mind" Don't know who said it but I have found that the more I find out about any subject the more able I am to grab the opportunities use that knowledge to springboard onto new fascinations and abilities. It all jazzes me.
4 years ago
I absolutely agree with Asher Gray. Vitamin C is the way to go. I take 2 gms in the morning and 2 at night along with a Coral Calcium and a few tablets of Vitamin D3 every day. The combination works synergistically and helps your body get the most out of the C. I'm only 120 lbs so I don't need a higher dose and I am a very healthy eater and I rarely have anything makes me sick.

IF something has dampered my immune system (like too much sugar, some kind of toxin, or a messload of stress) and I start to feel anything coming on I up the C to 3 or 4 gms of the time release Vitmin C along with the Coral Calcium and D3 every 4 hours even through the night if I wake up. If I get gassy I drop it back a gram or so, if it needs more I up it. I listen to my body to let me know which way to go. But I keep up the dosing every 4 hours for at least 24 hours then drop it back to every 6 and then back to my twice a day over a few days. Don't stop the higher doses cold turkey, taper it off.

The most important aspect is that it truly is a situation of "A stitch in time saves 9". If I can catch the telltale signs early and take a high dose of C, calcium and D3 right away, I can stop it in its tracks. Again taper off, But if I happen to be out or away from C and it takes a bit of a hold before I get there. I need way more for much longer to kick it out.

For sore throats that sometimes come on. I also use Oil of Oregano. If you have any kind of sore throat it can taste pretty nasty and feel aweful for a few moments but it sure kicks the sore throat out fast. Especially when you add the C regime.

Lastly a soak in a hot tub with a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide added does wonders.

Unless there is an emotional issue that I need to address that usually kicks any illness away. And for Emotional issues that need addressing I use EFT. http://www.thetappingsolution.com Sometimes if I don't have C handy tapping can stop it in its track too.

Before I understood about C. calcium and D3 if I caught a cold it could last for a week or two. Now even if I get a right runny nose it is gone in a day or two.
5 years ago
I wasn't always home to open the blinds on a sunny day. We were away when my window cracked. But when we are home I would open them during the day.
6 years ago
Just something that happened to me. For the windows that don't face the sun insulated blinds work pretty good but I used cloth with batting. But for the windows that faced the sun. On really sunny days the heat buildup between the insulation and the window caused the window seal to break and one window cracked.
6 years ago
I love quotes too. Here is one of my favorites.

" Cherished opinions can be dangerous things, for if they are held without question, investigation or contemplation then they often become a dogma, a religion that is defended vehemently without conscience. That is the seed of war." - Anonymous

6 years ago