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since Nov 29, 2014
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Owner of Backyard Orchards Landscaping. Masters in Landscape Architecture from the State of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.
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Recent posts by David Myers

Thank you very much for all this advice. Ann, I will definitely do my research about the land and keep you guys posted.

much love,

David Scott Myers
8 years ago
Hello! I am in Western New York/ Buffalo area. What climate zone are you in??
8 years ago
Hey Jessie,

I live in Buffalo, and I am looking at buying a similar sized piece of land. How did your planting go?
8 years ago
Hi BettyJo,

I went to graduate school for landscape architecture at SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry up in Syracuse. SUNY-ESF has allot of great resources. Getting involved in the community there might be helpful.

Also, Cornell has some great agriculture resources such as the Cornell Cooperative Extension. I also recommend Alchemical Nursery, & the Fingerlakes permaculture institute.
8 years ago
Hello Folks! Would love some advice!

My wife and I are looking to buy/ build our new home. We live in the Buffalo, NY area. My dream for years now is to have a permaculture farm. We are looking for our first piece of property. My wife is a young doctor/ resident so she has to travel to the hospital in the City for insanely long work days. The point is, we can't live too far from the city.
So much of Erie county's farm land has been lost or the price has become very high due to suburban sprawl.

My company is a native/ edible/ ecological landscaping business. My thoughts are, that I can use my home as combination demo/ nursery/ small farm.

This is what I want to do with the land:

1. Design and Install my home landscaping in a large 8 acre suburban/ rural lot to educate the community/ potential customers about how to live more sustainably.
2. Grow/ store nursery plants I can use for my clients' projects.
3. Set up a small 5-6 acre forest garden/ agro forest to grow hard-to-find or valuable food for high end local restaurants. (mushrooms, ginseng, pawpaws, nuts, ducks...)
4. The ultimate goal could be to potentially wean myself off landscaping work and focus entirely on advancing my permaculture farm.

The big question: Is this doable on 8 acres of land with a high price tag, around $10,000 per acre? Across the street from this land there is about 53 acres of land for sale for only $125,000 but most of it is wetland (not state or federally registered, but not suitable for building McMansions) could I potentially use that land for permaculture farming? ( I am thinking Sambucus, PawPaw... I would have to do some research on that one)

The perk: Being in this neighborhood would make my wife happy! This land is right on the edge of my home town and I can raise my family in the same neighborhood, and my kids could go to the same High School I did. This proximity is a HUGE help for me to compromise with my wife.

Thank you in advance permies!!!
8 years ago

Thanks for the phone call! It was nice talking to you!!


I have thought of doing a course, I was scheduled to take Ben Falk's class up in VT at Whole Systems Design, but it fell through. I plan on taking the Finger Lakes Permaculture Course this summer down in Ithaca.
8 years ago
Just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone and introduce myself! My name is David. I am a professional landscaper that specializes in creative, edible, and ecological landscape design. I have my masters degree in landscape architecture. I studied in New York, Florida, and Massachusetts. Ideally i think peoples home landscapes (big or small) should provide food, inspiration, or at the very least leisure. I spent allot of time on my education, and I am now getting my business started. The 2013 growing season was my first year in operation. Before starting my business, Backyard Orchards[url=http://backyard-orchards.com/]Backyard Orchards, designed habitat revitalization plans for a local WATERKEEPER Alliance chapter and a private landscape architecture firm.

My coming to the Permies Forum is (in general) three fold:

1. To find different ways to make business more efficient, creative, and ecological.
2. My dream is to have a forest farm/ permaculture farm out here in the Buffalo, NY area. I am a newlywed and my wife and I are looking to buy our first house.
3. To share the little that I know and learn with my personal blog.

Thank you for such a great site!


David Scott Myers
8 years ago