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Found this hunting morels, any idea what it is and if edible? I live in South East iowa.
8 months ago
Found them growing on a hardlog log. Look tasty lol but I won't eat them unless I know for sure what kind they are. Thanks forum!
Also I live in Iowa if that helps. I'm 90% sure they are oyster mushrooms.
1 year ago
Found these while hunting morels. Any idea what they are? I'm in iowa
3 years ago
It is not the first I've constructed, but it will be the first one I'll plant and see develop. Living on a large Iowa farm I have a lot of material to work with and I've bought the place so I'll be here till I die probably lol. I have strawberries planted in the center, and on the outside I plan to plant annual vegetables. I hope the strawberries will expand to the outer row in the second and third year and then it will be exclusively strawberrys till they lose their virility.
4 years ago
Brand new hugel bed, mandala style. Should be ready for planting come spring, the last layer will be shredded leaves once they fall. Comments, questions, and inputs are welcome! Mostly just wanted to share my creation Thanks for looking
4 years ago
Hello Forum

I have been fortunate enough to find myself in very exciting new opportunity. I was invited by a lovely young couple to come assist them on their beautiful 71 acre winery/farm. They have a big spare farm house, and are looking for more people to grow their operation.

I am searching on their behalf to find someone who is hard working, honest and has both experience and knowledge of applying permaculture principles for a small scale farm.

Below is their description of the situation.

We are looking for some aspiring farmers to help us make our land and business more productive. We envision a sharecropper/land tenant type arrangement, where we provide the housing, land, infrastructure, supplies and a brand that is recognized locally, in exchange for a share of the bounty.

We own approx. 70 acres in the Helvetia community, just north of Hillsboro. We have grown winegrapes since 1992 and made wines since 2003. A few years ago we began raising a variety of animals and now have a small herd of heritage pigs, sheep and turkeys. We have newly planted orchards, plenty of water and a renovated century barn. There is also a very nice second home with four empty bedrooms.

We would use our share in our farm baskets and during some private chef services at the vineyard house and gardens. We would expect the balance to be marketed at farmer's markets, local stores and to restaurants under our brand. We don't see this as a straight produce and meat farm but a farm of diversified and value added products - cured meats, cheeses, preserves, etc..., but would be open to listening to the members and maximizing their talents.

If anyone reading this thinks they might be a good fit, respond on here or at

5 years ago
So just to let everyone know, the ants disapeared on their own. The garden is well on its way and i was worried for nothing Thank you all for the input
5 years ago
Hello forum
So this year i tried out sheet mulching for the first time, and I think I made a huge mistake. I was told i could use almost anything organic for the layers, and since i have so little space i just went out and foraged for supplies. Along the way, I came upon mounds of dirt in a forest nearby. I thought it was just some mulched materials left there for a while because it was in neat mounds. This was during winter and I didn't think about what could be in those mounds. I used this material in one of my layers, and now that it has warmed up a little, I NOW HAVE ANTS. Not just friendly little ants, but huge, bite your face off ants. I'm hoping that they are just workers and will die out eventually, but what if i accidentally got a queen in there? Anyone have any experience or know enough about ants to guide me? I attached a picture of the ant, I think they are called thatching ants. I have heard both good and bad things about them.
5 years ago
Ive used anything i can get my hands on for free/decent price. Started with cardboard and coffee grounds for the bottom layer, then grass clippings, then leaves, then rabbit manure+wood shavings, then hay, then a layer of pine druff, more manure, hay. and repeated. I've read from different sources telling me that the druff is both acidic and i need to amend it and that its completely fine to use without amending it. I'm getting my beds in now(in Oregon) so I dont plan on planting for another few months so im wondering if i really have to treat it with lime to raise the ph?
6 years ago