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Recent posts by Drew Moffatt

I haven't had any in a while but I usually separate the muscles in the back legs and sliced then crumbed like schnitzel they are excellent!

I use the individual muscles for that, steaks, casseroles, curing and air drying.

Shoulders I normally mince.
They usually have a hole through them so I just cut off the good meat.

Backsteaks cooked quickly and still rare are amazing!

Searing the chunks to seal before casseroling helps keep the meat moist too.

Must get out in the woods next weekend...
15 hours ago
Well it doesn't inspire creativity as much as it gets me up off the floor sometimes.
Just a gentle reminder.
From Salt by Nayyirah Waheed.
1 day ago
I do a lot of fishing in the rivers and ocean near where I live.
I recently got a fly rod and tonigh I caught my first fish on my fly rod.
A beautiful brown trout.
Hopefully I get the cold smoker set up in the next couple of weeks.
1 week ago
Please post pictures when you can!
Very interested.
We have some langstroth hives and 6 nucs we're building up for winter here.
2 weeks ago
I always have a tourniquet and haemostatic gauze when trekking or riding my motorcycle.
Odds are I'll get squashed by a car who hasn't looked but it's a start.
2 weeks ago
Getting up at 6am to go fishing.
What a morning!
4 weeks ago
I do believe Meyer is a clone made by grafting so getting true to type seeds won't be possible?

Someone else will know more I'm sure.
1 month ago
Back to the old books!
Whitcombes Everyday Cookery.
I remembered reading this.
I haven't tried it though.
Good luck.
1 month ago
I'd just place her in a bucket just inside the door and deal with it in daylight tomorrow.
1 month ago
It should stay in diff lock until you touch the brakes without having to keep the pedal down.
Stab the brakes to release the lock.
Also steering is rather limited when it's locked but I've used it in marginal conditions just to get me through...
1 month ago