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Recent posts by Dan Last

Thanks for the free download.
I looked for some contact info on your website, but couldn't find any, so I'm going to use this forum as a way of contacting you.
Following are some edits you may consider. Many are pretty straight forward, and a few may be subjective, I'm not sure... A few spelling mistakes, some missing words, etc... just trying to help.
Anyway, I hope this comes in time before any printed version goes out, not that things are impossible to understand, just in the interest of propper grammar and context, etc.
I'm sure I've missed some things, too, but anyway...
Most edits are in CAPITALS. I'm sure you'll get the point.

3. ...AS an experiment.
29. in the bottom OF pots...
34. 'WRITE', not 'Wright'
36. ...allow you TO grow...
49. Last sentence is weird. Should it say "...but the majority of your crops..." ?
66. ...a crop has given ITS all. ( It's is a contraction for 'it is' )
72. ...like carrots, want hardly any... or don't want much... "don't want hardly
any" is a double negative er sumthin... in fact, carrots DO want hardly any...
85. Second sentence says "...cooking IN THE IN THE sun..."
100. Sometimes it IS OK... ('IS' is missing)
106. last sentence: I'm not sure "one's" should have an apostrophe., your call...
111. with A vermiculite? do you mean 'with A LAYER OF vermiculite'...?
128. ...replace the organic material WITH rocks.
129. ...summer grains with tall STALKS ... ('stocks' has a different meaning)
151. You can drown YOUR plants...
154. This statement strikes me as untrue. I could fix or patch a leaky soaker
hose, one way or another, depending on the style of hose. I'm sure others
could, too. Not really an edit, just saying...
156. ...some is always LOST to evaporation.
157. ...some of YOUR houseplants.
160. ?? what?? 1 inch a week, or deeply 2 or 3 times a week??? which one?
173. ...and recoverING from insect damage.
174. you don't need to capitalize the words 'early' or 'often'
178. ...flats or pots with warm ?WATER? before reusing...
189. no apostrophe in 'ones', I believe...
193. Are there 'good' slugs? you mention bad slugs...
194. ...wrappING copper tape...
203 . ...insects like beatleS. The S is missing...
214. HOW and CAN don't need to be capitalized.

Thanks again.

Hey all...
I'm new to posting, but have been coming to this site for a few years now... Thanks, everyone, for the great site!!!

Here's an idea... how about 'marketing' the set under multiple different names? As far as my minimal search into the subject went, I don't think there are any legal reasons why you can't do so.
If they were all sold for the same price, there's no reason for them to be different products, and as far as I understand, companies do this all the time... usually to appeal to different audiences.
That way, in the long run, many different searches could link to the same product. You could even print a handful of different covers for the dvd's, and actually send people the dvd's with the particular cover (or title) that they ordered. Inside, you could include a little story that tells how this was all a part of the ploy for world domination.
I'm not sure of the advertising details, but perhaps you could link multiple sites/pages to one kickstarter page...?
Anyway, just a concept, run with it.

As far as titles go... I would include the word 'Efficient' Because this is the crux of the system.

'Efficient home heating' with the subtitle 'And you can cook on it!'

'Cheap, efficient home heating' with same sub...

'Inexpensive, efficient home heating' with same sub...

'Burn less wood while heating and cooking'

'efficient wood heating and cooking'

You could also include something about 'up to code' because this could be a seemingly unrelated search that points people in your direction, and raises the question to a wider audience.

While I like the 'world domination' idea, I doubt many people actually type that into a search engine. I'm thinking of what keywords 'random' people might type into a search engine... you've already got the attention of all us 'permies'...
The title should be related to something that someone who is not familiar with the RSTMH might search for without being too technical, it seems... now that's subversive...

Anyway, as I said, just concepts. If you want to catch NEW peoples attention, I think the title should be something that they're LOOKING (searching) for. And multiple titles is a great subverive gimmick that, in this case, I don't think violates any morals, and without being misleading, either!