Fred Tyler

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since Jan 04, 2015
Showed up for a PDC at Wheaton Labs and decided to stick around. He's now planning to build a passive solar/hobbity wofati on a deep roots plot at Wheaton Labs.
St Paul, MN/Tularosa, NM and now a gapper at Wheaton Labs
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Recent posts by Fred Tyler

This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in Food Prep and Preservation

This is part of the vegan alternative BB to the frying an egg on a cast iron skillet BB.

Here are few ways to make hash browns in a cast iron skillet:
  - Simple Hash Browns
  - Shredded Potato Hash Browns
  - Sweet Potato Hash Browns

This how to cook hashbrowns on a cast iron skillet:

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
  - you must use a cast iron skillet
  - the hash browns must cover the entire skillet
  - the hash browns must make one large intact gob
      - a bit like you are making a giant potato chip from a bunch of grated potatoes
      - without sticking

To show you've completed this BB, you must provide:
  - a video that is no longer than 30 seconds long showing
        - grated potatoes going in
        - the first flip as one piece, and there is no sticking
        - the single piece being moved onto a plate - no sticking
        - cleanup
        - feel free to edit the video and even speed up the video
        - put the video on youtube and embed the video in this thread
1 week ago
Besides storage of the items Philip mentioned,  paul also hopes to someday use the space as "hippy storage". When the bermshed is complete and expanded we plan to put a lot of those materials in that relatively dry spot. The mezzanine could then be used as a sort of bunk room for students or boots.
3 weeks ago
Mike, I don't think Chris made perfect cuts, and that's ok. That's part of learning.  During and after the cuts, we talked about how it could be better the next time. People join the bootcamp to learn by working,  not because we're world renowned experts on everything. Sometimes we're learning together.
1 month ago

Lawrence J Wright wrote:My plane arrives on Thursday 9/20/18 at 6:47 PM at Bozeman.

Larry, do you mean Missoula, not Bozeman? We can arrange rides from/to Missoula, but not Bozeman. It is just too far away. If you are flying into Bozeman, you will need to get the bus to Missoula.
5 months ago
More gapper love has arrived, and we are super grateful!

Another assortment of reflective tape. Looks like this batch was shipped farther and took longer to arrive.

When i first arrived as a gapper three years ago, there were several awesome knives for gappers to use. I liked them so much, i bought my own. All of the ones here previously wandered off when people "forgot" to leave them behind. Or maybe they are hiding in the bushes somewhere. But...someone generously sent six more knives for the bootcamp!

That same person sent a ton of really interesting looking books! I've got to make more time to read.

Thank you SO much!!
6 months ago
We have some holzer grain, but it is probably not wheat. It is definitely NOT perennial. I'm not sure it would be very good for your breeding program.
8 months ago
Some more goodies came in!

A huge pile of tape. Some glow in the dark, some reflective, lots of blue tape!

A couple copies of Mudgirls Manifesto, which was part of the recent book promo on permies.

Thanks so much!!
8 months ago
In 2018, near Missoula, Montana, Wheaton Labs will be hosting a new Permaculture Design course! The course is designed for hands-on learning for people low on funds but with plenty of time. We are calling it the Peasant Permaculture Design Course.

Tuesday, May 22 through Thursday, June 21, 2018.

View the official Peasant Permaculture Design Course page HERE.

Each day of this course involves four hours in the classroom and another four hours of hands-on project work at Wheaton Labs, an experimental permaculture space in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

The Peasant PDC will have a strong focus on projects and building hands-on experience at Wheaton Labs. The course will be taught by Erica Wisner, with assistant Lily Elison, alongside numerous guest instructors from around the region. You will learn a plethora of different skills such as the identification of useful plants, making of healing salves, and how to apply Permaculture to everyday life. You will also become adept in numerous subjects such as soils, water, community living, forestry, building, and appropriate technologies.

A PDC is a life changing event for both students and instructors. It can be one of the most intense learning and networking experience of your life. Surrounded by like-minded people, you will learn the framework to thrive in a rapidly changing world. You will also develop the skills to heal damaged landscapes while providing for your own needs.

The Peasant PDC will be roughly 300 hours of total immersion into permaculture and communal living over the course of 33 days.

In this course you are designing from the get go. Every new piece of information, every new concept, is delivered in sequence so that it is immediately relevant and applicable. Your design unfolds in step with the day's subjects. This helps the learning to really take root in your mind.

The Peasant PDC is a training ground for new PDC instructors, and for those who want an in-depth, hands-on experience. Days will be full. Plan for 10 to 12 hour days, split between Class time, Project site work, and Self-care activities at the individual and group level.

Purchase your tickets HERE!


Erica Wisner - 2018 Peasant PDC Instructor

Erica is a science and art educator, curriculum developer, writer, illustrator, researcher, and rocket mass heater innovator. She loves making things from scratch - anything from blueberry scones to the oven itself. Erica is a skilled educator and project coordinator, with over 20 years of experience building teamwork and leading hands-on learning. Her and Ernie have taught numerous workshops on natural building and rocket mass heaters. Erica has written multiple books on rocket mass heaters, fire making, and survival shelters. She is featured in many videos, documentaries, and podcasts on rocket mass heaters.

Fred Tyler - 2018 PPDC Project Instructor

Fred Tyler is the land manager at Wheaton Labs. Originally from New Mexico, Fred has moved around the country many times, settling the longest in Minnesota (15 years). Fred still has ties to New Mexico and returns there every winter for a business he has in the pecan harvest. Fred has been at the Labs learning permaculture through hard work since May of 2015. He runs the Permaculture Bootcamp, where people can gain the skills and experiences needed for homesteading in exchange for workshops or land. He completed a worktrade with Paul for two acres of land on which he is excited for the chance to build a house and express his vision in seed and soil.

Paul Wheaton - 2018 PPDC Guest Instructor

Paul Wheaton, the bad boy of Permaculture, was proclaimed by Geoff Lawton in 2012 the Duke of Permaculture. He is the creator of two on-line communities. One is about Permaculture,, and one is about software engineering,

He is a powerful advocate of Sepp Holzerā€™s techniques, which a recent study showed to have the ability to feed 21 billion people without the use of petroleum or irrigation. He also promotes the use of hugelkultur, which sequesters carbon and eliminates the need for irrigation, and polycultures, which reduces the need for pest control and improves the health of plants. He wrote several articles about lawn care, raising chickens, cast iron, and diatomaceous earth. Paul regularly uploads permaculture videos and permaculture podcasts.

Ernie Wisner - Guest Instructor

Ernie is a botanist, educator, writer, researcher, rocket mass heater innovator, natural builder, and boat aficionado. He served in the merchant marine, Navy, and fisheries, and has tremendous experience with hydraulic and hot water systems. His family's sea time stretches back "since Noah was a babe," all over the 2/3 of our planet from which quitters can't walk home. Ernie is semi-retired due to a disabling injury, but still makes time for the occasional workshop or fascinating prototype project. He co-authored multiple books with his wife, Erica, and he is featured in many videos, documentaries and podcasts. Ernie is a wealth of knowledge; there are not many topics on which he does not have an opinion.

Visit the official page HERE.

Purchase your tickets HERE!
8 months ago
Where I've had a bed of walking onions, it was my job to keep the grass out. The onions refused to take on that role for me.
1 year ago