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Showed up for a PDC at Wheaton Labs and decided to stick around. He's now planning to build a passive solar/hobbity wofati on a deep roots plot at Wheaton Labs.
St Paul, MN/Tularosa, NM and now a gapper at Wheaton Labs
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The storage areas are off limits. The bathroom is the only private space.
1 month ago
AmayZheng Dog Star (former Shann-delier) is an Oehler-style cabin that was built by one of the Ants at Ant Village. He sold his improvements and it got renamed in honor of Shannon (the chandelier was later removed). The improvements were then sold to Amay.

These pictures were taken by Coco two years ago

shanndelier cabin exterior

shanndelier cabin exterior  shann-delier dining table by window shann-delier loft bunk shann-delier chandelier  

And these pictures were recently taken by Lara!

4 months ago
This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in Animal Care.

In this Badge Bit you will make six different toad habitats.

(source)                                                                                     (source)  

Here are some articles on toads and toad habitats:
 - Wildlife Biology on Toads
 - Making Toad Abodes
 - 9 Ways to Attract Toads
 - Making Amphibian Habitats
 - Garden Toad Tutorial
 - Making Toad Habitat

Here are some nice videos on making toad habitats.

To complete this BB, the minimum requirements are:
 - you must make six different toad habitats

To show you've completed this Badge Bit, you must:
 - post a picture of 6 different spots before you added toad habitat
 - post a picture of those same 6 spots after you added toad habitat
10 months ago
Violet, as I stated in that boots thread, I'm very interested in the seeds you have for herbs and greens. Thank you!
1 year ago
Hans, I collected seeds from some kind of dock growing near Missoula. When i try to ID it, it doesn't quite seem like curly dock. So, curly dock seeds would be appreciated. Maybe i'll end up with two species of dock growing, maybe i'll just have more genetic diversity in one.

Wish list seeds for me:

I'm most excited for seeds from perennials: deciduous trees of ALL sorts, veg like asparagus, rhubarb, garlic chives, etc.

all kinds of culinary and medicinal herbs

greens: kale, mustard, chard, arugula, etc.

roots: turnips, radishes, beets, parsnips

flower seeds for beauty and diversity

The boots all love seeds! We are all excited to plant stuff on our individual plots. We don't have the best soil (yet), so we have to plant a lot of seeds to find the toughest ones.

If you send the seeds to paul, instead of boots c/o paul, then they will still get planted, but it will be at basecamp on the hugels, or for a PEP event.
Maybe "Pledge fund for bootcamp documentation"?
The other two seeds were hawthorn and honey locust.
2 years ago
Many vineyards will install purple martin houses. These are of a very specific design to keep out predators. The purple martins are very territorial.  They will chase other birds from the area. They eat bugs, not fruit or seeds.
2 years ago