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Thomas warren

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since Jan 22, 2015
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Yakima County, E WA
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Recent posts by Thomas warren

I grow goji berries, and I'm really good at it because it requires no effort.  
Me and Nicanor did this yesterday.
I missed a few points because the heat and alcohol but I think I got the point across.

5 years ago
I installed a Fiskars diverter and a DIY thing, basically a funnel, and it appears due to the design, the diverter looses a lot of the water.  The implications may be different based on your local rain fall, but from when I have done here, the funnel type thing collected a lot more water.
And if you're wondering about overflow, I've since taken care of that.

5 years ago
I was talking with my wife's mom a few days ago about the comfrey plants we have, and she mentioned how it's good to drink. I said what Ive heard, that it has toxins, and she told me about Tia Zenaida who passed away a couple years ago at the age of 103 and she would take a leaf and put it in a blender with water and drink it "every day." She had brought it with her from Mexico (they call it Milagrosa - miracle) and said it was why she lived so long.
I know anecdotes don't disprove things but this is most of the information i have available to me.
6 years ago
Couldn't find a better category but here goes.
Been looking into humanure for a while, have been pissing in a bottle for years.
What about filling a bucket with 5ish inches of chips, and then throwing in a handful after each usage, and when it gets full or maybe smells then dump it in the pile and start again?
Maybe throw water or something at certain times.
Has this been tried cuz it seems like such a reasonable way to do things unless there's something i am unaware of.
6 years ago
Just out of curiosity, what part of PNW are you in?
I'm in Sunnyside, got similar projects with repairing soil with deep roots. Or at least trying.
6 years ago
I've found once they establish, which is pretty quick, they don't need water.
I read a thing on how they grow in China, and they irrigate them in the spring (we get spring rains here so I didn't bother) and they fruit better without water, and they like hot and dry. So with my 7 of rain per year and record heat wave and drought last summer, they did great.
6 years ago
You could offer to do the landscape work for free in exchange for the divisions.
6 years ago
Those roots in the pics are now five large bushes, from which I have dug up almost a dozen other sucker's and there is still more, made 30 cuttings so far, and they had a decent crop last summer. Will post pics when I find them.
These are pretty cool.
6 years ago
The came and sprayed again, but at least didn't do my yard. Despite that I had been pulling the weeds in the alley.
Someone on another thread suggested that what is shown in the video was seeds that had sprouted after the spray had dissipated. Today the I looked at the two day old spray job and the grass was freshly dead and the kochia still two inches tall.
Glyphosate resistance has been documented for a while. Coincidentally, I got the new issue of Good Fruit Grower at work today, a regional industry publication, and it had a piece on glyphosate resistance, and I guess there's something like 40 known roundup ready weeds, including kochia. Too bad for them.
6 years ago
Me and another dude are looking for some pistachio trees, and the only thing we can find for just a few trees is eBay from Turkey.
Anyone know where to get them?
6 years ago