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Aww, thank you so much Jocelyn! I'd be back in Montana in a heartbeat if it weren't for that pesky border and all its rules. Sending y'all lots of love <3
1 year ago
Building relationships take time, and I am patient (most of the time). This post is just me wishing to start a dialogue with a landowner/permie that is open and willing to consider a lease-to-own/work-trade for rent/land share type scenario within the borders of Canada with myself and my dog, Doodle. If you vibe with what I'm writing, let's get to know each other via the interwebs to see if we'd fit within each other's mid-term vision.

These 31-year-old bones are road-weary from the constant movement of my 20's -- exploring, learning, developing skills and finding my passions, working on numerous homesteads, farms, permaculture design sites, and living and developing shallow roots in many communities all over Turtle Island. I probably was not ready to grow deep roots anywhere, there were too many places to find myself at still, but these days it is what I crave most; to grow into the lands and the people who dwell on them, slowly and purposefully.

Where? I have a vision of a lush valley within the mountains, and wild waters that travel through. I'm open to deviating from that ;p however for long term purposes it has to be in Canada.

What? Depending on the season in which this all comes to fruition (before the snow flies this year, or Spring 2020 would be so ideal) I desire to build my own little simple cabin or refurbish an existing cabin that is primarily off-grid but still wifi-capable so that I can work online. I desire the creative freedom to experiment, design, build, manage, and grow a garden and experiment with agroforestry, while documenting it all over a few years.

I am
; a community-orientated hermity-type who requires solitude on a daily basis as well as loves lotsa human interaction and affection. I'm looking for my own space, yet within a reasonable distance to a vibrant community to participate in.

; a writer, yogi, plant-lover, astrologer, tree planter, cyclist, human design student, permie with lots of projects and crafts in the gestation phase (sewing/dying own clothes, medicine harvesting/making, woodworking/furniture building, book writing, creating hand-stenciled birth charts to name a few) looking for a workspace to see them come to fruition.

I feel at my best and most fertile when I am hands-deep in the soil, face sooty from keeping the fires stoked, preparing foraged food over a castiron on the woodstove, singing and playing music with folks after the work is done for the day, spending days in the kitchen preserving the harvest, spending time watching the forest move and change throughout the seasons.

I love working hard on projects, and love my downtime. I'll spend months pushing for completion on projects and then enjoy months of lazy days of meditation, self-reflection, writing, processing, herbal foraging, cooking and baking, fermenting and crafting in the winter months. I see my entire life as a work/play balance and don't see a need to separate the two. playfully work, purposefully play.

I have a numer of skills conducive to homesteading and farming. I've helped out on a number of natural building projects (strawbale, cob, wofati, round pole) although I can't claim to be skilled enough to take charge of a project all on my own. I will build my own little home someday not so long from now, and so these skills are incredibly important and valuable to me and I am willing to work
very hard in order to achieve my dream of designing and building my own home (by helping you build yours!)

This is a teeny tiny taste of what I'm currently about. With the right people in dialogue, we can uncover our strengths and foibles, our visions, values, intentions, and who knows, maybe build a healthy, rewarding land-based relationship!

I have some poetry that might give you an idea of my current philosophies and where I am currently on the spiritual front


1 year ago
Waaaaaaa! You were born today, years ago! What a glorious day to celebrate! sending you a public display of affection, and wishes for merriment for your next voyage around the sun!

4 years ago
ahhh so beautiful! i haven't seen the abbey in all her finished glory yet til now -- amazing work people!

sending y'all love from the rainy coast
4 years ago
Hi Leah, thank you so much for writing.

I have found an opportunity on the BC coast, and I am on my way there in a few days. super excited about this next journey.

I will keep you, and the other people who have reached out, in mind for the coming growing season next year. I do have family just east of Jasper, so Alberta is always a home no matter where I'm roaming.

Blessings to you and your budding farm! Stay warm eh!

5 years ago
Ahoy Permies!

I have been traveling, working, and living on farms all over Western USA and Canada for the past few years feeling out where I want to put down roots.
I've gained a lot of skills, have had some life trajectory altering experiences, but so far nowhere to call home.

It's time for me to settle and watch something grow, and I'm now putting my self out there to the Permies community in (ideally) western Canada
in the hopes for the right opportunity to manifest.

I was most recently living in Montana in Ant Village at Paul Wheaton's place (my blog of the experience: ),
and it is perfect and wonderful in many ways (such as no flushing toilets) except for that border I had to cross to get there.
It is, much to my regret, not a place I can be at full time any time soon.

I am looking for a farm and homestead that follows or is aspiring to follow, the principles of Permaculture. I am looking to be surrounded by wonderful people, have or have access to a community,
and have frequent opportunities to learn as well as apply my knowledge.

**I have been seeking a Medicine Womban for the past year, and would love to really dive into the world of plant medicine.

I am very open to work in exchange for board, so long as I am able to find soulful paid work elsewhere.

I have my PRI certified PDC. I've watched all of Lawton's videos, went to PV2 and am planning to go to PV3 next year. This doesn't mean much, except that I am totally committed and on board with Permaculture.
I have hugeled, bermed, hugel bermed, swaled, saved seeds, ate weeds, preserved, persevered, shovel and soil, toiling with rocks and clay, wheel barrow, pick axe, and assisted with a few different natural building projects.
All of this means that I have a specific interest in doing much more of all of this. I am not an expert at anything, but willfully learning and seeking to gain more knowledge and wealth.

I was a raw food chef in my past life, and have made a million meals for many mouths in primitive, or rustic, conditions over the last few years using simple ingredients.
Cooking food on a rocket stove is the way to go. I love to cook, and I love to cook for you.

I love children and animals, and they love to play with me too.

I want to live beneath trees, breath fresh air, drink clean water, do hard and satisfy work, have plenty of time to write and create, and develop intimate bonds with people. I want a home.

There is oh so much more to discuss, but perhaps this gives the right person a taste of whether this could go anywhere.
Hit me up on Purple Mooseage!


5 years ago
Aww what a cute lil snail!

'fraid I can't claim this one though. Who's the mystery artiste?

Still waiting for some art ala Fred to show up here
5 years ago
duuuuckies!!! ahhh they's so cute! looking forward to learning each and every one of their names.

thank you for your updates, it's damn near impossible to live vicariously through the other ants aiaiaii (shaking fist very hard at every one)
5 years ago
Michael, I'm afraid my set up was not nearly as bad ass as yours sounds to be. I used this nifty tool (, which plugs into the solar wagon at Allerton Abbey.
5 years ago