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Recent posts by Stephanie Meyer

Phil Stevens wrote:If there's a phosphorus deficit, azolla goes purple, sometimes even reddish brown. Can you confirm that this is a true dead brown and not a purple shade?

This was it! Added a little turkey manure, azolla is looking like it will survive me. Thank you for the help!
1 year ago
My cheapest and quickest thought would be a quilt/ curtain system; some sheets or blankets from Goodwill, a layer of batting between them and suspend from wires through a line of eyebolts or on a rail. It would be modular, cheap to tweak if needed with thicker/ thinner batting, and breathable/natural materials if wanted. If the fabric is not directly touching the side with a slight airspace it should dry pretty well on its own, if not the panels could be thrown on a line to air dry outside .  It could also be adjustable around your sleeping space at night if needed, like an old style bed curtain to keep you warmer.
1 year ago
I think my issue with “ weeds” is that it is entirely a matter of perception and dependent on circumstances. It is kind of like how the soil in my planter becomes “ dirt” once it is strewn all over my floor. Changing my perception of what constitutes a weed has helped me a great deal as I’ve learned to garden. the “weeds” I hate are still perfect in their way, even the burdock I’ve been cussing lately, because they give me a clear signal about what I’m doing wrong or need to change. Re-examining why I call plants weeds has made gardening much more productive for me overall.  
1 year ago

Dale Hodgins wrote:A jug of warm water turns any toilet into a bidet. You just have to remember to bring it in. I've never been a TP only guy.

And there's nothing wrong with using the bathroom sink. Just rinse it out afterwards. For anyone tall enough to get your arse over the sink, it's possible to wash that and other offending parts. If I've been to your house, this has happened. Get over it. Then you wash your hands and make sure to give the sides of a sink a little dribble.

As a short fat girl I feel like this scenario would likely be the beginning of the story given to the ER doc about “ how this injury occurred” . And likely as well received as the stories from people about “ how the teacup got stuck there”.
1 year ago
Identity -  by Julio Noboa Polanco
Let them be as flowers,​
always watered, fed, guarded, admired,
but harnessed to a pot of dirt.

I'd rather be a tall, ugly weed,
clinging on cliffs, like an eagle​
wind-wavering above high, jagged rocks.

To have broken through the surface of stone,
to live, to feel exposed to the madness
of the vast, eternal sky.
To be swayed by the breezes of an ancient sea,​
carrying my soul, my seed,
beyond the mountains of time or into the abyss of the bizarre.

I'd rather be unseen, and if
then shunned by everyone,
than to be a pleasant-smelling flower,​
growing in clusters in the fertile valley,
where they're praised, handled, and plucked
by greedy, human hands.

I'd rather smell of musty, green stench
than of sweet, fragrant lilac.​
If I could stand alone, strong and free,
I'd rather be a tall, ugly weed
1 year ago
When an “invasive” weed shows up in a garden bed and you are more interested in its usefulness than than the peas you planted.
1 year ago
My superpower is killing plants.  I have a month old well water filled epdm lined pond; 10 by 5 ft by about 2.5 ft at deepest point in zone 5 and it gets full sun throughout the day. Air temps here have been ranging in 40s-70 F for past week or so. This week I added about half a gallon bag full of azolla (from Arizona)  and it mostly turned brown and appears to have died with only a few stray green spots left. At the same time I added some hornwort and bacopa, garden soil does run off into the pond at times but otherwise nothing else added.  I'm not sure if I just shocked it or did something else to cause it to decide it didn't want to live in Michigan, does anyone have any experience with azolla/any ideas ?
1 year ago
I second the meet up suggestion , I found a group in my area there. And if the stars actually align with scheduling I may get to go. Meet up has a ton of interesting groups.

Stacy Witscher wrote:My oldest daughter is too old to have gotten the HPV vaccine, so now, she has HPV. She has had to endure multiple biopsies because of abnormal cells. Those procedures are very painful. She is fine, gave birth to a beautiful child last year, but I wouldn't wish HPV on anyone. You bet my youngest has been vaccinated against HPV. Teenagers aren't going to check that they are immunized prior to sex. Adults who think that they are are being naive. This is how sexually transmitted diseases proliferate.

Dale - you can get tested to check for continued immunity, that is how they check my son's immunity. It doesn't work very well for him, but as I have mentioned, his experiences aren't typical.

   Very much agree. I grew up in a plain church where it is about as “ no sex ever” as you can get and most parents would have been horrified at what their kids got up to. I started appropriate but complete education with my kids as they’ve grown, much to the dismay/ horror of my mom. “ pray to God, but row for the shore” has definitely been my motto in this area .
   I would also point out that there is a rapid increase in men getting HPV related cancers of the throat and neck, it’s projected to outstrip the cervical cancers 4:1.  
1 year ago