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An insomniac misanthrope who enjoys cooking, textile arts, farming and eating delicious food.
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The quote came back.  We're within the price range I expected.  It looks like we can keep going!  woot!  
41 minutes ago
Local laws are good to know.  Glad you know yours.

When we washed the eggs we check for goodness.  If the air bubble to egg ratio is too high, they start to tip a bit instead of lying flat on their side.  We did the candling thing for a while, but the tip-test was more accurate (but following your local laws is good).  But we did a lot of experimenting to see which worked better for us.  You'll find the way that works well for you.  The eggs are gathered and washed within 12 hours of laying so the chance that they aren't good is very low.  

As for pre-selling.  I used to give a dozen or so to some friends or neighbours.  Then one neighbour starting buying large amounts of eggs.  He was giving them to friends.  Then his friends started buying our eggs when he was out of town.  Now there's a fight for our eggs between the neighbour and his friends.  The taste and the colour are the biggest sellers.  Happy hens make delicious eggs (so long as we avoid feeding them strong tasting foods like onions) and the colour of the yolk is bright.  

11 hours ago
You can bring a post to the attention of a moderator by using the report button.  

This is good for posts that you think aren't being nice, not leaving room for other people's opinions or anything else that you think breaks publishing standards.  The STAFF will take a look and evaluate the post.

You can also use the report button for posts that you think are really great so that a moderator can have a look and maybe give it an apple.  
When people buy our eggs, they like them ungraded better.  The difference in size and colour make the eggs have that home-grown feel which people are willing to pay more for.

We used to use an egg scale to asses our eggs when we finished washing them.  It didn't take much time, but there was less money for graded eggs.  We only did this when we sold them in shops.  

But now our eggs are all pre-sold, we can put more energy into keeping our hens happy which improves the taste of the eggs which is the best selling feature.
13 hours ago
Today I got this:


I am the host of ....., a YouTube channel and Facebook group. I am currently doing a series on small business yarn stores. I want to draw attention to stores that are outside the mainstream physical and online shops. I would like to showcase your yarn shop. If you could provide me with information and photos of your facility and products, I will dedicate time in my “yarn on Etsy” video. If you could also provide me with a sample of your products, I would be more than happy to review during the video spot about your shop and possibly use it to create a unique design to publish in my Ravelry store, that would be very much appreciated. My designs are also featured on Pinterest and instagram. . I believe that by allowing me to tell my viewers about your shop, I can not only boost my viewership but, also increase traffic to your store. Thank you for taking time to consider my request.

Cheerfully yours,

I get this kind of mail from time to time and it's a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.

It's also very easy to be taken advantage of.  Although I must say, this is much better than most of these kinds of notes I get.

It's flattering to be noticed by an influencer.  I mean, who am I?  I'm just a girl with a spinning wheel.  These people are the modern-day equivalent of superheroes with their youtube and social media stuff I have no idea how it works.  The right word from the right influencer can change your life!  So too can the wrong word.  

But I'm also a little bit lucky.  My volunteer work here on permies has given me access to a massive mailing list of a targeted audience that actually reads their mail.  If I do it respectfully and not too often, I can promote my stuff to nearly 32 thousand readers.  I very seldom take advantage of this because I like to focus my energy on creating new content rather than selling the old.  

I have yet to be approached by someone with a bigger audience than the permies mailing list.  The permies power is not small potatoes (by the way, you too can tap into this power through the power of thread boost!)

Does that make me an influencer?  I hope not, I'd make a terrible role model.  

I also like the idea of helping people start out on their journey.  I love the idea of nudging someone with a small following and huge potential towards their big break.  But how do we tell which person has potential and who just wants to swindle me out of free stuff?

Normally I get distracted and forget to reply to these requests.  But I think maybe it's time I made a standard answer which is actually a collection of questions that say "I'm interested in learning more about how you will promote my stuff, but I'm also very busy, so convince me you're worth my time and I'll see what I can do".

Any thoughts on what that might look like?
1 day ago
could a skidable woodshed (for drying firewood) be worked somewhere into this list?  I would probably be using mostly reclaimed materials from old pallets.  
1 day ago
I'm probably not spelling this right so the search isn't giving me any results.

I'm looking for a thread about a skidable structure for drying/storing firewood.  Possible?  Maybe it's only skiable when empty?  
We tried a whole, frozen chicken today.  5.5 pound bird cooked in less than 1.45 hours including prep and cool down.

Taste is excessively bland and it was a good chicken too.  It is like the cooker leached the best out of it.
2 days ago

Note that all cast iron care is in the cooking badge.

You might think that everything in this list is simple and obvious.   But experience has taught us that there are a lot of people that have never done most of this stuff.   So if you have done this before, all you need to do is take some pictures - no big deal.  

“I think the hard thing about Nest is that it is largely an ONGOING thing. If one does not keep doing the same, often-annoying, repetitive tasks, one does not have a good nest.“ ~ Nicole Alderman

sand badge

do laundry by hand
   - manual clothes washer or bathtub
   - dry on a clothesline or drying rack
   - at least “a standard load” (about eight large items and a bunch of socks and undies, etc.)
wash dishes without a dishwasher
   - use minimal soap
       - must be greywater friendly soap
   - fill a dishwasher with clean dishes using less than 3 gallons of water
       - or approximate equivalent
           - might require five rounds in a small dish rack
       - yes, you are using the dishwasher as a dish drying rack
clean a bathroom
   - before and after pics of
       - toilet
       - sink/counter
       - floor
       - tub/shower
       - mirror
   - report on what cleaners were used
clean a kitchen
   - before and after pics of
       - sink
       - counters
       - table
       - stovetop
       - floor
   - report on what cleaners were used

(Jeeves list) complete 8 of:
   - install a permanent clothes line
       - at least 30 feet of line
   - clean an oily dish without soap
       - 95% goes into a compost or animal bucket
       - 4% can be wiped out with a piece of paper that will later be a fire starter
       - last 1% is removed with hot water
       - end result is squeaky clean
   - wipe down three windows with condensation (to prevent mold)
   - clean an area rug
       - take rug outside and beat it
       - let rug sit in the sun for at least two hours to kill dust mites and other nasties?
   - sweep floor
   - set up a rag system
       - dirty rag basket (with labels)
           - must be a breathable basket to rags don’t rot
       - clean rag storage
   - make rags from old clothes
   - set up a cloth napkin system
       - dirty napkin basket (with labels)
       - clean napkin storage
   - set up a system for collecting burnables
       - label where collection sack is placed
           - including mention of what materials are okay
       - label where collection sacks are stored
   - unclog a sink with a zip tool
   - set up a system for dealing with wood ash
       - metal storage can
       - labels on what can be done with ash
   - run a self cleaning oven
       - make sure to remove racks before starting
       - when done, wipe out ash and replace racks
   - grease hinges
       - lithium grease
       - maybe some sanding of the door
   - oil wooden kitchen utensils
       - walnut oil is best
       - if allergic to nuts, (edible) linseed and olive oil also work
       - oil at least 6 wooden utensils
   - shovel snow from a walk
       - at least an inch deep and 60 feet long
       - make sure there is excellent access to the mailbox and delivery shed
   - sand on ice
       - at least 60 feet long
       - makes sure there is sand to the mailbox and delivery shed
(alice list) complete 2 of:
   - wash vehicle exterior
       - proper cleaning and waxing of windshield
   - clean vehicle interior
       - PROPER cleaning of windshield
   - set up a recycling system
       - discover your local sorting requirement
       - research pick-up schedule if applicable
       - create a multi-bin system and label the bins
   - manually clean an oven
       - use only water and baking soda
   - install a dehumidifier that will drain into … a greywater drain or other drain
   - set up an elaborate clothes line
       - at least 120 feet of line
   - clean four windows - inside and out
   - deep clean the interior of a refrigerator
   - deep clean the interior of a freezer
   - deep clean the exterior of a refrigerator
       - including pulling it out
       - don’t forget the top!
   - deep clean the exterior of the washer and dryer
       - including pulling it out
   - deep clean the exterior of the stove/oven
       - including pulling it out

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