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    Stacy Witscher wrote:Not only do we have matching towels but they are required to be folded properly, in thirds lengthwise with the outside edges not showing. When in the linen cabinet, they have be folded in thirds the other way as well. My mother and grandmother were always very particular about these things. And we are a very OCD family.

    When I worked in a hostle this was a must so that we can just get the next towel and not have to waste time refolding if several fell out at the same time.  One day I would love to have towles that match enough to stack up like that.  
    1 day ago

    a video from Japan showing invisible patching techniques.
    2 days ago
    And texture.

    In Canada, I've only ever seen tarry cloth towels in the bathroom, but when I travel, I notice that plain weave (untextured) towels to be the norm.  
    2 days ago
    How about towel size?  Anyone up for measuring their towels?

    When I visit friends, I notice that handtowel size differs dramatically.  Some are only 10" wide, others over 30".  

    Towel size not only varies dramatically between countries (so a bath sheet in the USA may be over a foot different in size than what I can buy here) but also within a country (east coast west coast).  

    What's your size and what's your ideal size for the different kinds of bathroom towels?
    2 days ago
    And that brings me to another thought - colour.

    During 2020, I decided to get better at washing my hands.  If I did the job right, then in theory, then the white towel would stay white after a week of handwashing no matter how much farming I did without gloves on.  But it didn't and it took a while to improve my skills at washing my hands.  So actually having a white towel was a good thing.

    But I noticed that if we have guests or other people use the towels, then white towels look nasty after about a day.  Not quite pulp fiction bad.

    So what colour considerations do you take into account when choosing bathroom towels?  
    2 days ago
    How many do you keep out at a time?  Why?
    How many do you keep in storage for backup?  Why?

    I'm guessing one big towel per human would be normal?  These are expensive and if you are doing laundry, you probably aren't having a shower at the same time.

    But more than one hand towel would be a good thing because one might need to wash their hands while the laundry is on.  Plus more because the laundry doesn't always get done daily.  So like 4 hand towels?

    2 days ago