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Could ph be related?   It sounds like a chemical reaction.  

The only other thing I can find is greasy surface,  but that would show with the first coat?

Sorry,  no firm solution.   Just speculation.
16 minutes ago
I don't know milk paint,  but I've enjoyed following your adventure.   Sad to hear about the chips.

Could temperature be a factor?   Too hot, so drying too fast?  Idea from here on how to make it chip https://www.mmsmilkpaint.com/blog/milk-paint-chippy-not-chippy#:~:text=Heat%20can%20accelerate%20the%20drying,to%20craze%2C%20crack%20and%20chip.

Wetcanvas is my goto for paint stuff.  

If memory serves,  there was a thread about cracking caused by the moisture being absorbed from the surface too fast.  But darned if I can find that thread again or maybe it was a dream.

I don't know if any of these ideas apply.
10 hours ago
It's been a year since the list and it's funny I should stumble on this thread as I've been thinking about all the things permies and paul has done this year, what we've learned,  and all the same struggles that never seem to resolve themselves.

The first post lists all the things that can be improved and solved with permaculture.  That is a solid list.

The world could do with more permaculture now more than ever.
Poor little thing.

If they are willing to attempt eating,  drinking and pooping,  I will go to heroic efforts to help them alive.  It shows they want to survive.

If not, I give them a few hours of my time to see if love improves their condition (about 50% success rate).  And if they get worse or show too much pain symptoms, it's time for a quick ending.  

If they show no change,  keep them isolated but within sound of their flock overnight and assess in the morning.   At the very least they can go in their sleep near their loved ones.  If only we could all be so lucky.
12 hours ago
I'm learning a lot.  Thank you.

In some ways, it's hard to reconcile the new knowledge with my 20 year old oven set up.  

So, um, where I live we have a library.  And from the library, we can borrow different meters to test energy efficiency around the home.  Add to that the extremely detailed reports the power company gives us... and I love geeking out about energy efficiency.

Like for example, using hot water to fill the kettle in the summer uses considerably more electricity (and time) than cold water from the well.  But in the winter when the spillover heat from the heatpump is heating our hot water, it's more effect to start with hot water from the tap to fill the kettle.  Just little things like that make me happy to know and might be useful if we ever get a chance to pop off the grid.

When I hear about the quick pre-heat time, it makes me think of the current oven's electrical use is almost entirely in the preheat stage.  

We generally cook between 300-350f. and the preheat stage takes about 7 minutes.  The first ten minutes of the oven being on take approximately the same electricity as the next 2 hours of maintaining heat (to put it in context, it's considerably less than charging an electric car at normal rate).  More items in the oven, slightly lowers the amount of energy to keep it hot after the first half hour.  Not a lot, but enough that we find that it's most efficient to cook  a large amount for 2 hours in the oven.  This is the way we are trained to use the oven, so it's hard to get my head around different use cases.  Maybe that's where I'm struggling.

The current oven is also really well insulated (possibly too well? we didn't do the install so I'm scared to look) so the heat doesn't come out into the house very quickly - but it takes a few hours to cool down.  All that heat has to go somewhere.

So... new ovens.  

They heat up faster, does this mean it's a more significant draw to heat up or is the technology improving?  The fan helps?  

I don't know why my brain has dug my virtual heels in on this.  In the end, the family will probably just buy an oven with the right colour, energy grant, and good warrantee.  I guess I just want to understand it better so I can know how to get the most out of the oven they choose.  
19 hours ago
Firefly love and permies has a long and Beau history https://permies.com/t/1798/television-show
1 day ago
Just sent this out to the weekly-ish subscribers.  Wanted to share it here too just in case you didn't know.

Here are a dozen things that permies offers free to the world and that you are supporting when you help us move to a new server.

1- over 19 years of community in forums where we can ask questions, find solutions, and read up on permaculture projects.
2- resources for gardening, critter care, building, repairing, homesteading, alternative energy, financial strategies, cooking, cleaning, upcycling, survival, yarn, and so much more.
3- connecting landless with landowners through  the SKIP program https://permies.com/wiki/skip-pep-bb
4- permaculture personal ads for life partner seekers
5- a place to get some laughs or play a gentle game, or post a joke yourself https://permies.com/f/12/md
6- a free space to journal your permaculture projects (and follow others on their adventures) https://permies.com/f/69/projects
7- a digital market with no monthly or listing fees https://permies.com/c/29
8- a window into Wheaton labs projects - experiments into better world building https://permies.com/f/102/labs
9- a free place to promote your stuff https://permies.com/f/149/blatant-advertising
10- a place to discuss those far out homesteading ideas that the neighbour would call you crazy for even mentioning...  
11- free books during author events
12- massive list of free stuff available through the daily-ish email https://permies.com/goodies#freebies
13- and one of my personal favourites, a deep dive into the most eco-friendly, longest lasting, healthiest way to make coffee https://permies.com/t/16387/coffee  

I bet there is a lot more we could add to the list like plant identification and...?  Any ideas?