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Recent posts by r ranson

It makes me feel good that the beginners yarn  classes I teach requires a pencil,  paper, and sense of curiosity.   Everything else is provided or can be bought at the class if they want to go beyond.

Although I recommend a calculator and chocolate for math heavy days.

If they want to bring their own equipment,  I'm happy to inspect it first.
3 hours ago
If I did the math right,  there is only 2 and a bit hours left to get the early bird goodies.
4 hours ago

r ranson wrote:Someone somewhere recently asked me how I plan and work on my videos.  


So this is a list I made for myself.  

Making that list broke me.

I don't know what happened, but something fell apart when I looked at that list.  I haven't touched yarn since except for necessity.

Today I MUST touch yarn again.  I've left it to the last minute.  

From another point of view, last week a friend complained she hadn't woven anything in a week.  My reply (not socially acceptable as usual) was that being a weaver is like cancer or alcohol - you never really stop being a weaver, you just go through periods of remission.

And from yet another point of view, Margaret Atwood describes this lull as a Fallow State

“The theory was that while in a Fallow state you were gathering and conserving strength, nourishing yourself through meditation, sending invisible rootlets out into the universe.”
― Margaret Atwood, MaddAddam

I know from experience that these fallow periods happen.  They happen suddenly in my life and I snap out of them just as suddenly (usually at 2am).  Or I come out of them slowly by doing something with yarn that is necessary (like teaching).

6 hours ago
From my study of the Mucha poster (which seems to be the direction I'm heading), it looks like I need to complicate most of the elements and simplify the face of the sheep.  

In Mucha's posters, the element he wants as the focus has the most simple and realistic elements - faces.  This is also the place with the most depth to the colour - realistic blush for example, whereas the other elements rely more on the lines for the shading.  Then he uses clutter as the background to pull the attention to somewhere calm.

6 hours ago

Andrés Bernal wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:It sounds like andres has already started editing the raw video!

Yes I have! Sooo much to go through, this is awesome!!!

The video is in good hands!
17 hours ago
My first watercolour (or any art) class next week.  First class as an adult that is.

If you have always wanted to paint and think that watercolours are frightening, come and try them in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Take out those watercolours and see what they can do in a bright and free way. Splash on colours and blend washes; the result is fresh and spontaneous. Please view the supplies needed for the class.

I'm very nervous.

I left them a note (several places) that I need to buy supplies at the class.  It's supposed to be an absolute beginner class but the supply list is crazy-complicated.  No indication of what grade of paints we are to get, just the colours.  To figure out the rest of the supplies or even what shop one would get it... I have no idea.

I'm kind of wishing I could back out but non-refundable.  (I could have bought a lot of paints with that money - kind of wishing I had).

Should I bring my backup paints and paper in the bottom of my bag just in case they don't get my note about needing supplies?  It's not the required colours, but they are colours I'm comfortable with.

Any tips for my first class?  Anything to help me feel calm and prepared?  
20 hours ago
Using honey to 'glue' the crumbling paint back in place has been a great success.

Mixing honey with the paint before it dries has either resulted in a diluted sticky paint that won't dry properly or no noticeable difference.  

If I was to continue the experiment further, I would try some watercolour medium.  But I think I'm done with this for now as it's way less frustrating to use the paints that behave nicely.  I might try buying the troublesome colours already in pans in the future.  
21 hours ago

Learnings: don't wear a dressing gown that will hang in your painting and smudge it everywhere 🤦🏼‍♀️

I've noticed this too.

1 day ago

Samantha Lewis wrote:

Early Bird Special!

Golden Goat Adaptogen Zine

Here is the link:
Golden Goat Adaptogen Zine

I'm looking forward to this one!
1 day ago