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I saw this village for sale and I imagined how amazing something like that would be in the hands of someone knowledgeable in the ways of permaculture.
1 day ago
It's one of those things lost in translation.  My experience making miso has been with sake rice koji and muji (barley) koji.  It's doesn't help that in English we have red (aka) miso and white (shiro) miso and sometimes people use the word white or red to refer to the koji used to make those kinds of miso (which is a whole different can of worms).

Then again, Koji both means a specific kind of mould and a general term for "grain or bean overgrown with a mold culture" - now we have something new to get confused about.

The wiki for Red yeast rice is interesting stuff.  I wonder what colour it is at the early life cycle.  The wiki suggests it's ready when it turns red, suggesting that it is another colour earlier on.  I wonder if it starts out white?  Both my rice koji and the muji koji turned green when ready to fruit, but it's bitter then so it's best to use it white.  The mould packets in my miso were first white, then after a few months turned gree like the koji.  
1 day ago
This is how I usually draw items.

There is no spellcheck on my fountain pen.  I also have zero drawing ability.

Today I saw this picture and I wondered if maybe I could draw a different kind of 'be'

So I tried it.  Remembering that I have no talent for this kind of thing, but I wanted to play with my new ink (take-sumi (black) iroshizuku ink by Pilot) to see how quickly it dries.  

It looks a bit squashed and my attempt to smudge in the shading for the wings didn't work (the ink dries too fast for that - which I love).  But I love how the ink interacts with normal paper.

You know, I drew this faithfully to how I saw it, but looking at the two side by side, I can see that my vision of the world isn't like the world.  Maybe that's why I'm so bad a drawing.
1 day ago
Can you tell us more about Benji miso?  It's not a style I know, but I don't work with soy.  My miso has always been with other pulces.

Traditional miso is not made into a paste except in few situation and location.  The beans are usually smashed, but chunky.  The English word we use for this texture is 'country' style.  But my Japanese friends use a word phrase that means something like "the miso my grandmother made, I really miss that texture, it was the best!"

My favourite miso is with chickpeas.  I divide the beans into three.  First third I mash to a paste.  Second I only half mash so there is nothing so big as half a bean, but still chunky.  The third I leave whole.  I add the koji grain (usually rice) and mix together.  I feel that the whole rice adds a nice texture to compliment the beans.
2 days ago
I get koji spots that look like that if I don't get the air out or if air pockets form from fermentation.

Mine sometimes turn green if the koji spores. When that happens, the spots taste musty, so I scoup them out.

How does your miso smell?
2 days ago
sand badge

go to freecycles and “build” a bicycle to their standards

sharpen a knife
  - with a whetstone
  - sharpen secondary edge as well as primary edge
  - hone
  - test before and after with cutting paper

sharpen a hatchet

sharpen a chainsaw chain (thorough)

sharpen, clean and oil a shovel

clean the shop
  - before and after pic
  - significant difference
  - at least an hour

make a handle for one:
  - axe
  - hatchet
  - maul
  - sledge
  - hammer
  - pick
  - pickaxe
  - pulaski

straw badge

sharpen 3 more knives

sharpen one of the following

  - another hatchet
  - an ax
  - a maul

sharpen one of the following
  - machete
  - hori hori knife
  - drawknife

sharpen one of the following:
  - scissors
  - pruners
  - loppers

sharpen one of the following:
  - bow saw
  - hand saw
  - pruning saw

sharpen a chisel

sharpen a drill bit

peen and sharpen a scythe

sharpen teeth on sawmill

repair a flat tire on the front wheel of a bicycle

repair a flat tire on the rear wheel of a bicycle

adjust brakes on a bicycle
  - short vid (less than one minute) showing before, during and after

adjust shifters on a bicylce
  - short vid (less than one minute)  showing before, during and after

clean and oil chain on a bicycle
  - short vid (less than one minute)  showing before, during and after

Make a handle for (and it must be a different object than in the sand badge):
  - axe
  - hatchet
  - maul
  - sledge
  - hammer
  - pick
  - pickaxe
  - pulaski

Make a handle for one:
  - shovel
  - rake
  - pitchfork
  - snow shovel
  - spud

chainsaw sharpening
  - two minute long video
  - show the difference between
       - quick field sharpening
       - thorough sharpening (including rakers)

clean and oil one of the following:
  - chop saw
  - table saw
  - power planer / joiner
  - band saw
  - bench grinder
  - drill press
  - sawmill

clean and oil one of the following
  - drill / driver
  - reciprocating saw
  - circular saw
  - sander
  - angle grinder
  - oscillating multi tool

remove rust, clean and oil one of the following:
  - some kind of hand tool that currently has some rust on it
  - maybe wrenches, hammer, drill bits, pliers, pruners, knife, sickle ...

optimize space in the shop
  - maybe building shelves
  - maybe replacing small shelves with bigger shelves
  - maybe replacing shelves with drawers or cabinets
  - maybe replacing shelves with shelves that are built more efficiently
  - maybe creating the ability to store 6 shovels, where you used to hang one shovel
  - enhancing rolly shelves - possibly building another rolly shelf
  - Some sort of organization improvement
  - Maybe building a lumber rack
  - Some sort of clever way to organize steel
  - Temporary project storage
  - Organizational signage
  - 16 points using oddball rules
  - before, during and after pics

change the oil and do full service on a vehicle/tractor
  - oil change
  - adjust tire pressure
  - vacuum/clean engine air filter
  - vacuum/clean cab air filter
  - test that all signal bulbs, headlights and tail-lights are working
  - top off brake fluid
  - top off transmission fluid
  - top off coolant
  - top off windshield washer fluid
  - lube joints
  - Top off hydraulic fluid (tractor)
  - basic, quick cleaning

demonstrate use of category 1 to category 2 sleeves
  - short video (less than two minutes)

clean, grease and oil one of the following
  - back blade
  - grader
  - auger
  - loader
  - draw bar
  - forks
  - trailer hitch mounted to the 3-point hitch

wood badge

(under construction)

iron badge

(under construction)

2 days ago
This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in earthworks.

In this video,  from time 2:21 to 5:21, an excavator is used multiple times to scoop up soil for the creation of a swale.
You will be learning how to use an excavator in this BB by scooping up soil three times with an excavator.

To get certified for this BB, post three pics.  

  - Your untouched soil and you in the excavator
  - Progress about half way through that shows you using the excavator to scoop soil
  - Three piles of soil and the hole in the earth that you have made with the excavator
2 days ago

sharpen a chainsaw chain (thorough)  

Someone promised to teach me this tomorrow.  I won't use the chainsaw, but we have one that needs sharpening so I volunteered.
What photos do I need?  

I attempted to make a BB thread for it, but I don't know enough to fill in the content.  https://permies.com/wiki/100805/PEP-BB-tool-care-sand
2 days ago
This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in tool care.

To get certified for this BB, post three pics:

  - action pic of sharpening
  - closeup of a tooth that is really dull
  - another closeup of the same tooth - nice and sharp!
2 days ago