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Awesome. I’ve been following the newsletter for a little while but a lot was going right over my head. It’s great to get a better understanding of some of the jargon and abbreviations and learn about some of the programs.

I will definitely have to come back and look at the programs in more depth. I have considered bootcamp in the past but felt (and still feel) that I need to work up to that, for myself and for the folks at wheaton Labs.

A couple barriers for me is sensitivity to cold (I suffer from Raynauds, my hands literally can’t function for long in the cold) and I am Hard of Hearing (verbal communication is unreliable and can easily become difficult or dangerous depending on the context). My tech based solutions work but only under ideal situations (internet connection, no background noise, one person talking at a time etc), and I can’t expect anyone to know sign language at Wheaton Labs.

It’d be awesome if there was a cohort with a bunch of deaf and hard of hearing people to do a program to make the most out of a skilled volunteer willing to interpret, but this is getting way ahead of myself.

I gotta start with some small projects, perhaps the ones for Apartment dwellers, and gardening, I will be moving into a mobile home in a few days and have a small garden with 4 raised beds to learn how to garden with. I believe one of the raised beds is using the straw bale method? It has strawberries growing out of it last I saw.

Perhaps a feature idea for the forum to make it more accessible for newcomers is to make common abbreviations automatically turn into a URL which displays a small discrete pop-up when hovered over explaining the term and perhaps a link could be in the popup if one wants to learn more about it in depth kinda like the dictionary on e-readers? Just a thought. So glad to have come across this thread though. I have a point of reference to work from now.
4 months ago
I have a Honeywell Humidifier (Model HCM-350) which I use in the winters as it can get pretty dry and I am mildly asthmatic (childhood asthma, faded in adulthood). I need a new filter, but on finding the appropriate filter through the manufacturer's website (link here) I discovered that the replacement filter is made of a plastic synthetic fiber (from the description on I was wondering if there might be an alternative filter I could use instead.

Any thoughts or ideas?
4 years ago
I had used No Rinse shampoo a few years ago in an attempt to conserve water. I found that I preferred to use a small pot of water to rinse my hair after using the No Rinse shampoo versus wiping my hair grime onto my towel. It worked well in conserving water compared to my typical luxurious long shower where I leave the hot water running to stay warm. I'm not an avid label reader (unless its about organic/gmo and just seeing how many unknown to me chemicals and other stuff are in the food).

Was wondering if other people on here could tell me if this product has anything bad for hair or for the environment.

No Rinse Ingredient PDF Download
5 years ago