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Recent posts by Tobias Kern

I attached some videos to this post further down, which are really worth a watch, even if you don't buy the DVDs... (English version:

They sell a 4 DVD set with 40 short films about seed production of different species.
The films describe in detail how to produce seeds from seed: Seeding, growing, selecting best specimen, harvesting the next seed generation, seed storage and so on... They also have some detailed videos on how to prevent cross polination and how to hand pollinate flowers.

I went to a screening of some of the short films in our local library... I really liked the informational content of the films. Sometimes they have their lengths, especially the transition animations loose their appeal rather quickly, when you watch more than three films in a row But that does not make the content less useful! The complete set is trilingual (French, English and German).

Some demo videos can be found on their Vimeo page (Vimeo-user: semencesbuissonnieres).

The first is about the humble onion:
English version "Onion from seed to seed":

German version "Samenbau der Zwiebel":

French version "OIGNON de la graine à la graine":

The second one is about manual pollination of melon, cucumber and related plants:
English "Manual pollination of melon, cucumber, squash and watermelon":

German "Handbestäubung von Kürbisgewächsen":

French "Pollinisation manuelle des cucurbitacée":

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did! Cheers, Tobi
2 years ago
Hi folks,

I stumbled upon this huge database for fish,

As of writing this they claim to cover 33300 Species, 318500 Common names, 57400 Pictures, 53000 References, 2250 Collaborators, 700000 Visits/Month.
Thought this might help some of the folks in the fish forum... Oh, and the stuff is CC-licensed a well... nice

Grüße aus Deutschland, Tobi
4 years ago
Hey folks, I've got a question for ya'll: What happens if I pour (very diluted) mint oil on my soil?

Background: I've got the flu, and after I used my inhaler (bout half a cup of water mixed with two drops of Japanese mint oil) I don't want to discard the good stuff. Can I just pour it in one of my planters? Or will it harm some of the goodies in the soil? I got some composting worms in there, some of the little, white, compost munching, cute thingies which I don't know the name of and some of the black flies, which I could do without but I can tolerate those... And I suppose tons of bacteria and other lifeforms, though I can't see those.

Has anybody any experiences with the pros and cons of mint oil as a soil amendment?

Thanks in advance, cheers, Tobi
4 years ago
Thakns for the effort Judith!

Since I non figured out how this embedding thing works, here is the rest of the videos:

Part 2: 2. Terra Preta toilet development

Part 3: Fermentation

Part 4: Composting

Part 5: Charcoal production in woodgas stoves

Part 6: Highly productive organic farming

Terra Preta Sanitation - 7. Pit latrines and sanitation in Ethiopia

Terra Preta Sanitation - 8. Problems with artificial fertilizer

Terra Preta Sanitation - 9. Conventional cooking

Terra Preta Sanitation - 10. Ecosan and urine diversion toilets

Terra Preta Sanitation - 11. Building an arbor loo

Terra Preta Sanitation - 12. Bamboo for greywater treatment

Terra Preta Sanitation - 13. Seminar lecture

Terra Preta Sanitation - 14. Who is who

Cheers, Tobi
4 years ago
Hey folks, just stumbled over this video series on youtube... I only watched a little bit of it, no time at the moment, but I thought some people here might be interested! (And also I might find it again, if I finally got time to watch it)

As far as I understand it it is using a terra preta approach to sanitize waste water and build soil fertility... seems pretty extensive and somewhat permaculturesque.

Here is the first episode:

I could not find a playlist with all the episodes so here is the channel:

Hope this helps someone, cheers, Tobi

PS: Since I am German I quite like the accent
4 years ago
Ah, ok, misread you there... But the additional information might still be useful to others, so no harm done
4 years ago
On first sight I thought so, too, but after surfing around a bit I found out, that you can also search for common names, and in the category "Plants by life form" there are also lists with CNs. Here is the link: Category: Plants by life form
Oh, and by the way, there are also french and german versions of the page...

Cheers, Tobi
4 years ago
Hey folks, I'm relatively new here so I hope I post in the right subforum and don't break any rules, but I found this website and thought it might be useful to someone (It was to me)...
Under you can find a relatively big wiki-style plant database (not directly permaculture related) which you can filter for different properties like hardiness, soil preference, water needs and so on. It also has lots of pictures so it might help you identfy or find a plant.
Hope this helps, cheers from Karlsruhe, Tobi
4 years ago
Podcasts... I've been searching for "homesteading" in my podcast directory and found your podcast (BeyondPod, if it is of interest). Cheers!
4 years ago