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Why did the permie cross the road?
To look at their berm and play with a toad.
1 year ago
Thanks for all the ideas in this thread folks. I'd like to add another one that the YouTube algorithms have given me.
1 year ago

Dave Burton wrote:silly rephrasing of words in my head when I think too fast:

-lit an ass under my fire

My mind very strongly wants to correct that automatically while I am reading it. Took about 6 tries to actually see what you switched. Lol
1 year ago
I would like to try and revive this post.

I am considering constructing a outdoor rocket mass heater bench style with large rocks from my property. I'd like to carve out half circles in the underside of large stones to surround the pipe on the top side and carve the same half circles in the top of insulating kiln brick and insulating fabric on the bottom side.

Then I want a diversion valve at the barrel that can send the heat through a 25' straight pipe with 8" pipe 3' deep under a garden bed.

A garden and sitting area with a rocket mass heater making the area entirely functional in the winter in southern Missouri. The lowest we see is zero fahrenheit and that's rarely.

But I don't know what kinds of pipe I could use for either totally exposed under a rock or buried three feet under garden soil.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
2 years ago
I read an article stating that protesters were facing drastic anti technology measures attempting to inhibit news and social media postings. Everything from direct account hacking, fake WiFi spots for transmission intercepts, to fake cell towers blocking phone transmissions. Hope they are still ok out there because I haven't seen much on Facebook since reading that article.
3 years ago
I give this DVD 8 out of 10 acorns for being a wonderfully put together informationally dense presentation of imminent importance and need. Wish we had had this technology when I was a child in northern Vermont. Would've saved my father from hand chopping and burning 12 cords of wood every winter. Keep up the good work!
3 years ago
Totally awesome that you are here on Permies! OMG, I actually have met someone from here in person! I would love to do that. It's a bit too cold and rainy for me today and I know you must be busy with your family for the holiday or I'd ask to come over this weekend. I always have Sunday off of work if that works for you?  
3 years ago
Does anyone know of a place in Southwest Missouri where I could go and just be able to try to use a scythe? I'd really like to give it a go a couple times before I just go out and buy one.
3 years ago
I want to give a huge applause to your video about Standing Rock and the many ways that you so graciously listed to actually do something realistic to work towards a better future for ourselves and our progeny. I have seen dozens if not hundreds of videos and postings about Standing Rock and most, if not all, have been just more of the same old being angry at the bad guys with no ideas or suggestions for how to actually create a positive change moving forward. I wish I had a million friends on Facebook to shove it in all of their faces and lead them towards the light. Thanks again and please keep up the fight and the good work that you do.
4 years ago