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Recent posts by tiffany thrasher

It's really hard to find info on what plants grow well with citrus trees, lemon in particular.

I live in a rental place with a fully mature lemon tree, and really want to plant beneficial companions around it so I dont have to deal with the grass and burr clover that are taking over everywhere. The lemon tree is about 50ft. away from a fruitless (so annoying) mulberry tree and like 10ft. from a juniper. There are also rose bushes about every 10 ft. on this property.

So far I've found that these are companions for citrus trees:
clover, alfalfa, peas (legumes in general)
lemon balm (or any mints)

Anyone know of anything else or if any of these are wrong? Maybe some other perennials?

I want to draw up a little guild map, when I do I'll post it up here..
4 years ago

John Elliott wrote:
I sent some seeds to another Permie in the Los Angeles area. It's definitely hot enough to grow in CA; it's the water that would be the problem. Phyllanthus has lots of shallow roots, and it doesn't like being dried out. On the other hand, it is quite a vigorous weed in a well watered lawn.

Haha, a well-watered lawn is something i definitely do not have. if by "well-watered" you mean "full of burr clover, milk thistle and scarlet pumpernil, which is the only thing that will grow because we are in a never-ending drought" then lol, yes.

I'm moving from the central valley out to the Santa Cruz area this summer, which at least has the awesome ocean fogs to keep things moist. It's a neverending hellscape of heat and dryness here in the central valley in summer, I do not think that cute little tropical plant would like it here ..
4 years ago

John Weiland wrote:don't know if you like nutritional yeast flakes....but note the near double mass amount of lysine to arginine. (On a "per molecule basis", there may actually be more than double the lysine to argine ratio in this mixture.) I haven't had nearly the same number and severity of outbreaks as in earlier years, but it would be difficult to sift out whether that was due to reduced stress, changed diet, the lysine regime, or the discovery of a ninth planet in the solar system

I do indeed love nooch! (it's what the cool kids are calling it these days haha) I put it in most of my salad dressings and soup stocks and make a yummy mac and cheeze sauce out of it.. That's something I always have on hand, never realized it had so much lysine. Good to know! I'd much rather eat a food than take a pill, but will if things get really bad..

PS - I'm in astronomy in college right now and am also super stoked about this mysterious gigantic 9th planet... it just keeps reminding me of this everytime someone calls it Planet 9 tho.. Space Vampires!
4 years ago

John Elliott wrote:Specifically Phyllanthus urinaria. There is quite a bit of research showing that this humble weed is active against herpes simplex virus.
And your request comes at a propitious time, as chamber bitter, mimosaweed, chanca piedra, or whatever you like to call it is just starting to pop up in my garden. Soon I will be harvesting buckets of it, and if you would like to try some, you can send me a PM with your address. It doesn't have much taste to it, but mixed in with chamomile and lemongrass, it makes a nice herb tea.

Wow awesome! That's pretty amazing. I already have a bunch of melissa growing, so that would be great to have another plant I could grow along with it. Do you think this plant will grow in the central CA coast since it looks like it is a tropical plant?... (maybe just in the summer I'm guessing, but since it's an annual that's all it would really do anyways )

How do you prepare it, just make a tea w/ it? Do you think it would work as a tincture? I like tinctures since I can make a bunch all at once and then have it available for months..

The reason I started this whole thread is because all of the herbal products in the stores, as well as lysine pills, are pretty expensive and it would be so great to have an entire section of my garden dedicated to growing plants that can stop HSV. Free drugs! Woo!
4 years ago

Rus Williams wrote:Tiffany, I've found that my trigger for a coldsore outbreak on my lips is doing too much, to long for too many other people. In effect overwork.
I'll watch out for the protein trigger though, I never thought of that.

yeah for sure stress and overexertion have some effect on my outbreaks, but it seems to be specifically food with way more arginine than lysine (both amino acids) that make the virus replicate like crazy. tests have shown that arginine activates the virus and lysine deactivates it, essentially, so i avoid foods that have a super high arginine to lysine ratio.

all of the vegan protein powders are a major bummer for me, since there is so much more arginine in them lysine.i've had the least amount of problems with this one, since the amounts of each are fairly close to each other.

i really only use protein powders when i'm doing really strenuous workout routines tho, so i know that my body will use up the massive amount of protein i'm putting inside it. the problems come when i'm not doing alot and the virus gets to use the amino acids that my muscles should be using, but i'm being lazy and not working out
4 years ago

Neil Layton wrote: I ended up in a pointless argument once with someone who told me she gave homeopathic "medicine" to her dog, the dog got better, therefore homeopathy works. I just couldn't get it through to her that this was illogical. This is what comes of not including critical thinking as part of core school curricula.

lol. homeopathy would be the most hilarious scam on earth if it wasn't for all the harm it does (eating essentially incredibly expensive water is never going to heal anything except by the placebo effect)

also i'm very aware of correlation≠causation

on that tho, i'm vegan and against animal testing, except if it is voluntary, which animals can not volunteer for. so i am voluntarily animal testing on myself and my partner every chance i get.

i thought that maybe the whole "gyspy mushroom" thing may be a scam, but was just wondering if anyone else had any info. thank you for your links and thoughts

4 years ago
the reason i think it works so well is because, since it is a powder, the 1 teaspoon worth of powder is like 100's of mushrooms.. its a really fast easy way to get a bunch of their wonderful mushroom power inside me quickly where it can do its magic. .. i think that maybe dehydrating them and grinding them in a coffee grinder might work out the same...
4 years ago
hey, so here's a kind of gross/weird/not cool topic..

i get some wicked bad herpes outbreaks, especially on my lips and now onto my face, usually from eating way too much protein (in the form of faux vegan meats or peanuts or walnuts), or getting a sunburn, or being somewhere windy (snowboarding and surfing do not help)..

shiitake i know work really well to help stop the virus from replicating.. so does the lemon balm tincture i make..

also, this stuff is pure gold, and when i drink a cup of it right when i feel an outbreak coming on, it stops it literally within like 4 hours..

the problem is, it seems like they don't make it anymore, i can only find it online, and it is ridiculously expensive if i can find it in a store.. i want to make it myself!

i've also heard that "gypsy mushroom" can be really helpful, but i've never seen them available in any store, and most people i've talked to have no idea what im talking about.. mushroom expert tells me it is Cortinarius caperatus

any other input on any mushrooms that can stop this horrible little beast?

4 years ago
hahahahah. its so good. and i do every single one of those things. im especially eagle-y. heh.
4 years ago
wow that book looks absolutely amazing. i love the cover so much, i want it as a poster on my wall. thank you for sharing this!
4 years ago