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Recent posts by Eric Rummler

This is not new. It was used in California gold mines to power machinery. I have used a bench grinder that was water powered & could not stop it from turning.

The draw back is: To create "useful" power the water has to be very high & most people are not going to be able to make anything that will work any kind of machinery. Just remember you have to be able to get the water "up there" before it is usable "down here".
8 years ago

Joel Francis wrote:Here is a video of a guy using a trompe for cleaning mine waste water by increasing the dissolved oxygen.

I think an over-looked application is actually refrigeration, preservation of food, and energy storage. Air conditioning is a good secondary use after first being used for refrigeration. Also air conditioning (cooling) can be done with cooling tubes buried underground in conjunction with solar towers, but it's hard to find an alternative for active refrigeration (freezing) to preserve food year-round. Root cellars work, but not in Louisiana where I am. Bill Mollison said in the video that a property of compressed air as an energy storage medium is that the energy doesn't degrade over time and can be distributed without losing power unlike electricity. I can imagine large banks of low-pressure air tanks for storage and networks of piping throughout a community for distribution.

There are solar freezer's and ice makers already designed & are being used that can be built with a minimal amount of knowledge. I have posted here before about them and yet no one seems to take an interest. I posted a PDF with explanations & diagrams. The problem of refrigeration has been solved. Do the research, I did. I won't mention it again.
8 years ago
Hello! If you'all have a bit of the inventor in you or friends who like to tinker then you may be interested in building a solar ice maker.

No Not a scam they have been used for a number of years.

I posted some info in the Solar section titled Solar Ice Maker including a PDF with some details.

These units work on the same principal as the fridge & freezers in an RV camper.

Running a freezer with a generator is going to cost a pretty good chunk of change in fuel & maintenance & the generator will wear out quite quickly.

8 years ago

Dan Cunningham wrote:Thanks guys. Alot of good suggestions given!

Problem is...if I dump my money in the cargo trailor...then I wont have land to put it on. !

Gotta stop seeing "problems" & start seeing "Opportunities"

I built a fully self contained RV from frame up for under $3500.00. I already had the vehicle, got it for free but it did need alot of work including ripping the old water logged camper off.

Check around your area for RV salvage companies, go to RV dealers and ask them about their junk. The idea is to network with as many people as you can & sooner or later what you need will show up.

It's also important to be open to the idea of change of all sorts. So you are thinking about converting a cargo trailer & start putting out that vibe but along comes a camper that needs a bit of plumbing.........

What skills do you have & how can you barter them to get what you want?

Work with YOUR assets not sit around waiting & hoping for something to happen.
8 years ago
You won't regret the things you do but you will regret the things you don't do.

Had a friend who moved to Clam Gulch Alaska & lived on the beach in a tent with his wife & 2 kids. Year later he was in a small cabin they built.

RV's, campers are self contained & you could add a Y connection in the present septic line to dump into.

Buy a big wood shed & put up on blocks, wire, insulate & panel, RV toilet/sink/stove from salvage & you got the apartment.

All kinds of ways to do it so just think it through & try something & if that don't work try something else.
8 years ago

Dale Hodgins wrote: One thing that I really like about construction and demolition work, is that it's all merit-based. It doesn't matter if you've been working for a company for 20 years or 20 minutes. If someone is better at their job, they can expect to be put in charge and receive more money..

If more businesses paid by "merit" they would have way better employees & have a more profitable shop.
8 years ago

Su Ba wrote:I admire those people who can just walk up to the bull and grasp it by the horns. But I've not been able to do that. Everything I've accomplished since 2001 has been by taking baby steps. Once I force myself to take a dozen wobbly, fearful baby steps on some project, I can then begin to stride out fairly well. It's not that I'd label myself a failed dreamer or a non-self starter type. It's just that I'm hesitant in the beginning. But ya know, here I am 15 years later with a 20 acre homestead farm. That's cool! And guess what!......I'm no longer afraid of failure, of being wrong, or of looking the fool. Working on my dream has been good. Not without bumps, but good none the less.

Good for you! Su in my way of thinking it's not about being a bull or about being cautious it's about doing. I know so many people who live in fear of failure that they are stagnate & think so poorly of themselves, it's just a shame.

8 years ago
Everything in life is about balance.

Dreams are good but at some point if a person wants to actually live the dream then they must start by committing to achieve the dream.

8 years ago
I think what each person would consider "correct" would be based on their knowledge of how to use those different lands.

IE: A person who is very familiar & comfortable with Food Forest would probably lean to forest land. A person who was depending on Solar or who was used to growing crops in a field is going to choose that type of property.

Might want to suggest this to your friend as in "How are you planning to use the land"? "What is your area of expertise"?
8 years ago