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You should put in a request for a zoning change. As long as it is uncontested you usually can get it changed.
9 months ago

I have to start with Who I am My name is Lisa my husbands name is Johan and his family is from Sweden. We are looking for a similar place here in the USA. I thought this was an interesting quintessence to say the least.
You should start up a go fund me account, make your video shorter and more captivating. also maybe give items or knowledge for increments of funds. I don't know what is available in Sweden, look for grants to help you start to buy the home.
Ask the owners if they will let you buy from them and make payments to them (seller financing) Just a few options I wish I could help more.
5 years ago

Bill Bradbury wrote:Hi Lisa,

I believe that Cache Valley in northern Utah would be the perfect place for this to happen.

Check out this master's project

I and many others here in the valley would be happy to throw in with someone who has the resources to make a community like this happen.

All Blessings,

It looks like this may just a concept, I have Messaged the Author as she is also a real estate agent and I was familiar with her name. Thanks for the info, I would love to hear from Paul
5 years ago
I have been looking for a community to join or start I am open to location. I want to be located far west sides of OR or WA, ID, north UT and MT possibly southern Alberta.

What I would like to have or plan to have is the following:

40-200 ac to start (depending on funds)
Homesteads that range from 1 ac to 5 ac
Eco homes ranging from traditional green homes to earthship ECT.
A campground of sorts for Rvs, campers and mini homes permanent or not.
Activities for visitors other than just woofing, and educational activities.
A community building w/ a kitchen, showers and restrooms
The rest of the land would be a Community land trust (open to suggestions on this)
A community factory (does not need to be on site but within close range) this woulds give the community funds, jobs ECT. I am open to form of factory I have looked into hemp processing plants, ethonol (large scale) but even a composting plant would work.

Here is my elevator pitch it is a little "rainbows, flowers and butterflies"
An eco, permiculture, artisan village where everyone has a skill and specializing in something, whether it be chickens, cattle, farming the community property, teachers, child care or an herbalist. We would be able to be completely sustainable and off the grid if need be. Having a factory of sorts that will sustain the community outside in the "real world."
Today we have lost focus on what really matters. Our whole life revolves around money. If we created a community that works together, nobody has to do everything just have to participate for a more fulfilling natural life.

We'll that is my elevator pitch. Here is little about me. My name is Lisa, I am Married with 5 older boys (13 and up). I am a Realtor,an out of the box thinker, problem solver. My husband would calls me a hippie, but I feel the need to be a part of a community that works together to create a better living environment for adults, children, animals and the earth. When I found permiculture I thought "this is it" I had tears watching Geoff Lawfton's into video 2-3 years ago.

Let me know if you are intrested in helping start or be apart of this community.

To Paul, I don't know if this would fall into your plans for your area. I just started listing to your podcasts.
5 years ago